Ubud Monkey Forest

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The Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the most popular places in Bali I had heard about before going. It’s super-touristy, which can be annoying, but we just couldn’t miss it, and wanted to make up our own minds.

To be quite honest, I’m not really an animal person (even less with wild animals), and I was a bit apprehensive at the idea of meeting all these free-roaming monkeys

But the place was magnificent, and as long as you follow a couple of simple rules, it’s fine!


The forest

The forest is right in Ubud‘s city-centre, it’s a 15 minute walk from Ubud Palace. It’s best to come early at the opening, to steer clear of the flood of tourists that pours through the gates later on in the day.

It’s a very large forest, but it’s pretty easy and quick to navigate.

Monkeys are there to welcome you as soon as you enter, and you are quickly surrounded by giggles and shrieks from asian teenagers and clumsy or bold moves from courageous and/or boasty tourists.

The Pura Dalem agung (=The Temple of the Dead !) in the middle of the forest


Staying serene while surrounded by monkeys

Recommandations are posted everywhere in the forest : here’s a summary so you can prepare!

Don’t panic : a sudden movement can scare and stir up the monkeys. They don’t easily climb on people, except if they think you have food on you. If it’s the case, drop the food so the monkeys cast their attention elsewhere.

Don’t run : if monkeys come near you, don’t speak loudly or shout. Stay calm, and it should all go well.

Don’t look the monkeys in the eyes : apparently to them, it’s a sign of agressivity.

Don’t hide (or show) your food : now is not the time to whip out your picnic basket or to eat chips while admiring the view, you will no doubt end up with a rather furry and invasive entourage.

Don’t bring or bring out a plastic or paper bag : monkeys will be alerted just by the noise, so be prudent.

Beware of your belongings : sunglasses, earrings, large pieces of jewelry : the monkeys will try and come for them.

Don’t ever try to catch a monkey (especially a baby one) : let them touch you if they wish, but the contrary is more brazen. If you touch the babies, you will definitively not become the mother’s best buddy.

It is forbidden to feed them peanuts, cookies, candy, bread or any other type of food, except for the bananas you can buy in the forest.

Careful with your children : it’s a common rule, but one that especially applies here.


Keep cool !

Rangers are all around, so if anything happens, they’ll intervene quickly, don’t worry.

Some of you could be a bit taken aback by the rules, but I can assure you that if I managed to stay rather serene in this place, you will too.

I still have a couple destinations in Bali to tell you about. Until then, enjoy the weekend! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

Customized tee-shirt I wore for Take That concert ;-))
Dress worn as a skirt Close (already seen here and here)
Sandals Les Tropéziennes
Bag brought from Ubud market, Bali (similar here)

Bracelets Dinh Van, Thomas Sabo, Louis Vuitton
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Earrings Young Frankk
Necklace Minetta Jewellery
Watch Cluse

Eyelashes extension « Volume russe » Les cils de Marie (already seen here)
Eyebrow crayon Brow Drama Pomade « Châtain » Maybelline NY
Lipstick Lip Paint Lacquer “105 Red fiction” L’Oréal Paris


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    Wow je suis amoureuse de ces images, je ne peux plus m’en détacher ! Ma préférée reste celle de toi toute petite sous cet immense arbre 😮 C’est absolument somptueux et c’est tellement un rêve pour moi d’aller là bas, tout particulièrement dans ce genre d’endroit magique… Comme si j’ai à nouveau 4 ans et que j’imagine ma vie dans ‘Le livre de la Jungle’ : REALITE AUGMENTEE pour moi merci beaucoup 😉 x

    • Reply


      Oui c’était vraiment magnifique et encore plus impressionnant en vrai.Je suis ravie d’avoir réussi à t’emporter avec moi dans ce voyage et je te souhaite d’expérimenter Bali par toi-même le plus rapidement possible !

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    Je m’en souviens bien. Ils sont habitués à la présence humaine, là, donc c’est peu risqué!

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    Perso. les singes, je passe mon tour, j’aurais été très mal à l’aise. Par contre la forêt, me rappelle à mes souvenirs de Malaisie, moite, peuplée autant de cris que d’animaux, la plupart invisibles (à part les sangsues) mais bien réels et un peu effrayants !
    Belles photos… je me répète désolée !
    Bonne semaine,

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      haha ! la forêt n’était pas très sauvage (mis à part les singes) donc je n’ai pas croisé de bêtes. Mais je peux te comprendre ! merci beaucoup en tous cas !

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    Mon Journal Doré

    Ca a l’air vraiment ravissant! Bravo pour ton courage 😉

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    Voyage Way

    Un incontournable à Ubud !
    Personnellement, j’ai trouvé les singes plutôt agressifs là bas. C’est surement lié au fait que des dizaines et des dizaines de touristes se rendent dans la forêt chaque jour.
    Mais l’endroit reste très sympa …

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