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And we continue down this savory path with the Seoul restaurants! As I was saying before, it was really hard to find the addresses I had been recommended, and for some, I’m totally incapable of transcribing them here: I took pictures of the store fronts (when I didn’t have the address), so if someone recognizes a place, they can post the address in the comments below, and I’ll make the modification in the article!

But let’s get back to business…the korean main courses are delicious: I was not a rookie, but I enjoyed discovering new dishes in situ!


(located in the basement floor of the Ssamsigil center, here on the map for the Insadong area)

The bibimbap, a classic, that you can find in quite a number of restaurants. The one I like best is the Dolsot bibimbap, that is the one that is served boiling hot in its stone bowl…because I like eating the rice that toasted at the bottom! Yummy!

The korean pancake or Jeon: it can contain seafood, meat, vegetables and/or kimchi (this well-known pickled chinese cabbage that you find in every restaurant as a side dish)


(Metro Jongno 3-Ga, Tel :+82 2733 4516): this address was almost never found, since the taxi driver didn’t even know where the restaurant was located: he had to call the owner so that she could come and get us, once we were in the district! But these efforts were rewarded by a delicious meal!

Here, the specialty is the Duinjang bibimbap: it’s a mash up of two korean dishes: the Doenjang jjigae (a tofu stew) and the bibimbap. The waitress (who spoke ONLY korean) explained how we were supposed to eat it, and mixed the two dishes before us.

….truly delicious! I had never had that in France, and with those little vegetable and marinated vermicelli noodles side dishes, it was perfect. Which didn’t keep us from also ordering (oh, so indulgent!) Kimchi pork that you have rolled up in a shiso leaf, with a bit of garlik and fermented soybean paste. Incredible!

Let’s move on now to the korean barbecue! A Seoul classic! Here’s an address we discovered by chance during a stroll in Insadong.


(I’m thinking that’s the name?): located at the very top of the Insadong-Gil street (here it is on the map), not far from the information kiosk.

The specialty here is the Galbi (korean grill). There’s a bed of red ambers with a grill over it in the middle of the table on which you sear the meat…but not just any meat! This one is juicy, tender …Just talking about it makes me want to book a flight back to Seoul.

Same idea as before: you roll your piece of grilled meat (beef or pork) up in a lettuce leave. You also put inside the vegetables from the little side dishes, the bit of soybean paste and you enjoy!


120-15 Seosomun-Dong, Joong Gu (for that one we got lost as well, we asked for help from the passersby once we were in the neighborhood; it in a small alley behind the Samsung building)

We tried the “Bulgogi” type barbecue: the meat is marinated in a sauce with soy and sesame oil, and cooked on a sort of metal dome. Here too you can roll up lettuce leaves. The grill is less discernable than in the last barbecue, but it’s just as good, and it’s a different experience!


(impossible to tell you its name, it’s in an alley next to Ssamsigil (here): there’s a waiting line in the evening) is a great place for a bite on the go.

I tried the mix to try out all the different types of raviolis, and my favorite is the one that looks like the (sadly late) Mc Donald’s apple turnover: same texture, but savory, and deliciously good!

The Jokbal

(= a typical dish with pigs feet): ( Jokbal alley, Métro Dongguk University Exit 3)

this restaurant was recommended by the hotel receptionist where we were staying, but once again, I’m at loss of remembering the name: that said, it’s located in the street that specializes in pigs feet (here) and I think that most of the restaurants in this street must be of equal merit (or at least that’s what the receptionist said).


Personally, I like pork better when it’s cooked differently, but we wanted to have “local” food (and we were the only foreigners in the restaurant!). It wasn’t bad, but I don’t really get why the koreans love this dish so much. I’m not really a fan of the gelatinous bit, but it seems that if you eat it often, it helps preserve youth (because of the collagen it contains) … not sure it’s good for the waistline though!

We ordered the exact same dishes as the table next to us: the pigs feet came with this slightly vinegary noodle salad. Pigs feet and noodles are an extremely generous mix. After which, I could almost have rolled back to the metro station (like the pig?)…but at least, I tried it!


The two following places are far from typically korean, but I liked going because they had things that could please my palate:


it’s an ultra cliché bakery chain (the setting gathers all those things that foreigners have in mind when they think about Paris, that is: the Eiffel tower, the breton stripes, the beret…) but it was a nice place for a matcha latte and small pastries. And isn’t the cup just too cute?


nothing korean there, but this ice cream maker had such original flavors that we really enjoyed the place. The ice-creams are extremely colorful and chemical-lad but…that’s what was so good! For example: the blue-white-red Shooting Star has frizzy pazzy inside, that crackle when you eat it! And you can even order ice-cream cakes for special events! I’d love having something like that in France!

I hope you enjoyed this culinary tour. Of course, I didn’t get to try everything, but it’ll be a good excuse to go back. And if you go, don’t hesitate: share your good spots! (We won’t be sure to find them but you never know!) (ENGLISH translation by Bleu Marine)


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    Coucou !

    Si jamais les chaussons aux pommes du McDo existent toujours en Suisse :-)))))

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    C’est horrible de regarder tout ça, là, maintenant, à 11h…. J’ai trop trop faim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OMG, du matcha latte 🙂
    Devant tant de merveilles, je reste baba (et affamé).

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    Tu reviens juste en France avec 10kg de plus! Quoique si tu tournes dans toute la ville pour trouver le resto, tu compenses ! lol

    *** LiLi ***

    PS: j’ai besoin de votre aide à tous et à toutes : voilà je pars une semaine à Hyères dans le Var et j’aimerai savoir ce qu’il faut absolument aller voir :
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    Merci d’avance et désolé de vous importunez.

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    Rha c’est terrible, là tout de suite j’ai une envie de prendre le 1er avion pour la Corée du Sud !! >___<

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    marie lgdc

    Trop mignones ces petites glaces!
    ça donne faiiiim!!!!

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    J’ai trop faiiiim!

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    Je ne connais pas du tout la nourriture coréenne mais j’ai bien envie d’y gouter après toutes ces belles photos!

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    Vivement les prochaines vacances en Corée pour moi ♥_♥

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    Baskins robbins un vrai bonheur mais pas pour les fesses. J’ai adoré aller là-bas et je valides le fait d’en ouvrir un chez nous.

    Rooh le gobelet chez Paris Baguette est trop chou pourquoi il y était pas quand j’y suis allée l’été dernier.
    J’ai trop envie de repartir T__T

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    Ca donne vraiment envie en tout cas! Miam!

    Bises, Stephy

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    Marie V.

    Les trois derniers gâteaux sont choux !!

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    Les glaces sont trop cute !

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    Je vais beaucoup de fois en Asie et Baskin Robbins, juste une institution !
    Dommage que ça n’existe pas en France

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    Hmm, yummy !


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    Gamsa amnida!
    c’est vraiment chouette que tu fasses partager tout ça. je n’avais pas gouté autant de chose, et j’adore ta curiosité culinaire. peur de rien, bravo!
    j’avais trouvé les coréens toujours super aimables et prêts à aider ou conseiller, visiblement toi aussi ? (sympa le chauffeur de taxi et la patronne qui vient vous chercher!)

    la prochaine fois que j’y vais j’essaierai peut-être les pieds de porc, par curiosité!

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      Oui oui ils sont très serviables et gentils ! Tu me diras pour les pieds de porc ! ^^

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    Il est 10h30 et je veux partir à Séoul !^^

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    Waouu vous avez bien manger héhé! Mais dis moi je suis curieuse de savoir comment fais tu pour garder la ligne? Est ce naturel chez toi ou dois tu faire attention quelques fois?
    Moi aussi je suis très gourmande ^^
    Merci pour tout ce que tu partage ici j’adore ton blog.

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      J’ai toujours été très gourmande. Cela dit depuis presque un an, j’essaie de courir 2 fois par semaine. En tous cas, merci de me suivre !

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    Ola! Quelques petites questions: J’ai l’occasion de partir en Corée cet été mais juste 7 jours, tu y est allé combien de temps toi? Tu penses que ça vaut la peine? Rester 7 jours à Séoul c’est cool ou il faut faire des petites excursions? Je te remercie d’avance et te félicite pour ton blog formidable!

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      Une semaine ! J’ai trouvé que c’était la durée parfaite pour découvrir la ville comme il faut (ni trop ni trop peu !). Après tout dépend de tes centres d’intérêt, si tu es plus ville, excursions etc…
      Mais il paraît qu’il y a d’autres choses jolies à visiter en corée du sud (une île, un parc national au centre du pays)

      merci en tous cas de me suivre ! bises !

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    hummm, ça a l’air bon tout ça!! 🙂

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    Merci pour ces parcours du combattant gourmands 🙂

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      De rien ! Oui “parcours du combattant” c’est tout à fait ça ! 😉

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    J’adore ton blog , j’adore le coté kawai et le coté gourmand. Tu a conquis mon coeur en parlant de Seoul ( ma ville favorite )
    Je crois que je vais etre une “addict” a ton blog pendant un bon bout de temps.

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    Voyage Way

    Ah tes photos me rappellent mes voyages en Corée du Sud ! On y mange vraiment bien …
    La cuisine coréenne est super variée. On a une vision un peu réductrice de la cuisine coréenne en France, on se limite à 2/3 incontournables alors qu’il y a des dizaines et des dizaines de plats différents (cela n’est pas forcément propre à la Corée d’ailleurs) …
    Dans mon article sur Séoul, j’ai partagé également quelques adresses pour un voyage à Séoul :

    J’adore Séoul, trop hâte d’y retourner pour les restaurants mais aussi pour la ville 🙂

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