Ready for Rock en Seine

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Last year I attended for the first time the Rock en Seine festival thanks to Bonobo Jeans. It was really a good memory, the line up, the ambiance and the sound everything was great.

I loved moving to the rythme of my dear Marina, from the Stereophonics, and discovered a few nuggets such as Years & Years which I still don’t get bored of listening since then.


My festival outfit

Bonobo Jeans proposed me to create a special festival outfit for this event and it was with pleasure that I decided to do it again and went to the Etienne Marcel shop to select clothes. Last year, I bet on comfort, this year… too! We do not change a winning team.

The style is a bit more “boho” but, you know me, I wanted it to remain simple without too much flourish: slightly boyfriend-slim fit jeans , a loose linen shirt to freely move and a waistcoat in case the weather would be a bit “chilly”.

I also chose a mid-size bag with two zipped compartments to organise everything inside (a bit Rock, a huge Control freak…haha!)


This year line up…

I’m so looking forward to going there because the line up looks phenomenal. First… Bastille! I already had the chance to attend their concert three times (and even met them in backstage!) and I wouldn’t object to see them a fourth time. Two Door Cinema Club, Editors, Sum 41 are also on my list…

By the way if you are also fan of “Rock en Seine”, I advise you to follow my Instagram account the following days because it seems that I have a few passes to give away… Be also ready! (English transation by Quiterie)

(This post was published in collaboration with Bonobo Jeans®)

My Outfit

Tee shirt Bonobo Jeans here
Waistcoat Bonobo Jeans here
Cropped slim jeans “Sofia” Bonobo Jeans here
Bag Bonobo Jeans here

Deauville delights

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During our weekend in Deauville, we finally came out of our hotel, and took a chance to discover a few good addresses which I wanted to share right away!


La Villa Gabrielle

(95 rue Eugène Colas, Deauville) This place located right in front of our hotel, is a tribute to Coco Chanel, who for the story, opened her first shop in Deauville!

A few carefully thought-out to Gabrielle in the decoration such as these “tweed jacket” chairs or this portrait on the wall.

For the rest, tables in white marble (smart for Instagram hehe) and a blue-green peacock feather printed wallpaper.

The lunch menu is affordable (20€ for main course and dessert). The waiter of the day was particularly cute (feast your eyes on), efficient and good adviser. The plates arrived really hot and under a cover.

Say Cheeeese ! (= Parmesan cheese ?)

This time I was tempted by the fettuccines with veal, San Danielle ham, Parmesan and foie gras. I especially liked these cousin of tagliatelle, and most particularly when the foie gras was smoothly melting among the al dente pasta, mixing perfectly with everything else: I was melting too.

Fettuccine with veal, San Danielle ham, parmesan cheese and foie gras

My SO preferred the 7-hour lamb shoulder confit with soft spices and crunchy veggies with cumin. Apparently tender and tasty based on what he said.

7-hour lamb shoulder confit with soft spices and crunchy veggies with cumin

The dessert also fulfilled my addiction of texture mix: melting, crunchy and soft. Everything in mouth thanks to this “Craquant chocolat” and its melty salty butter caramel

Craquant chocolat and its melty salty butter caramel

On the other side, a bit of disappointment for my SO and his Villa Gabrielle lemon pie.

Villa Gabrielle Lemon pie

Slightly revisited with its crunchy meringue instead of melting: which apparently perturbed him… Anyway, just a question of taste.


Le Ciro’s

(Les Planches de Deauville, boulevard de la mer, Deauville) A great envy of seafood led us to this place well known from the festival-goers on the Planche de Deauville.

The previous day, as it was fully booked we came back for lunch on Sunday: the ambiance was a way calmer (because of the bad weather).

We decided to choose the Royal plate of seafood and the bouillabaisse, Royal too. Suddenly submerged by a feeling of laziness (also Royal) to peel the 1/2 crab usually coming along with the plate, I asked to change it by additional oysters.

 Royal seafood plate

These oysters from Isigny were so fleshy and delicious: happiness.

The bouillabaisse was devoured/sipped with enthusiasm: I guess it was good too.

The Ciro’s Royale Bouillabaisse

Just a disappointment for the dessert menu that didn’t motivate us but we must say that we were not the best judges with our full stomachs.

A Gourmet Tea to share was the most reasonable option: mini-pastries without real interest though. You may prefer an artisanal ice cream along the Planches.


Glaces Princesse Sophie

(Les planches de Deauville) A large choice of handmade ice cream flavours: I tried the red berries and crumble. Savoured and approved.(English translation by Quiterie)


· Fashion

You probably saw it in my post on Le Normandy hotel, but it deserves a post of its own. Indeed, these pair of high waist khaki-bronze pants were a great discovery : a slightly peg leg fit, a belted high waist that elongates the leg, an extremely comfortable lyocell fabric.

It complies with all the styles you try it with : casual with sandals, or chic with heels. On that note, I highly recommend that La Redoute produce the same pair in a variety of colours (dark blue, black, beige – that’d be my favorite picks). I’m in the starting blocks to order it if this wish becomes reality! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

Boater hat Topshop
Blouse Soft Grey (-40%) (already seen here)
Pants Soft Grey (-50%) (already seen here)
Bag Clark Sézane
Espadrilles Miista Shoes (already seen here)
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton et Atelier B
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Watch Casio

Lipstick « Place Vendôme 364 » Color Riche L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris

Le Normandy hotel

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Last weekend, my SO and I were invited to spend a couple days at the mythical Le Normandy Barrière hotel in Deauville.

You must be thinking that I’ve recently been living the good life, going from horse race garden party to castle life, to five star hotels…

I must admit it’s been pretty amazing – I realize how lucky I am to be able to discover such amazing places thanks to my blog. Even if luxury isn’t a priority for me, I can’t deny I enjoy taking a peak at what’s going on behind the scenes of aesthetics.

Here’s why I’ll try and tell you about my stay in the sincerest way possible, so you can find out about it through my eyes.

Emanuele Scorcelletti photography exhibition

We arrived on friday evening, with a chauffeur (from Paris) : it seems completely crazy, I’ll admit, people must have thought we were fragile human beings haha!

But we did take full advantage of the ride and slept right through it – mouth open, head lolling from side to side – which meant we were perfectly rested when we set foot on Normandy soil.


La Belle Époque dinner

We changed and headed back down to have dinner at the restaurant “La Belle Époque”, which was completely refurbished in april. The hotel got a whole 6 month long makeover.

Not having been in the hotel before, I didn’t have any points of comparison, but one can only admire how beautiful the whole place is, and imagine the atmosphere in 1912, when it was built.

I chose the evening menu (59€), and my SO decided to choose à la carte. My lobster Caesar salad was delicious and perfectly seasoned and the Black Angus rib steak was tender (sorry you only see the latter in the background).

Lobster Caesar salade and yellow tomatoes

My SO was also very satisfied: white tuna ceviche with its mango, avocado, soy sauce, and poultry from Mondrainville, foie gras, apples and sauce.

White tuna ceviche, mango, avocado, soy sauce

Poultry from Mondrainville

To finish our meal, a strawberry melba and tea with mignardises for two

I discovered the organic 4 berry fruit tea by Pascal Hamour. I tried a few of his teas during our stay, and this was my favorite.

Tea with mignardises


Room service !

After this generous meal, I think the lift probably had a hard time bringing us back to the first floor … but here we are!

The hotel’s corridors are very Disneyland-like (please note my impeccable architectural and historical references!), with period engravings and pictures.

The room is incredibly comfortable : the walls are covered with Jouy-fabric, there’s a chandelier, a brand-new bathroom …

It’s to be expected when you know the Normandy hotel is used to receiving movie stars during the Deauville american film festival. You imagine these guests would have high quality expectations.

We spent a great night in this huge bed, and after a yummy breakfast in our room we’re all set to go!


Le Normandy hotel’s little secrets

Sorry, no People gossip here, but we enjoyed a privileged access to a place that is generally not open to the public : the dovecote!

When M. Motte, the chief operation director told me about this place, my curiosity was piqued. 5 minutes later, we were there!

What a view! As some of you mentionned on Instagram, you’d think you’re in a cartoon or a Wes Anderson movie with such a beautiful view of Deauville!

We then found a mysterious mural on the 3rd floor, which had been covered up by wall tapestries and unexpectedly uncovered during the 2015 renovation :

A well executed portrait by a handyman in 1912, who was obviously as expert with house painting as he was with pictorial art.

The mystery portrait with a text from Gonzague de Saint Bris

This led to the most crazy rumors: the famous painter George Braque’s name is mentionned, his father’s or his son’s. That said, a number or chronological discrepancies keep the mystery whole on who the artist of this now exposed art piece might be.


Teatime with Monsieur Jean

Tea for two, two for tea…

We sat down at the hotel’s bar with Monsieur Jean, the mythical Chef-barman, who is said to know his fair share of celebrity secrets.

But once again, no People gossip (I must admit I failed in this category … I didn’t dare ask!), rather a recipe for peach-apricot ice tea, Marc Jean style.

The secret here is to make 2 bags of peach-apricot tea (or another flavor of your choosing) rapidly infuse in 20cl of simmering (not boiling) water.

While the infusion is still warm you put in in a blender with a couple of ice cubes and pour in a glass filled with crush iced. Tada, you’re done, enjoy!


Spa Diane Barrière

We had wonderful weather for one day during our weekend. For the rest, it was all rain rain rain. But we still got to take advantage of the pool, which is covered by a glass canopy.

Hence, no Roland-Garros syndrom and the tranquility of being able to take a dip in the pool no matter the weather!

But the newcomer since the reopening of the Normandy hotel last April is it’s “Aerial” spa. We got to try out a spa treatment each during our stay.

Spa reception and… changing atmosphere in the corridor : light therapy !

You fill out a questionnaire when you arrive so that you get the treatments most adapted to you. My SO was slightly over-optimistic in his answers, stating that he worked out twice a week (I’d say it depends on the week, haha) : he got the sporty treatement with cupping! He enjoyed the experience, centered on relaxing the muscles and sports recovery.

As for me, I was an open book (=I run because I have to, and only when I want). I got the bio-energetic treatment, both relaxing and invigorating, with massage and the stimulation of acupuncture points. Being used to energetic massages in Thailand, I can tell you the touch is lighter here, but relaxation and pleasure were very much present.

The staff was very obliging and considering. I’d just say the massage rooms were a bit too minimalist and “medical” for my taste, but it seems it’s the architect’s choice and I was told the decoration was going to evolve.

And with my eyes closed the whole time, I must have looked around for about 5 seconds, so if the treatment is top-quality it’s the most important part.


A wonderful escape

I hope you enjoyed the visit and that I’ll have made you travel just a bit with this post about this luxurious and warm cocoon.

Once again, I was very spoilt. I hope you’ll be too if you ever get to stay in this legendary hotel.

In any case, I wanted to give my thanks to the Le Normandy Barrière Hotel and to Pascal Hamour, who made our stay so wonderful (haha, it’s like I’m giving a speech at the Deauville Festival!).

But most importantly, I’d like to give you all my thanks: it’s because you read the blog and thanks to your loyalty that I get to enjoy these amazing experiences; you have all my gratitude. (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

1/ Blazer Jeanne Damas pour La Redoute
Polka dot breton shirt Boden (sale)
High waist pants Soft Grey (-50%)
Leo sandals Soft Grey
Bag Patti Sézane

2/ Dress Boden
Sandals What For

3/ Swimsuit R Edition


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