Five senses #13

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Here’s the episode 13 of our regular “Five senses” section. I still enjoy a lot sharing my finds and what could have excited my 5 senses lately : Hope you’ll enjoy reading it too !



Book “Deliciously Ella : The plant-based cookbook”
Wooden tray Monoprix


I have already talked about it on Instagram but I had to mark it down here too: even though the Internet is full of various recipes, I still love old fashion “cookbooks” which allow me to keep my “safe bet” nearby.

For instance, I love the book written by Ella Mills, Deliciously Ella “The plant-based cookbook”: a compilation of easy to prepare vegan recipes with easy to find ingredients (no need to go on a quest to find sesame flour from Peru or roasted nuts from Patagonia, as this kind of books usually require!).

I am not vegan but I like finding non-animal alternatives to classical recipes and this book have helps me a lot: I have already tried salty and sweet meals: ultra soft banana muffins and yummy almond and blueberry cookies but also pancakes with mushrooms to savor with a salad.



 Peach Sencha tea with mint  Jugetsudo


I’ve always preferred green tea rather than black tea and this last discovery could only delight my senses: a Sencha tea flavored with peach (& mint), found in the Mark’Style shop located in Le Marais( 6 rue du Trésor).

Flavored and light, this Japanese Tea is perfect to be enjoyed hot or cold… Only one slight sour note, the price (21€ for 40g!): So I am very slowly enjoying it!



Yoga mat Bonjour Mantra
Pants Puma
Bra Adidas


I finally found my yoga mat! I keep practicing regularly at home with Adriene YouTube videos and I was previously telling you I was looking for a sober and efficient model. Thank you for all your advices but I finally found it after listening my cousin’s advices!

I chose this model with stripes and as for now I am very satisfied: as explained on the website, I need to wet my hands with a little bit of water before starting to improve the adhesion and ready to start the sun salutations!

I am still far from doing acrobatics and other head down positions so my feedbacks about this mat is only from my novice point of view but I am quite delighted to own a pretty and efficient yoga mat. (I actually need to attend someday a real yoga class with a teacher to correct my poses).



This spring I’ve been going to a lot of concerts: Take That, Backstreet Boys, Take That again (in Paris) and The Spice Girls. In July, I will go back 2 days to the Lollapalooza festival since I loved the ambiance last year.

The line up is not as good as last year for me but it allows me to discover new songs. So I have been starting to listen these new bands who will perform on these 2 days.

This is how I discovered the Irish band Kodaline (it sounds like a drug!): melodious pop rock as I like (my favorite songs are “Brother” or “Follow your fire”)… so I am looking forward to seeing them performing !



During my trip to London, I got the chance to get invited to stay at the Renaissance St Pancras hotel. I’ve already known it, as I’ve already stayed there during the shooting with My-Wardrobe and also after our British road trip last summer (but we were in the Barlow wing, more modern).

Staying in a room in the “Chambers” wing allowed me to discover more in the details the architecture of this historical building located in the St Pancras train station.

Room with a view at the station !


I took this opportunity to shoot a “spicy” video that you’ve probably seen on my stories: I couldn’t have missed the chance to dance in the mythic stairs where was filmed the movie clip of Wannabe from the Spice Girls !

What a beautiful hotel… (and a sweet memory of the afternoon tea quietly served in the Chambers club): better judge by yourself ! (English translation by Quiterie)

The mythical “Wannabe Spice Girls”stairs and afternoon tea at Chambers Club


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Stroll in London

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I’ve been a bit silent lately over here but if you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I went to London to attend the Take That concert at the O2 arena… and it was as expected, unbelievable !

We took this opportunity to stay there a few days and visit, without pressure nor special planning. I can’t count my visits of London anymore, however I am far from knowing everything!

Here is an article to give you a few tips and mention your recommended spots (at the end the list was suggested by you on Instagram: so I would like to share it here so that everyone could have a look… unfortunately I didn’t have time to try them all, but it can give a lot of ideas!)


Columbia Road flower market

I had seen so many flowery pictures of this place on Instagram ! I wanted to see it myself… and I must admit that I was a bit disappointed…

The ambiance and the cute shops are really there but – as it became so popular – on Sunday morning, the street bordered by shops of plants and flowers is hardly accessible and overcrowded.

So it’s complicated to move forward or even to calmly choose a nice bouquet… but anyway at least this one will be marked down as done on my to-do list!


Your favorite addresses in London

Here are your favorite addresses you have shared with me on instagram (Huge thank you!)



  • Trailer Happiness
  • The Ivy Chelsea Garden
  • Granger & Co (brunch)
  • Madison rooftop terrace (with a nice view of St Paul’s)
  • Sketch tearoom (already seen here)
  • Hoppers
  • Honest Burger
  • The Good Egg, Kingly Court (fried chicken)
  • Din Tai Fung
  • Sushi Samba (for the view)
  • Trade (Breakfast)
  • Hakkasan (cantonese restaurant)
  • Dishoom (Indian restaurant)
  • Cereal Killer Cafe
  • Koya (Japanese noodles)
  • Tandoor Chop House
  • Ridding House Cafe
  • The Breakfast club
  • Gloria trattoria (italian “Big mamma”)
  • Double tree Hilton (for the view)
  • Peggy Porschen
  • Andina (Peruvian restaurant)
  • Shake Shack (My favorite veggie burger)
  • L’orangerie (teatime at Buckingham Palace)
  • Town House Kensington (afternoon tea)
  • Home slice (pizza)
  • Hovarda (Greek restaurant)
  • Milk train (Cotton candy ice cream)
  • Blue Canteen



  • Electric Cinema of Notting Hill
  • Brixton Market
  • Le musée du design
  • Victoria & Albert museum
  • Brick Lane
  • Kew gardens
  • Sky Garden and its view (to book in advance : I’m going there on June !)
  • Camden Town
  •  Highgate Cimetery
  • Coal’s Drop yard (shopping and restaurants)
  • Liberty (shop)
  • The Queen’s gallery (Queen’s shop at  Buckingham Palace)
  • Portobello Market on saturday morning
  • Japan center at Chinatown
  • Old Spitafield Market
  • Islington quarter
  • Natural history museum
  • Primrose Hill
  • Hammersmith Bridge

Pink and concrete grey

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Once again, a new look with already seen pieces: I compose and compose again and again ! Knowing that we’ve been jumping from summer to winter and it’s been changing every day, this outfit highlights this bipolar moment.


So here are my usual “quality” and “durability” reflexions for the different pieces of my outfit:

  • ce blazer Zara (( I don’t want to repeat myself, you can read my opinion here)
  • my La Redoute cashmere pullover: I have a collection that I’ve been talking about for years. Light, warm and easy to wash (wool program in the laundry machine) these are safe bet in my wardrobe.
  • mon pantalon rose Samsøe & Samsøe (2017) I wore it on the blog in summer and winter time. Its color offers a fresh touch without being too candy pink. It can be matched with a lot of other colors: camel, white, grey, jeans jacket… and gives a warm feeling when it rains (example on these pictures!)
  • my Dr Martens patent leather shoes: I had already listed them in my safe bet list: this being said, after 4 years they’ve strayed to crackle on the top part, I had to replace them. I bought exactly the same size last September but weirdly they are not as comfy as the previous ones… they brand might have changed the size (=bigger before)? Or maybe my feet got bigger? Anyway, I had to buy a bigger size (so I sell the pair of 38FR almost new): but I still love them.
  • this vintage bag found on Etsy : I keep it for occasions such as movie night or restaurant, when I don’t have much to carry (wallet, key and lipstick). Nothing to say about the quality but at the same time I’m not using it much!


Even though I like this “chilly moment” outfit version, I am looking forward to the spring season to come to wear these pants much more in a  “spring-ly!” way! Patience… (English translation by Quiterie)


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My Outfit

Blazer Zara (2017) (already seen here and there)
Cashmere pullover La Redoute (2015) (already seen here)
Pants Samsøe & Samsøe (2017) (already seen here and here)
Derbies Dr Martens (already seen here and here)
Vintage bag Etsy (2016) (already seen here)

Necklace Adeline Affre (already seen here)
Bracelet and earrings Tiffany & Co
Watch Cluse

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