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The other day, Erica from “Blue is in Fashion this year” noticed that her silver boots were sleeping in her closet… It’s pretty much the same for me (except when I decide to be Princess Leia). I used them a few times on this blog but I wear them a way less often than my black boots.

Alexa Chung is a never-ending fashion inspiration source (I’m not saying anything new): Erica explained on her blog how we could find some inspiration from her looks with silver boots: Belted grey coat (I don’t have), skinny jeans but not too tight (I don’t really have one neither), scarf (I’ve got that!). So I’ve changed a few things but inspiration is here.

Grey coat, straight cropped pants a bit large, skinny scarf transformed into a mini-scarf: the look is a bit different but I like it this way too. Copycat, but not too much! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Scarf Jayley (already seen here)
Cashmere jumper R Essentiel (20% off)
Coat Laura Clément (30% off)
Jeans Uniqlo (Tokyo)
Boots Pistol Acne (déjà vues ici)
Tights Luxe 9 Caramel Wolford

Lipstick « Mon Jules 430» Color Riche Matte L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris

Movie Valentines

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Do you remember my Holiday selection for Marionnaud? This time, the famous perfumery asked me to create a new selection for the coming Valentine’s Day.

I imagined what 3 movie couples would offer each other during this day celebrating Love (… well… if they could ever celebrate this day together because for some of them it seems to be a bit challenging!). So I put myself into each character’s skin in order to select the best gift for his and her beloved!



Make up palette “Déclaration d’amour” Marionnaud
Nailpolish “Rouge envie” Marionnaud
Large red pouch Marionnaud

What could we offer to the mythic Moulin Rouge couple?

We can’t really say that our poet Christian is really rich: therefore he would have bought to his dear lead dancer this make-up pouch with an envelop shape (and would have inserted a love note at the same time). Also, a red nail polish in order to match with the mill.

He could also have paid for a check-up by the best respirologist (pneumologist) in Paris, but let’s be honest it wouldn’t have been very romantic (even though it could have been very useful).

For Christian/Ewan, Sateen would have chosen this large (red!) pouch so he could have tidied up his quills, paper… to keep writing her love notes.



“Rose sensuelle” Body balm Marionnaud
“Soin de la roseraie” Scrub cream  Le Couvent des Minimes
Icy stick Hydraboost eye Polaar Men

The unfortunate Titanic lovers can also celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Jack would have played the classic card by choosing this products with a Rose scent (thankfully Rose’s name wasn’t Durian). And Rose more inspired, would have offered this amazing icy stick for eye contours in order to be in line with the cold weather of this night of 1912.



Gentle beneficial shampoo Le Couvent des Minimes
After-shave balm Dior Homme

The story would go for a Valentine’s Day with Han Solo and Princess Leia but I’ve always found suspect that Chewbacca was constantly stuck to Han over all the Star Wars episodes: I’ve had some doubts about an under cover relationship…

So here is why, in the unofficial version, Han Solo would have bought this beneficial gentle shampoo to tame his lover’s shaggy fur.

Chewie, on his side, would’ve taken care of Han’s sensitive skin: it might be useful in case a lightsaber would brush past too close! (English translation by Quiterie)

Pictures & illustrations credits ©Tokyobanhbao

Day 4 : Heading to Miyajima

· Fashion, Illustration, Travel

I’m delighted to see you’re still enjoying our japanese trip in the fall (and I hope I’ll be finished telling you all about it by next fall!).

After relaxing in Kinosaki Onsen, we’re off to discover new places. Next stop: Miyajima! Located by Hiroshima, this island has a few surprises in store for us!



As I had told you at the very beginning, to discover Japan, travelling by train is a must. This time, the trip was a bit long (but then again, in Japan, travelling is a real pleasure: the punctuality, the extreme cleanliness and the “ekiben” bentos make it such an enjoyable experience!

To get to Itsukushima island (Miyajima’s other name), we stopped in Shin-Osaka to change trains, and headed in Hiroshima‘s direction.

Then we took a local train to Miyajima-Guchi, and took the JR ferry (a great way to make the most out of your JR pass).

The whole thing was 7 hours long, but again, it wasn’t a big deal: I spent my whole time drawing, while my SO slept with his mouth open.


Arriving on the island

Itsukushima shrine

We arrived on Miyajima mid-afternoon, which only allowed us to get our room, freshen up and familiarize ourselves with the area.

Some will advise you to stay in Hiroshima and take the ferry every day to the island – which is cheaper, but we really wanted to experience the island as a whole. Which means we ended up missing out on Hiroshima, but it’ll be for our next visit!

We chose to stay in the Mizuhasou ryokan (more modern, and more of a family feel than the one in Kinosaki – more like Maison Ikkoku if you see what I mean).

Extremely well located, with a charming landlord (who doesn’t speak a word of english), simple but comfy, with a bathroom outside, but that you can lock from the inside (no flashing this time!).

Japanese breakfast…

…or continental breakfast

Breakfast is bountiful: I decided to eat the japanese way during these two days, but my SO was too tempted on the second day, and he chose the continental breakfast. The establishment adapts to the needs of its clients!


Discovering Miyajima

We’ll talk more about all there is to discover on the island next time, but let me start by saying that just arriving was magic.

You probably know the floating torii (often used on flyers): seeing it irl is incomparable. You really feel tiny, and blessed and lucky and moved all at the same time.

Gojunoto pagoda

A bit of history here: according to the shintoist ritual, it’s forbidden to be born, to die and to cut down trees on this sacred island.

I was born in France and I didn’t bring any chainsaws with me on this trip, so two of these rules seem easy to follow.

As for not dying on the island, I’ll just have to be careful (then again, if you die inadvertedly on the island, what kind of punishment could you get? Does the punishment follow you up above?).

There are quite a number of four-legged inhabitants on this island, and they mingle pretty easily with the two-legged tourists. Some of you will inevitably think of Nara, the deer-city. You can choose to bring a couple of stuffed animals back from your trip, that you’ll find in most of the town’s shops.

The island’s other specialty is it’s crafted rice spatula (they even have a giant version in the street): not sure if it’ll be enough to spark your interest, but I brought one back, and it’ll be a big help for my daily dose of rice (hahaha, I’m so cliche!).

Watching the sunset on the big Torii is probably one of the most romantic things that you can do on Earth (which is why there are no pictures of abovementionned sunset in this post : we were totally unplugged for a couple minutes there)


Yummy local specialities



Tons of streetfood, and more specifically the delicious curry oyster fritters that we couldn’t help but try when we arrived (and that we enjoyed again the next day).

Miyajima is all about the oysters (though they are rarely eaten raw). You can easilly have them on the street, grilled, on skewers, breaded

We had dinner in this nice little restaurant : MIYAJIMA SHOKUDO (590-5 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi) where we had especially good oysters, in a cozy atmosphere.



Quand modernity meets tradition…

The island’s famous cake – in form of a maple leaf, habitually stuffed with red bean , but also sometimes with ice cream, custard, cream cheese… there is no limit to creativity! You can even find fried versions (which we happily tried – double calorie intake!).

Fried Momiji manju

The classic momji manju looks something like a hybrid between a stuffed limp waffle and cake. Nothing too extravagant, but with the little crispy coating, it’s an easy snack (“crispy addict” forever)

So here’s a first overview of the Miyajima island; next up, we’ll go on a rather intense hike. Take your sneakers, I’ll let you choose which ones you want to slip on for this next chapter! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

Bandana ASOS
Biker jacket Paul & Joe Sister
Breton shirt Petit Bateau
Culottes Vila (60% off)
Flats ASOS

Lipstick « 16 Place Vendôme 364» Color Riche L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris

Pink & grey

· Fashion

Considering the past rainy days, I had to push myself to wear a pink pastel colour in order to boost my moral as soon as possible. I thought that an association with a shade of grey would gently spice it up.

An occasion for me to wear a well-known bag for those who’ve been following me since the beginning, and to reinvest in the same pants but in a mouse-grey version (it’s so comfy!).

So here is my “When the sugared almond meets the grey concrete” combo! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Coat Simone & Louise (already seen here)
Sweater YMC (already seen here)
Pants Vero Moda (60% off) (already seen in a camel colour here)
Sneakers Stan Smith Adidas
Bag Covered Velo Balenciaga
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton
Watch Karl Lagerfeld

Lipstick « Liya’s Delicate Rose » Color Riche Collection exclusive L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris
Nailpolish « 857 Chantilly Lace Color Riche » L’Oréal Paris

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