A Christmas wallpaper

· Decoration, Illustration

I am not very active on the blog lately as I’ve had a lot of work on the side, and also I’ve tried to enjoy more this Christmas period, forgive me!

It doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about you! I had never took time to do it but I hope I will get the chance to do it more often. Indeed, I really enjoyed drawing this wallpaper for smartphone, which you will be able to use during the whole month of December.


A Japanese Xmas

I wanted to change the classical Christmas ambiance by bringing Tokyobibi in a snowy Japanese scenery, along with a very cute Shiba inu (ah ! I wish I had enough space at home!).

You can download this wallpaper by clicking on it and simply register the image into your image gallery. Then, choose it as home screen on your phone (do not forget to resize it as the iPhone usually tends to zoom images).

I hope you will appreciate this modest present to enjoy during the festive season. Talk to you soon!


Blue lock screen wallpaper here
Blue dashboard wallpaper here

Pink orange lock screen wallpaper here
Pink orange dashboard wallpaper here



PS: This illustration (like all the others on this blog) has copyright and can’t be modified (color, layout, drawing, signature…). You can only use it for private personal usage and no commercial opportunity. Thanks !(English translation by Quiterie)

Wabi-Sabi way of life

· Decoration

My blog is far from being minimalist but the idea to make my interior more simple made me discover other ways of life that are actually very inspiring and help me to progress toward this quest of simplicity.

You know my love for Japan and its esthetic as I already told you a million times. Recently, I discovered a philosophy coming from the land of the rising sun called wabi-sabi, which comes from Buddhist and Taoist principles.


The discovery of Wabi-Sabi

Oak dining table AM.PM
Oak chairs AM.PM


You will smile when I will tell you about how I heard from this concept as there was actually nothing spiritual there…

I simply bought a candle from the brand Wabi-sabi (made in France and which uses natural materials… but this is not the purpose of this article).

Candle Wabi-Sabi (the wood wick crakles !)
Wooden plates Madame Stoltz
Wooden bowl Madame Stoltz


After Googling the name, I found out the true meaning of the name: Wabi represents solitude, melancholy and simplicity, while Sabi is more about aging process, the love for anything that has lived, and imperfections.

As I kept looking, I discovered that Wabi-sabi was a way of life.


Simplicity and aging apologia

Basket (in which I store my DVDs) AM.PM


This one goes against our society mindset of these years: hyper-consumption, new things, and perfection at any price.

I know this blog somehow contributes to this but lately, I have been trying to think about a more reasonable and sustainable consumption, in the way I choose clothes and for my interior.

Shelves made by my S.O <3
Wooden bowls Madame Stoltz
Plates Habitat, Wear Lemonade x Monoprix and bowls brought from my trips to Japan


So here is why this concept really talks to me. Actually decoration trends have started following this idea (which has been existing in Japan for thousand of years) and we’ve seen multiple interior inspirations inspired by wabi-sabi ideas.

I notices some visuals on Pinterest I can use to get inspirations for different parts of our apartment.

Butterfly shelves Serax


Indeed, I like more and more raw materials, wood, linen, straw, dishes with imperfections. Perhaps you already follow this way of life?

On my side, since I have started having less things I’ve started feeling more freedom. The road ahead is still long but it’s more and more pleasant to walk along, which is very encouraging. (English translation by Quiterie)

The black coat

· Fashion

An automnal look shot during a short sunny moment this weekend. A good opportunity to show you this black coat, a basic piece for a wardrobe.

Believe it or not, I didn’t have one, not a very basic black coat. And as you know that I’ve been trying to invest in timeless and basic pieces so it took me some time to find it.


The boiled wool option

This one is black, straight cut and made in boiled wool. I decided to go for this fabric as most of the time black coats get covered with dust or other lints.

Not sure if it will be the right decision but I thought that boiled wool would help to not see too much the bobbles or pills. As for now, everything is all good, let’s see with wear and tear.

Underneath my coat, I’m wearing clothes you already know: I only overlaid my blouse with lace collar and warm cream color pullover for a fancier touch.

As for the rest, it’s all about comfort: I have this feeling to repeat myself every week ! By the way, I hope you will still find interest in my very simple outfits! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Coat Samsøe Samsøe
Jumper Close (already seen here)
Lace blouse La Redoute (already seen here) (-45%)
Jeans La Redoute (already seen here) (-35%)
Sneakers Superstar 80s clean Adidas (already seen here)
Scarf Urban Outfitters (already seen here)
Bag Pashli 3.1 Phillip Lim (2013) (already seen here)

Earrings Anne Thomas
Watch Cluse
Bracelet Tiffany T Tiffany&Co

Eyebrow crayon Brow Drama Pomade « Châtain » Maybelline NY
Lipstick Lip Paint Lacquer “105 Red fiction” L’Oréal Paris

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