Frills and low heels

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I’m very happy to see that lately low size heels are fashionable : the choice for comfortable shoes is therefore wider. Here, partially opened ballerinas with graphic design and only 4cm high heels, a godsend!

I decided to pair them with a top with frills, perfect for this mid-season, and large cropped pants. Outline is a bit more feminine than usual but without sacrifice in terms of comfort… I’m in! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Ruffle top Sweewë
Pants Mademoiselle R
Shoes Taissa Miista
Bag Close (already seen here)

Bracelets Dinh Van, Thomas Sabo, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton
Ring, bracelet Papyrus Atelier B
(20% off on Atelier B jewels with this code TKBB20)
Rings Mango
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Eyelashes extension « Volume russe » Les cils de Marie (already seen here)
Crayon Brow Drama Pomade “Soft brownMaybelline NY
Lipstick « Diorific Mat » 950 Splendor Dior
Nailpolish “Infaillible gel duo” “Red stroke” L’Oréal Paris

Brooklyn, New York

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Our road trip on the East coast of the USA ends here in Brooklyn, NYC … Finally! I’m sorry it took so long to tell you all about this trip that dates back to last October, but I really wanted to go into detail as much as possible!

Anyway, here’s our last stop. I had never visited Brooklyn, but I immediately liked the atmosphere – even with the rather uncertain weather. As usual, here are my options for visits and food! Let’s go!


Dumbo & Brooklyn Bridge

Dumbo is a neighborhood in Brooklyn where you can walk around and admire the Manhattan Skyline and the famous Brooklyn Bridge. The name has nothing to do with Disney’s famous little elephant, it’s just the abbreviation of “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”.

If you want to turn your stay into a romantic comedy, I can warmly recommend having dinner or a drink at the River Café (1 Water street) (prices are steep though).

The River Café

There’s also a dress code on the evening – men need to wear a suit. During the day, casual is accepted (but if you’re going casual with hawaiian shorts and flip-flops, you might not make it inside).



The area has been rehabilitated with street art, kind of like the Wynwood area in Miami. It used to be considered dangerous, but the area really transformed with all the murals that tourists can’t get enough of.

We really enjoyed walking around, and continued our stroll by heading into Williamsburg, with vintage boutiques, small hipster coffeeshops and tearooms.


Williamsburg bridge at sunset

We headed for Williamsburg bridge, which isn’t as popular as its neighbor, Brooklyn bridge.

In order to head into Manhattan, we crossed the bridge by foot and admired the sunset. My SO, who wasn’t too happy at first with the distance, ended up being convinced by the walk – which is as impressive as it is romantic (and hawaiian shorts and flip-flops are accepted on the bridge).


Other visiting options

We didn’t get a chance to visit those, but next time definitively :

Brooklyn Botanical garden : A must see in the spring for the Japanese atmosphere and cherry blossoms.

Coney island : South of Brooklyn, with a real vintage american funfair atmosphere.


Yummy addresses

GRIMALDI’S (1 Front St, Brooklyn)

Unlike Joe’s pizza, you can’t get a slice here, but whole pizzas. More options on the toppings, and the crust is just as crispy, yum


CAPRICES BY SOPHIE (138 N 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

(Thank you Medhi for the tip!) A tea-shop set up by a pastry-loving Frenchwoman. Eclairs and cream puffs are to be found there! However I would have loved them to be an even bigger portion, but that’s just my bottomless stomach talking.

Fifty shades of cream puffs


BROOKLYN ICE CREAM FACTORY (1 Water Street, Brooklyn)

At the foot of Brooklyn bridge, it’s hard to miss this shop that sells very creamy ice cream. Perfect for a walk in Dumbo.



(Saturday in Williamsburg, and sunday in Prospect Park from April to October) Cosmopolitan streetfood in all possible ways. Such a friendly atmosphere!


That’s all folks !

And here we are : this is the end! I hope you enjoyed this east-coast road trip as much as I did, in these well-known or lesser-known american cities and towns. On my part, I loved discovery historical cities (Savannah, Charleston, St Augustine), which give the US a whole new side. Lots of “emotions” while disovering Wilmington, Savannah, Walt Disney World or Washington DC with the fam…

I’ll let you enjoy all of this road trip here if you want to travel some more, or plan your upcoming trips. I’m available to answer any questions you may have!

Bye Bye USA, I’ll be back, and maybe sooner than you expect! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

Cap and bandana ASOS
Trench H&M (2014)
Tee shirt Eleven Paris (-50%) (already seen here)
Boyfit jeans R Essentiel
Sneakers Stan Smith Adidas
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Rainy Easter

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“Rainy Easter, Happy Easter!” A new proverb just created by myself to match the weather of this Easter Monday, which I hope will be happy!


Happy Easter !

Looking at this overall rainy weather, I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a pretty rain coat to change a bit from the trench.

I decided to go for a basic grey with a minimalist Scandinavian touch, which I can easily wear in a chill-out way like today or more feminine with a fancy outfit and a pair of heels.

It will allow me go outside without umbrella and to travel light. Smart isn’t it? (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Raincoat Rains
Tee shirt ASOS (already seen here)
Culottes Close (-45%) (already seen here)
Sneakers Moa x Disney (already seen here)
Clutch Topshop (already seen here)

Bracelets Dinh Van, Thomas Sabo, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton
Earrings &Other Stories
Watch Cluse
Ring, bracelet Papyrus Atelier B

Eyelashes extension « Volume russe » Les cils de Marie (already seen here)
Crayon Brow Drama Pomade “Soft brownMaybelline NY
Lipstick « Diorific Mat » 950 Splendor Dior
Nailpolish “Infaillible gel duo” “Red stroke” L’Oréal Paris

Manhattan, New York

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You guys got a little preview of NYC from the heights of Rockefeller Center, let’s come back closer to the ground, and head off to explore Manhattan. During this last stretch of our american road trip, the weather being especially favorable, we didn’t opt for a lot of museums, but enjoyed walking around the city.

This post won’t shine with particularly original visiting ideas, but maybe you’ll enjoy walking around as we did. I did find a couple of yummy stops that I’ll be sharing below, and that could turn out to be useful if you visit Manhattan.


Walking around Manhattan

We walked quite a bit during those 3 days we spent in Manhattan in October 2016. North to South, we walked through all of Central park

Quiet and peaceful Central Park

… made our way through the crowd on Times Square

Times Square

… walked down the mythical 5th avenue, found a couple beauty products in Koreantown, stopped here and there in Madewell shops (remember this cape?) …

… and admired the Flatiron building.

Flatiron building

Doing everything by foot is the perfect way to discover a number of details, new shops and have a feeling you’re living in a film or american sitcom (xoxo Gossip Girl).


Yummy spots in Manhattan

JOE’S PIZZA (7 Carmine Street)

This “famous” restaurant (as advertised on the storefront) founded in 1975 is known to serve delicious pizzas to go.

We stopped for a snack and ordered only 2 slices, but of course, you can get a whole pizza! Don’t expect a whole lot of choice with the toppings, the pizza is served here in a very simple way, but it’s still pretty delicious.


SHAKE SHACK (691 8th Avenue)

The brand has multiplied since my last stop in NY. It’s almost impossible not to cross these burgers if you’re staying in the city (and they’re in London now! Maybe we’ll see them in Paris soon?). Buns and meat are soooo soft and juicy!

My favorite burger is without a doubt the Shroom burger : a huge fried portobello mushroom with a mix of melted cheddar and munster, some salad, tomato and the famous Shake Shack sauce …. so yummy.


TAIYAKI NYC (119 Baxter Street)

“Straight outta Japan” ice cream

This ice cream is as good as it is photogenic : it combines the yumminess of a Taiyaki (a fish shaped japanese waffle) and a creamy ice cream (matcha green tea, vanilla or chocolate).

“Matcha better” ice cream

We returned twice during our stay, alternating between “Matcha better” (Matcha ice cream, red bean filling, matcha powder, strawberry drizzle) and “Straight outta japan” (Matcha sesame swirl ice cream, red bean filling, mochi, wafer). Good and Beautiful.


UDON WEST (150 E 46th Street)

Not very far from the Rockefeller center, this udon soup restaurant is friendly and reinvigorating!


PHỞ GRAND (77C Grand Street)

When I’m travelling, I love going back to basics after a while! I enjoyed this place, that offers Phở bowls that have a great homemade feel to them. The vietnamese food they serve there is pretty authentic.


POKEWORKS (63 W 37th Street)

These little hawaiian bowls (pokebowls) are the rage right now : they are both healthy and yummy.

You can choose to eat your Poke in a bowl, a burrito or as a salad, and then choose your proteins (fish, shrimp, tofu) and toppings (algae, edamame …) that go with it. Once again, healthy and yummy. What more to ask!


GENJI SUSHIBARS au Whole Foods Market (226 East 57th Street)


I am obsessed with Whole Food markets – this organic US brand that has all sorts of fruits and healthy food options. This is where I discovered this sushi bar.

Ramen soups

It’s far from the traditional sushi, but this taco style was pretty good, as were the very well seasoned ramen soups.


Good idea… but pretty disappointing

However, I was disappointed with RED FARM, that appartenly received a prize for best dim sum (dumplings): too expensive for the quality, and although the Pac Man theme had the merit of being creative, it wasn’t really worth it with regards to taste.


So here is a rather quick view of Manhattan. Next up – and last post about my US road trip, will be about Brooklyn, that I had never visited until now. See youuuu! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

1/ Trench R Essentiel
Bandana ASOS
Breton shirt Boden (already seen here)
Mom jeans Only
Sneakers Stan Smith Adidas

2/ Biker jacket Paul & Joe Sister
Tee shirt Cheap Monday
Top Sézane
Mom jeans Only
Sneakers Gazelle Adidas
Bucket bag R Essentiel
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