Sunny Paris

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Apparently, we’ve been garanteed a sunny week! Let’s make the most of it, especially as the temperatures are ideal for the dress/lightweight blouse + light jacket. For my part, I’m keeping a bandana around my neck for those chilly mornings, but I gladly got my summer tennis shoes out.


Safe bet

I ordered the Superga basics, that I already have in pink and silver : it’s a safe bet and comfort-wise, it’s a nice departure from the Stan Smiths, as they’re not as thick and more feminine. There are so many white tennis shoes options nowadays that it’s nice to alternate amongst all of them!

My Outfit

Bandana Sézane
Blazer Jeanne Damas pour La Redoute
Breton shirt Petit Bateau
Mom jeans ASOS
Sneakers Superga
Clutch Kenzo
Sunnies Carlina Chloé via Farfetch
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton et Atelier B
Ring Papyrus Atelier B

Nailpolish Polka dots 001 Pastille “Edition limitée été 2016” Dior
Lipstick « Cocorico 330 » Color Riche Matte L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris

Chestnut & Cream

· Fashion

As promised, I’m back with my “comfort review” of the pretty Valentina babies. I didn’t have them on for a whole day but for 5 hours total – and the result was pretty conclusive: nothing to report. I’ll try wearing them again for a longer period of time, but it seems promising.

Outfit-wise, I’m back with another “ice cream flavor” colored outfit, with this mix of chestnut and cream under the radiant parisian sky. Let’s cross our fingers that spring is finally here to stay! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

Trench R Essentiel
Shirt Pepe Jeans
Culottes Etienne Deroeux pour La Redoute
Shoes Valentina Sézane
Tote-bag Sézane
Sunnies Carlina Chloé via Farfetch
Watch Casio
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton et Atelier B
Ring Papyrus Atelier B

Lipstick « Cocorico 330 » Color Riche Matte L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris

Easy Peasy Recipe #5

· Food, Illustration


The Matcha smoothie bowl

Ah ! It’s been a while since I lastly shared an easy peasy recipe on this blog! So here I am this time with a “Matcha smoothie bowl” recipe that follows the trend of Acai bowls and other superbowls high in vitamins we can see on Instagram or Pinterest.

I ate my very first Acai bowl a few months ago at the Season restaurant (=official suppliers of bloggers who instagram their brunches or breakfasts) and I wanted to re-make pretty much the same bowl but with green tea Matcha instead of acai berries.

Therefore I’d wandered on the Internet in order to find the recipe I’d liked the most, then I adjusted based on my tastes. Nothing very innovative, but I wanted to share this recipe with you as I know we have matcha-holics in the audience.


Some friendly tips

As usually, you should be able to make the recipe just by looking at the drawings. The toppings are mentioned on top (but you can add all the fruits as you like: strawberry, mango, grape… everything is possible!)

For the smoothie below, it’s even better when you leave the bananas (peeled and cut in slices beforehand) 2 to 3 hours in the freezer before mixing with the rest. It gives a creamy & yummy frozen texture : personally I like it better!

For the honey, I didn’t give an exact quantity: you may adjust based on your tastes after blending.

To enjoy for breakfast, brunch or as 4:00PM snack: high in vitamins, healthy and delicious… What else? (English translation by Quiterie)

Archive by Alexa

· Fashion

Alexa Chung did it again! You may have seen a number of looks on the Internet with this “Harry” blouse, redesigned by our dear Alexa as part of her collaboration with Marks&Spencer called #ArchiveByAlexa : it’s my turn to show you my version!


I got the (Harry) blouse

I spotted quite a few nice items in this collection but the Victorian blouse “Harry” was my ultimate target. I must admit that it’s not very easy to put on (I would have preferred snap fasteners in the back but… the final rendering would have been very different: we can’t have everything).

However, I enjoyed wearing it last week, during a new museum marathon day with my friend Candice.

I realised when I got out of my house that I was “Totally British” from head to toe with a double dose of Alexa! I hadn’t really thought about it but it seems like the British harmony came out by itself.


The Musée d’Orsay

So here is how I was dressed up to admire the Douanier Rousseau exhibition at The Musée D’Orsay (forbidden to take pictures inside the exhibition but I highly recommend you to go if you like the colourful, exotic and finely detailed paintings from this dear Henri Rousseau).

Well, I was saying that I didn’t have much rustling clothes in my closet, but I think I’ve started contradicting myself. (English translation by Quiterie)

Merci ma Babe pour les photos de look ! <3

My Outfit

Blouse Harry “Archive by Alexa” Marks&Spencer
Pants Cooperative (already seen here)
Trench R Essentiel (already seen here)
Derbies Topshop (already seen here)
Bag Alexa Mulberry (already seen here)

Lipstick« Mon Jules 430 » Color Riche Matte L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris

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