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Changing the decoration of an apartment is a lifestyle job (I don’t even imagine for a house!): desires, needs and tastes change as time goes by. Lately we’ve been looking for a refined style, less childish, with more green (influenced by Bali?).

When Desenio offered me to choose posters from their selections, I thought it could be a good opportunity to finish up the wall of frames behind our sofa and therefore to redefine the different ambiances of our living room.


Tokyo & the world

As you know Tokyo is a very important city for us : so we printed out this shot taken from the top of the Sky Tree during one of our last trips in Japan and we wanted to find other posters to go with it.

Frames and posters Desenio
Terracotta birds brought from Savannah, USA
Deer and Buffalo wooden heads AM.PM


I wanted to express our common passion with my SO: traveling. This assortment of frames mixing planisphere and flying birds perfectly reflects our appetite for escapes.


Pink and touches of green

Posters Desenio
Hanging baskets Cyrillus


This second corner with shelves was rearranged and refined since the last time you saw it on this blog. I got rid of quite a lot of things and I cleaned up my ‘Kawaii’ stuffs in a box (haha I finally decided to be a grown up!).

Posters Desenio
Earrings Soko
Watering can Kikkerland
  Plant sprayer Kikkerland


For this space, we chose posters with soft pink tones so it could go in harmony with my The Grand Budapest Hotel illustration.

A mix between green on this side to attenuate the ‘girly’ effect of the pink.

Posters and golden frame Desenio
Rabbit night light Rice

Golden pot La Redoute Intérieurs


On the other side of these shelves, we replaced the “New York avec toi” poster by this forest poster, more neutral and more poetic.

The decoration of our living-room will probably keep changing (I want to make it even more simpler) but I am already pretty satisfied with the actual result that matches more with our current state of mind.


PS : you can benefit from 25% off on Desenio website until the coming Thursday at midnight with the code TOKYOBANHBAO. (English translation by Quiterie)


This is a promoted post and was made in collaboration with Desenio

My travel tips for Bali

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During my stay in Bali, even though I did manage to deconnect for more than 48 hours without smartphone & camera, the rest of the time, I admit the Bali scenery was just too picturesque not to capture it in pictures. Which means I have enough source material for a couple of articles here on the blog, Yoohooo !


Eat, Pray, Love

The main goal of this trip was to get some rest, so our exploration pace was rather slow, but if you’re trying to channel the same farniente vibe (with just a dash of visits here and there), my itinerary might give you some good pointers.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll detail some places we visited on the Island of the Gods. In the meantime, here are some tips to prepare for your trip!


When should I go?

To be completely honest, when we booked our tickets in February, we were planning to go to Japan in June. But after finding out the japanese weather isn’t ideal at this time of the year (and also because Japan isn’t the only great place to visit, haha!) we chose another destination, and opted for Bali.

May to October is the dry season, so it’s pretty optimal.

We stayed from the 16th of June to July 1st : enjoyable weather (around 26°C – when it was 35-40°C in Paris during the June heatwave!), a reasonable number of tourists and pretty interesting hotel and flight rates.


The (long) airplane ride

There is no direct flight to Indonesia from France : you’ll have to endure a layover somewhere and be patient.

I don’t really have any companies to recommend : you need to compare prices, layover times and places etc. We left with Thai Airways – 19 hours total, including a 3 hour layover in Bangkok. In general, I’m not rebuffed by long airplane journeys, since I can sleep just about anywhere, and I love catching up with movies I missed in the theater while on board, but I know the length of the trip can be daunting for some. .

My N°1 tip
for this type of long trip is to wear the -oh so glamorous – therapeutic support stockings (available in pharmacies) to prevent arriving with ankles so swollen they look like an elephant one.

Drink lots and lots of water on board, stay away from alcohol, bring a scarf/bandana to fight against the air conditioning, and a toothbrushing kit to make sure the flight attendant doesn’t faint when you answer the “tea or coffee” question!



No form to fill out before you leave.

Luggage-wise, don’t bring your hunting rifle, your Ninja sword, or 500 packs of cigarettes if you want to make sure your 19 hour flight isn’t prolonged by a few hours with the Customs, but knowing you all, you should be fine.

Of course, put all your liquids over 100 ml in transparent plastic bags.

No visa needed for trips under 30 days. A valid passport is all you need.


Sanitary info

Vaccines such as HepA and Typhus are recommended but not mandatory (except if you’re planning on spending a back to the wild trip with Bear Grylls (eating cockroaches and drinking murky water). Other vaccines (diphteria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, …) are supposed to be up to date.

Regarding the infamous “turista”, I ate all that was offered, in the hotel and in the street : fruit, skewers, spicy food, I tried everything, and was fine. Is it because I had taken a lot of probiotics before coming? It’s possible it may help.

I didn’t get an anti-malaria treatment, since Bali has been spared by Malaria. So if you’re staying in Bali only, nothing specific to be done there.

Even though I thoroughly lathered myself with mosquito-repellent, day in, day out, I was not spared… (especially in Ubud, they got through the mosquito-net and my pants!) Don’t panic, for my SO didn’t suffer the same fate – I probably served as bait – I might be the ideal prey…


Visiting Bali

We split our 15 day vacation in 2 : one week near the beaches of Kuta and Canggu, and another week in Ubud. The first destinations are far from wild, so you’ll probably be tired of all the tourists after a while.

Ubud is way calmer and more relaxing. It was my favorite spot by far.

We would have liked to explore the north and east parts of the island, that must be bursting with photo-worthy places, but as I told you, we had opted for a very down-time vacation style. We concentrated our (albeit moderate) efforts on those two destinations and that was perfect for us.

So I won’t be able to give you more info on the other parts of the island, sorry!


Getting around in Bali

I don’t know if it is because Barack Obama was also vacationing in Bali the same time we were there (reinforced security service), but I found it extremely difficult to get around. Don’t be fooled by the short distance, there is a whole lot of traffic to take into account.

In cities like Seminyak or Kuta, walking is pretty stressful : you need to get out of the way of both cars and two-wheelers and walk on tiny sidewalks. (Oddly enough I wasn’t stressed in the same way in Thaïland or Vietnam even though the street atmosphere is pretty similar).

To get from one place to the next, we opted for taxis (BlueBird Taksi are the most reliable – with a meter).

The best option would be to rent a scooter. A good number of tourists choose that solution, but not being familiar with two-wheelers or confident enough to navigate amidst the crazy balinese traffic rules, we opted out.

For long distances and excursions, you can rent a car with a chauffeur for a day, and he’ll take you wherever you want. It’s a well-spread option, and pretty cheap (around 35€ for a day).


Eating in Bali

I was never disappointed in Bali, no matter what I ate. Everything is fresh, well prepared and hearty.

Warungs are tiny family-owned and run restaurants that you’ll find just about everywhere. They serve very traditional food. Indonesian food is pretty spicy (notably satay) but it’s totally bearable.

Prices are cheap (around 2 euros for a street cart meal, like nasi goreng)

In parallel, the vegan/veggie is incredibly varied and of good quality. The Vegan/Yoga/Healthy grains options are a bit more expensive than the warungs but the salad or buddha bowls (all extremely hearthy) are rarely over 6-7 euros.

I’ll be saying more about the balinese gastronomy in my next posts, and sharing some addresses! Stay posted!

So here was my tour of the questions you may be asking yourself if contemplating a trip to Bali. As usual, don’t hesitate to ask additional questions, I’ll do my best to answer. See you soon for the rest of the trip! (English translation by Marine)

Morning dip in Ubud

· Fashion

As promised, here are a few swimming suit pictures taken in Ubud. Forgive my laziness but during my stay in Bali, I only photoshot one of the swimsuits shown earlier.

I might have another opportunity to wear them this summer… depending on a sudden desire of seaside and if the weather allows it.

Meanwhile, here is a one piece Breton stripes swimsuit, which can be used as bathing suit or as striped bodysuit.

Have a good week and let’s talk soon about the rest of my trip !

PS : The contest to win a rattan bag from Bali with surprises is still on-going here on the blog: you have until this Wednesday to enter the contest! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Swimsuit Boden (already seen here)
Hat Topshop (similar here)
Wide cropped Jeans Close (40%off)
Mules Balsamik
Basket R Edition
Sunnies Carlina Chloé

Bracelets Dinh Van, Thomas Sabo, Louis Vuitton
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Earrings ASOS (already seen here)

Eyelashes extension « Volume russe » Les cils de Marie (already seen here)
Eyebrow crayon Brow Drama Pomade « Châtain » Maybelline NY
Lipstick « Diorific Mat » 950 Splendor Dior
Nailpolish « Infaillible gel duo » « Red stroke » L’Oréal Paris

Bags from Bali & Giveaway

· Fashion

Before telling you all about my trip to Bali, I start showing you the things I brought back. You’ve already seen in my last post my small round rattan purse, which can actually be seen pretty much everywhere on Instagram.

Not very original as we can order it from Easy or other websites but I was pretty happy to get it from the source, in another words from Bali Ubud market!

It also means that I was able to buy all these small bags at very reasonable prices (bargaining is key in Bali = I will explain more in details later to give you tips for Balinese negotiations). Basket or small rattan bags are THE gifts to bring back to your friends/or yourself, which as you can see I did even thought I had to limit myself as we were a bit short in terms of space with our suitcases.


Win a round rattan bag from Bali (filled up with surprises)

I wanted to also buy a small bag for you, to thank you all for still being here after 10 long years, and still reading my blog.

Well, the cost value isn’t really significant I know but I thought it would be a more personal way to give you a chance to win a gift chosen by myself from A to Z.

THE PRIZE : this round rattan bag (same as I’m wearing here) coming from Ubud market, filled with surprises (yummy or not) that I gathered during my last trips (I actually haven’t finished filling it up yet hehe). I will also add a short note/signed drawing.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE : Write a comment below by July Wednesday 12th midnight.

I will then pick up the winner who will be able to catch my attention thanks to humour, creativity and motivation to win this prize. In a nutshell, you are free to write whatever you want. After 10 years, you should know me enough to write something, no?

Good luck and I hope you will enjoy this ‘handwork’ contest (in all the means). Have a great weekend ! (English translation by Quiterie)

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