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I’m slowly making a come-back after a summer blog-break, and this is a special article. I already told you that this blog brought me a lot human-wise, since thanks to said blog, a number of people I met through it (professionnally or not) became great friends.

It’s the case with Lionel, that you must begin to know: my partner in crime for all Dawson’s creek and Hunger Games marathons, I also keep mentioning him on all my social media.


…Let me play among the butterflies ♬

Everything started 4 years ago, with a friendly professionnal email regarding my illustrator activity … In the following years we became friends.

A beautiful fraternal friendship that brought us together for so many great moments that we decided to capture it in a photoshoot.

We wanted to mix magic and yummy things (= our shared passion! haha)

I contacted Laura, that I had met during a portait drawing event for Swarovski last December. That day, she told me she had been following my blog since she was 14 years old (haha, that’s not making us any younger!) and shortly after, I discovered her work and her pretty poetic pictures.


…in other words, hold my hand♩

A couple of tripartite conversations and Pinterest boards later, we were all set for a shoot in May, praying for good weather – which was miraculously present!

I won’t talk about our “backstage moments”, in order to keep the magic intact, but know that we encountered a number of technical difficulties (… and mosquito bites!) to get the result you see.

We really tried to think outside of the box to overcome all our technical issues, but these two days will remain amongst the best memories I have related to this blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy the magical atmosphere of this shoot and that we somehow managed to visually transcribe our complicity.


…in other words, I love you ♫

Thank you Laura for your talent, your lovely enthusiasm, patience and general sweetness. This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without your vision. And thank you Lionel : I don’t need to write you why, you already know. (English translation by Marine)


Photos : Laura Gauthier

Summer in Paris

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During this month of August, my blog posts will be less frequent. I will stay in the capital but I need to calm the rhythm down to finish all the side work I have to get done and enjoy a bit the sun.

It’s actually what I did this weekend. I went hunting Pokemons at the Parc de la Villette (yes, I’m a lost cause, I know).

Despite appearances, the crowd was there but as we had a ‘almost-holiday’ scenery, I wanted to immortalise my look. A holiday outfit, half-pyjamas, half-cruise where comfort always remains present.

I hope everything is going well on your side, wherever you are. With this providential weather, let’s enjoy it! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Boater hat Topshop
Top ASOS (already seen here)
Shirt By Monshowroom (already seen here)
Pants Vero Moda (already seen here)
Espadrilles Low Milano Sézane
Bag Clark Medium Sézane
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton et Atelier B
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Watch Casio

Lipstick « Dior Addict » Be Dior 976 Dior
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris
Nailpolish Color Show 43 Red Apple Maybelline NY

Auteuil Brasserie

· Food

Recently, Merci pour l’Adresse (=thanks for the address) magazine asked me to reveal one of my favorite food places for the summer.

Well … I don’t have any place specifically for summer, as I like to change up my routines depending on my cravings or walks around the city, but I did end up thinking about this place that my SO and I came across a few months back, just before heading to Roland-Garros to see my dear Andy.


Inside or out

When we first visited, we ate inside, and I had appreciated the attention to detail in the decor. The atmosphere was maybe even a bit too perfect! I’m generally pretty sckeptical as to the quality of what’s in my plate when the surroundings are too instagramable.

In any case, we were given a warm welcome : good start. Even better : the salad and pasta we ordered ended up being devoured in a matter of seconds.

We came back during early summer (aaah, this incredible hybrid/unstable/rain/sun summer!) and this time decided to have lunch on the rooftop.

This is clearly their n°1 asset : the rooftop is perfect to enjoy summer (if summer actually happens) and yet you and your food are protected thanks to an ingenious folding roof. Hence, you can enjoy the rooftop, whether sun or rain.


The Menu

Food has italian influences, with carefully selected ingredients.

Marinated aubergines, ricotta-artichoke cream, mozzarella di bufala, parmesan cheese

Crispy gambas with basilic

After a few antipasti, my SO tried the pasta, like last time.

For a bit of variety, and to make sure you leave the table feeling full (that’s my bottomless stomach talking), it’s a good idea to get a plate of pasta and a salad to share.

Linguine pomodoro & stracciatella (heart of burrata)

As for the salad, I compared with last time, and I enjoyed the Tonno & carciofi salad (seared tuna salad & artichoke) I had last time best. It’s more generous than the Auteuil salad (a bit too light for my taste), but both were very refreshing and well prepared.

Auteuil salad (Ricotta, green beans, yellow peach, rocket, radish, candied cherry, nuts, honey, thyme)

It’s not a meal if you don’t have dessert! Especially if you want an excuse to enjoy the rooftop a bit more. I tried the Frutta Rossa – mascarpone ice cream and berries.

Frutta Rossa (mascarpone ice cream, raspberry sorbet)

The berry tiramisu (yes, we went half-half for dessert as well!) was delicious as well. Not the best I ever tried, but it’s pretty good, and a perfect creamy end to this meal.

Berry tiramisu…


All in all…

This is a perfect place to give you month of August in the city a summery, vacation-like feel.

A great place for a drink or lunch (maybe even dinner: I’m pretty sure it’d be pretty fantastic under the stars), the prices are those you’ll find in the area (around 20 euros for a salad and 16-20 euros for pasta), but the dishes are prepared with care, the staff is friendly and efficient … and, well, there’s that rooftop!! (English translation by Marine)


78 rue d’Auteuil
75016 PARIS
(Métro Porte d’Auteuil)

Hunting day

· Fashion

The powder pink has always got along with leopard print and while browsing Pinterest I noticed that the combo white-pink-khaki was also a happy combination: hence this outfit worn last Saturday.

As you might have read it on Instragram, last Friday night, a simple dinner with Pauline and Alix ended up with a Pokemon hunt (I thought I could have resisted a bit longer but let’s say that these two girls sent from Satan easily convinced me! Haha).

Result: the day after, my SO and I went to hunt the whole day starting from Opera, and passing by Palais Royal, Tuileries and going along the Seine to finish at the Jardin du Luxembourg (and back to Opera via the opposite way).

I couldn’t have thought about a better Crash Test for my new ballerinas that went through the 10km of walking without pain and frictions! (And the leopard must have brought me luck with more than 30 Pokemon species in my pocket!). (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Trench By Monshowroom (already seen here)
Top ASOS (already seen here)
Pants Soft Grey (already seen here)
Flats léopard Boden
Bag Kurt Geiger (already seen here)
Sunnies Chloé
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton et Atelier B
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Watch Casio

Lipstick « Dior Addict » Be Dior 976 Dior
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris

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