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December is finally here! I am currently in Hamburg in order to immerse myself in the Christmas spirit and I took advantage of my stay at the Renaissance Hamburg hotel to take these shots of my last acquisition in term of party outfit.

The finishes of this dress are really perfect whether it is the lace or the inside slip, which give a nice drop to this dress. While you are preparing the festivities, on my side, I am going to the Christmas market to get my fill of decorations. (English translation by Quiterie)

(Pictures taken in the Renaissance Hamburg hotel Renaissance Suite)

My Outfit

Dress Mademoiselle R (-38%)
Bag Clark medium Sézane
Babies Electra Repetto
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Watch Cluse (already seen here)
Necklace Minetta Jewellery

Lipstick Infaillible Sexy Balm « 203 Yala Yolo » L’Oréal Paris
Nailpolish Silver Satin 881 Maybelline NY

Five senses #4

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It’s been a while since the last time I showed you what had awaken my 5 senses : so let’s not waste one more minute!



Lately, I must be hibernating because I spent all the last weekends at home, wearing pyjamas, to read in bed or on the sofa with a blanket.

Following my unbelievable confession, I’ve started reading Harry Potter and finished the first tome (book + movie!).

Pyjama Boden
Mug Bloomingville

I found the lecture pleasant and the movie quite faithful. Therefore I’m continuing my reading by starting the second book! I’m not crazy about it yet but it’s supposed to become at the 3rd or 4th tome: I’m looking forward to it!



CD album Tom Chaplin “The Wave” (to listen here)

My beloved band Keane broke up (at least for now) but its leader Tom Chaplin recently released it’s solo album “The wave” so I was curious to listen it.

The style of this solo album doesn’t really change from the style of Keane (melodious songs and Tom’s angel voice…): here is probably why I really appreciate it and listen it with pleasure while drawing or during my hibernation days. A bit of lightness in this world of heavies !



“Skin Mat” serum and smoothing fluid “Idéal Resource” Darphin
“Niaouli aromatic care” oil Darphin
Refreshing toner with banana tree flower Darphin

Cleansing foam gel with water lily & Cleansing/toning brush Darphin


I am a fan of the Darphin products that I discovered at the beginning of September after accepting an invitation by the Darphin Institute to do a skin check up: I have a combination skin (oily T zone and dehydrated cheeks).

They advised me on a daily routine that I’ve been following for the past 3 months (that you will find by rolling out the comments on this picture) and I must admit that I’m convinced as my skin is a way less shiny during the day but remains soft and hydrated. Miracle !

Illuminating oil gel cream and “Lumière essentielle” serum Darphin


I recently received their new range of products called “Lumière essentielle” to help ameliorate the skin radiance.

I haven’t had time to try it out yet but I will let you know anyway: I thinking about alternating with my daily routine, when my skin will look tired. No matter what, the perfume of citrus fruit is very pleasant, kind of sweet while being discreet… Promising !



I wanted to share with you 4 foodie Instagram accounts that I love following:

@vickiee_yo : Based in Melbourne, Vicky amazes me with her colourful biscuits always so perfectly made!

@girleatworld : when we mix travel and food in the same picture, it can only strikes a positive cord !

@kristinalechner : a foodie photo account… but without food ! Visually yummy but without calories! Impressive!

@aww.sam : a very colourful account again which mixes rainbow colours pastries and super original tacos, cotton candy and bubble tea costumes!



Because of the freezing weather, I took out of my closet my cashmere pullovers that I’ve been ordering since last year on La Redoute.

They are soft, light while being warm but without bobbling! Little by little I’ve been trying to make a stock.

Cashemere jumpers R Essentiel (-40%)
(already seen in my normal size here and in one size bigger here or there)


First, I was buying my size but this year I like wearing them loose so I order one size bigger and it’s perfect ! To tell you everything, lately I’ve got an eye on the turtlenecks. (English translation by Quiterie)

A tailor-made afternoon with Guerlain

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Last wednesday, I had the privilege of visiting “le 68”, the legendary Guerlain store, located on the Champs-Elysées avenue, n°68. Maison Guerlain had on top of this organized a tailored program just for me … I couldn’t have asked for more…it’s like a pre-Christmas gift.

Indeed, when I arrived in front of the storefront, I saw it was Japan-oriented, to highlight an exhibition of Arita porcelain.

I’ve been walking pas this majestic store for years, but had never had an occasion to push the door and walk in.

I discovered a luxurious space, of course, but where everything is thought to make you feel at home, and add a bit of sparkle to your eye : it’s a shop, a museum, a spa but also a restaurant / tea room – a true tribute to the French way of life.


Arita x Guerlain exhibition

The exhibition is located on the 1st floor and is available to all until January 7th. Beautiful vases and finely-worked plates can be admired in this light-drenched space.

Lace or porcelain ?

I also discovered the collector edition of Mitsouko, reinterpreted by the Arita Porcelain Lab.

The Xmas “Arita x Guerlain” Mitsouko collector edition bottle

I found out that the bottle with the rising sun colors is a real lucky charm, thanks to its patterns, that hold a special and precise meaning.

The plum tree symbolizes life, the peony gets rid of bad vibes, the pauwlonia and chrysanthemum are respectively symbols of elegance and longevity. Sterling work, that I discover through the exposes works and videos.


The art of perfume

On the same floor, I take in the olfactory univers of Guerlain by way of the exhibition showcasing all this mythical bottles.

The Bees, The Turtle, the little black dress exclusive edition, Shalimar … a real curiosity cabinet dedicated to beauty and elegance, that I really enjoyed.


My perfume consultation

Then comes the time for my Perfume consultation : I’m invited into Guerlain’s private salon (generally reserved for VIP clients) in order to discover which Guerlain fragrance suits me best.

It is said that “Perfume is the color of the soul”, so I was pretty impatient to discover what mine was.

I sip tea and answer Ophélie’s questions as candidly as I can, who’s trying to determine my preferences : the approach is personal yet not inquisitive. The dialog is spontaneous; questions range from visual to a scent brochure, to daily life situations.

We’ve narrowed down the options, and Ophélie immediatly senses my aversion for heady/sugary/woody fragrances.

My world is pretty flowery, fresh but with a hint of character.

Drum roll please, my best match is “Cruel Gardenia”, with rose, neroli and gardenia : “a white flower, with a sunny glow” … I’m delighted to find that it really is my type of fragrance – and I’ve been enjoying my “sunny glow” ever since, hehe.


My personnalized bottle

My bottle with bees now needs to be personalized, and “Tokyobahnbao” is engraved on it in calligraphy.

I chose the white see-through version, with a simple burgundy colored ribbon, but there are 8 different bottle-colors and another type of “finish” (silk thread, simple, double, metallized …).

A little anecdote for the road: I got a pretty big bottle, only because “Tokyobanhbao” didn’t fit on one line across the traditional-sized bottle. Which is why the Maison Guerlain offered to give me the 1Liter bottle!

Since 2007, I’ve been thinking I should probably shorten and simplify my pseudonym … but I’ll have to admit that this time, it was quite to my advantage … I’ll be wearing Cruel Gardenia for the rest of my life! An early and wonderful Christmas I tell you!


Tea at 68 Guy Martin

Cherry on top, (or bottle cap on the Cruel Gardenia?) I also got to enjoy the tea room (that is also a restaurant at meal times), located at the -1 level of the shop.

Pineapple, passion fruit & lime cheesecake

Guy Martin, the Michelin-starred chef, is in charge. He reinterprets Guerlain in his dishes. I’ll be back for a savory meal – the sweet teatime was already a lovely suprise.

The discretion of my personnalized bottle !

Rocher coco noisette

I loved the coco-hazelnut rock, crunchy and soft at the same time, just how I like them.

With a Paris-Caprice infusion (rooibos, rose petals, marigold, bergamot and violet), my tastebuds are delighted, and I can’t stop admiring my perfume bottle (I almost took it to bed with me when I got home).

PS: A huge thank you to the Maison Guerlain, Marie-Eve (Clic! Clic!), Gonzague (Tac! Tac!) and Ophélie (Psshit! Psshit!) for making this such a memorable time. This afternoon was really custom made for me.

Japan, exhibition, discoveries and yummy things : an ideal theme that I love. Ah … when Guerlain rhymes with Magician … (English translation by Marine)


((This post was published in collaboration with La maison Guerlain)

Everglades & beaches in Florida

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After Miami, here is finally the second stop of our USA road trip ! Well… 2nd and 3rd steps that I combined 2 days wandering in america in the same post.

After renting the car in Miami, we drove to Naples (in Florida… not Italy !) then we headed up to St Petersburg (in Florida… not Russia!) and Tampa.

To check the way, you can go back to the map I drawn here to not be completely geographically lost.


The Everglades

To get to Naples, we had the choice between two solutions: Highway 75 or the classic US41. We decided to choose the 2nd option as it was more interesting to admire the wild coast of the Everglades.

Indeed, along this Tamiami trail (=other name of the 41 road), it’s possible to stop in order to enjoy a tour of airboat and to discover the indian villages as well as the local wildlife.

Someone recommended us to pass by the Loop road, a wilder alternative of the 71 road but considering our vehicle not really appropriate for off-road path, I was a bit worried to end up sank into the mud as a snack for surrounding alligators. Therefore we stayed on the initial road.

Especially as the weather was very menacing and during our airboat tour we even had to take shelter during a hour to avoid the torrential rain. Here are some pictures of our short ride.

The feeling on the airboat was amazing (we had that feeling of flying on top of the water) and seeing alligators from so close in their natural environment was more than impressive.

Thankfully we had a guide as I’m not sure I would have risked to get so close without any surveillance (the “Look of the day” picture with a surprise friend is collector).



Naples is located about 2:30 hours away from Miami if you take the 71 road and if you do not stop by the Everglades.

As touristic activities, it’s possible to visit the botanical garden or Tin City, an old manufacture for fishermen transformed into a small commercial area.

Even though the place is mainly composed of small shops to buy kitsch souvenirs and restaurants a bit too touristic, it’s fun to discover the area.

Despite everything, I enjoyed having lunch at Pinchers (Tin City Shops, 1200 5th Ave S) , a restaurant chain specialised in seafood.

Crab rangoon

Soft shell crab sandwich

The staff was very welcoming and our plates satisfied my desire of crab cooked in all kind of sauces.

Naples beach Pier

Do not try to find any cultural or architectural sightseeing here, this seaside resort is mainly known for its beach, pier and TV show sunsets .

Good to swim and get some rest… which is already a good start…


Fort Myers

On our way to St Petersburg and Tampa, we stopped by Fort Myers in order to enjoy the beach a few hours.

The positive side of not traveling during holiday season allowed us to discover a beach surprisingly calm. Here again, the main interest is doing nothing while admiring the surrounding rainbow and/or blue-tone colours.

As I wrote in my first post, we didn’t find any major interest neither in Tampa nor in St Petersburg which explain the absence of pictures but I guess it depends on everyone tastes (to note: there is a Dali Museum in St Petersburg).

Musée Dali à St Petersburg

After this episode with a bit of everything, the next destination might interest the friends of the mouse with a high voice as it may be… Disneyworld in Orlando ! hehe ! Be patient ! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Necklace ASOS
Sunnies Chloé
Vintage Tshirt Vestiaire des Hommes
Patch MadHatterPlushies (alrady seen here)
Mom jeans Only
Sneakers Superga
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Watch Cluse (already seen here)

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