Yummy Amsterdam !

· Food, Travel

Finally! I’m back with my favorite places in Amsterdam! Of course, in 3 days time, I didn’t get a chance to taste everything, but here is a small selection that I really enjoyed, and that I hope you will too, if you get the chance to spend a couple days in the city. Don’t hesitate … Read more

Tulpendag 2013

· Fashion, Travel

Here are the pictures taken the “day before” the storm in Amsterdam. Sometimes, the weather can be benevolent: the event could clearly not have taken place as easily the following day during the blizzard. The event in question was the Tulpendag, or “National Tulips Day”, on the 19th of January. I heard about it when … Read more

Snowy Amsterdam

· Fashion, Travel

I am back from a very cold yet very fun weekend in Amsterdam! It was my first time in the city and I really enjoyed it! Even with the freezing cold and the small snow blizzard on sunday, we still managed to visit the city thoroughly. I do have one regret though: I should have … Read more

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