From Paris with Love

· Fashion

I took out my Zoé shoes from my collaboration with Maloles in order to revisit the very Parisian “slim jean & ballerina pumps” style. People consider this look to be boring (While tourists can find it exotic /sooo French /c’est la vie!). And so I wanted to add accessories which are less classic in order … Read more

Circle skirt

· Fashion

Some of you told me that you don’t often wear skirts: I’m establishing a minimum quota on the blog, and I’m adding a bonus, with this wet look jacket. Next time I’ll add heels….but for now…comfort comes first! (English translation by Bleu Marine)

A lovely bag

· Fashion

Another one of my outfits with my unequally comfortable Docs! I combined them with a bag, found recently on ASOS: which looks like Chanel but in a more “big love” and “small price” kind of way… a true-love bag sort of! (English translation by Daphné)

Hound’s Karl

· Fashion

Slip-ons have been real revelations to me since the time I grabbed the ones from Gap last year.They are fancier than trainers but cooler than loafers. The perfect alternative for a comfort-lover like me! And when on top of it, there is a double interpretation to it, I love it even more. Indeed, when we … Read more

Under the bridge

· Fashion

As I was telling you last time, my Doc martens are a great investment for this new year: we’ll have to see how they hold up in time, for unfortunately, they are no longer made in the UK! I don’t know if they’ll be as unfailing as those we had during our teens. Here’s a … Read more

Val d’Isère delicacies

· Food, Illustration, Travel

I had promised you a post with the yummy addresses of Val d’Isère, so here we are! Vacations in the mountains are inevitably linked to good food, and what follows proves my point! MAISON CHEVALLOT  (Avenue Olympique) Before we left for Val D’Isère, I did a little “must-eat” research, and I found this bakery/pastry shop: … Read more

Val’entine’s Day in Val d’Isère

· Fashion, Travel

A week ago, I had the privilege of being invited to Val d’Isère with my S.O. to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can say what you want about that day, and act jaded : “It’s too commercial”, “Pff, it’s worthless, I celebrate Valentine’s Day everyday” (Yeah yeah, right, I’d like to see proof of that!), it’s … Read more

Electric blue

· Fashion

It’s a bit my Blue Week as, following the “IKEA-match”, today I am combining Electric Blue with Black and White: let’s play it safe. Here is a new outfit with high heeled shoes, which truly are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn : obviously, these are not 12 cm heels, but what can … Read more

Inside Out

· Fashion

Let’s take the same protagonists and start over: my off-white sweater and burgundy bag, mixed up with other pieces of my wardrobe… and tada, we end up with a more feminine outfit. I added the shirt underneath for the preppiness and got the skirt I had brought back from Seoul (remember that one?) back out … Read more

Sale & Hair

· Fashion

On the sale side: I found some stuff online but otherwise: NOT a THING. While waiting for my sale mojo to come back, I still very much enjoy wearing what I already have in my wardrobe. Here is my Sandro coat found on sale 2 years ago. It’s nice, it’s warm, and it’s aging pretty … Read more

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