Obrigada Lisboa!

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How could I describe in a few words the emotion I felt during my trip in Lisbon ? It’s hard ! Braving the heat was the main thread during my stay … You know, that kind of primary reflex that makes you looking for the smallest cool place in the shade ( and also drives you subconsciously to the air-conditioned stores).

So, the tourists outfits must be strategic : the dress you’ve already seen here, worn as a tee shirt + the carrot pants dated last year + a life-saving straw hat + and bracelets just to be smart = optimal protection (not to mention the sunscreen factor 50 on my skin … but just because I’m a paranoiac towards the sun). All the rest was a delight, in my eyes and on my taste buds …

I fell in love with tramways (the line 28 looks like an entertainment in a fun fair when it goes up and accelarates when it goes down : I tested the line several times all the way to the terminus (thank you to the seven hills unlimited tram ticket and thank you to the tram driver who was wondering when I’ll be leaving my seat !).

One on my favourite area, Belém, devoted to the explorers of the New World with its fortified tower, on the waterfront.

The parque das Naçoes shows that Lisboa can be modern too…

The romantic Castelo Sao Jorge overlooking the city, at sunset, seating against the crenels … (it is advisable your partner to have cosy arms).

And the famous Pasteis de nata, a creamy puff pastry that you sprinkle with cinnamon ( you really must taste them in the antiga Pasteleria de Bélem, as apparently it’s the place where you can eat the best one).

My Outfit

dress worn as a T shirt Ida Sjöstedt (déjà vue ICI)
Hat Claire’s
Carott pants Zara (déjà vu ICI)
Bracelets H&M
sandals Charlie My Love
bag “Sesame Street” American Apparel

Lisbon under the sun

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Just came back from a few days in Lisboa , where the weather was very hot and sunny! I come back soon here to show you much more details of the so beautiful “7 hills” city ! Até breve! ( The last photos were taken during a moment of rest in a huge bubble located in the center of  “Praça de Luis Camoes” during the Lisboa Festival dos oceanos!)

Muse Concert at Stade de France : I was There !

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Last friday, Muse at the Stade de France, I can only say , it was fantastic ! I showed you 2 outfits to know which one you would prefer for this event : I chose the first one, the legging and the tank top. It was hot this day !

But looking at the weather forecast the day before, I heard that it would be raining and I couldn’t find my K way in my closet !Panic, so this same morning, I went to a « Poncho » mission to H&M, I knew that they had some in their FAA collection. The sales lady gave me a funny look as I asked her hopelessly if there were some ponchos left …

Once the ponchos are mine, direction the Stade de France, it’s 1pm (yes, we’re crazy !) … and out there, a blazing sun …

After a long wait in the shade of an umbrella I used like a sunshade and a rush at the opening of the doors, we finally managed to enter the arena, at very good places, I would say !

My friend Sti and his team joined us in the middle of the crowd … the first part of the concert was rather dull (despite the fact that I like the Editors) but at long last the concert begun ! « Uprising » came first, Matthew, Chris and Dom are there : hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

 Sorry for the crappy quality but this video was made with my man’s Iphone!

A selection of the high points of the concert that gave rhythm to the jumps in the pit, and the body crush against the guardrail …

Then, during the last song, it begun to rain but it gave the show a spectacular side, almost it had it all figured out : the ponchos remained in our bags … it’s too « hot » to look at Muse under the rain…

…then,  a final song when our limbs and body get the upper hand on the famous « Knights of Cydonia ». Then, the very end when Mat, Chris and Dom say « Bye Bye have a good night Paris ! ».

Our heart filled with elation, a slight heartbreak, our head filled with fond memories and thinking that seeing Muse in real life it’s something that must be done at least once in one’s life … (just like buying a poncho) !).

Crédits photos: Tokyobanhbao,  JD Guitton pour Soundofviolence.net


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