Chunky again

· Fashion

I was telling you about wanting “chunky” beanies: here’s the one I found at H&M. Not quite sure it’ll manage to survive the season quality wise, especially without pilling, but oh well … we’ll see! Other than that, the temperatures we’re dealing with are leaving us no choice but to don our wool coats and … Read more


· Fashion

The freezing wind of these past few days pushed me to invest in new headgears. So far, I was mostly attracted by soft and sagging beanies, but this year the bigger, the better. In search of “chunky” hats, I found this one and another more imposant one from H&M; my only regret is that they … Read more

In my kitchen

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

As I was telling you, I’m more home design than fashion oriented nowadays … And lately, it’s been narrowed down to kitchen design: I’ve noticed I enjoy spending more an more time in the kitchen – trying out savory and sweet recipes. This would have been unthinkable a couple of years back for the kitchen … Read more

Thai getaway

· Fashion, Travel

As I was saying in my previous seasonal greetings, I left for a week in Thailand, to take in the heat (31° C!) and the sun, but first and foremost to rest. Which means this trip wasn’t undertaken in the same spirit as the previous ones: no pressure to make the most of our stay, … Read more


· Fashion

Because winter and fall are my favourite season for dressing up, I can’t hide the fact that I am starting a little coat collection in my wardrobe (I actually just sorted out my dressing yesterday and…I am keeping all my coats: Gaining space will have to wait). The coat, it’s the first you see in … Read more


· Fashion

For the first time in a very long time, I’m experimenting wearing a hat with strands of hair actually peeking out from underneath! Wooo! How bold, how daring! Last year, around the same time, only my fringe could make it’s way out from under the hat. THANK GOODNESS I’m here to let you know that … Read more


· Fashion

I’ve been totally commited to team leopard these past years as you’ve seen on the blog. I know I already have so many pieces of clothing with this print in my wardrobe…but I just couldn’t miss out on this super warm frock cut coat! The leopard-burgundy mix is one of my favorites, as is the … Read more