I dolci di Pisa

· Food, Illustration, Travel

As you can see I made more sweet than salted discoveries! Indeed, in terms of restaurant, I didn’t have a chance to find a place that was sufficiently delicious for me to recommend it to you. I kind of decided last minute to go to Pisa so I didn’t have time to check out places … Read more

Back from Pisa

· Fashion, Travel

Last weekend I escaped the fog and greyness direction Pisa: Italy’s appeal, the sun, the pasta… A decompression post-completion of the book that was very beneficial. Pisa is actually perfect to spend a weekend: charming and ideal to visit by foot and of course famous for its leaning tower! I resisted to the temptation of … Read more

Aki Boulanger

· Food

With Asian food, desserts aren’t really the part of the meal that blow your mind. I’m generally pretty frustrated after an excellent bowl of udon or an okonomiyaki that I can’t have a dessert worthy of the main course I just had. A scoop of green tea ice cream is good you know, but a … Read more

Sweet & Savory Barcelona

· Food, Travel

Staying 2 days in Barcelona allowed me to get back to those shop signs I appreciated last time but also to appreciate the sugary side of barcelona. This is why I refused to get breakfast in the hotel (what a rebel!), preferring to try a shop where the usual Barcelona native would go to. And … Read more

Je me souviens…

· Food, Illustration, Travel

I remember the blue sky, the ideal temperatures, this panoramic view, from the top of the Mont Royal… I remember how all the people I met were so incredibly nice. And when I told our bus driver I found the Montreal people always very galant toward the ladies, he told me about this very popular … Read more

From the street to the stars…

· Fashion, Travel

I didn’t get a chance to make an official announcement on the blog, but those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook know that I left this weekend for Montréal for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. And I wasn’t alone in this mission since we travelled as a dream team : I have … Read more

Tanuki from Bruges

· Food, Travel

When I listed all my good addresses in Bruges, I deliberately put one aside : the one I’m going to talk about today : the TANUKI restaurant. Once again, it’s not the local cuisine I’m putting in the spotlight here … but why should we taste in Bruges only what is typically Bruges? (Yeah ok, … Read more

Bruges delicacies

· Food, Travel

 As I mentioned it previously, Bruges is a great place for sweeties. So, I listed the addresses I tested: Proof in pictures! DE PROEVERIE TEA ROOM (Katelijnestraat 6) Apparently, this is the place to taste the best hot chocolate in Bruges. I couldn’t compare it with other lustful chocolaty places in the town (I only … Read more

In Bruges

· Travel

Yes! Yes! Yes! Congratulations! Your geography knowledge is at its best! You found the name of the city I was visiting : Bruges!! The sun was shining (Who says the North only has dreary weather?) and I made a few more than delicious culinary discoveries…but that’s for later. Bruges, one of those incredibly charming cities … Read more

Cooler couleur

· Fashion, Travel

I wasn’t “color-blocked” too long, as you can see with the color of my jeans. But it seems that the simple fact of mentioning it has unblocked the problem, (= pre drinks psychology from a pub terrace).  As a result, I’m almost in “color block” with these coral jeans as the only link on my … Read more

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