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It has been a while since you’ve seen these cut-out boots on the blog… They still have an important space inside my “shoesing”, I still love them a lot. However, my SO is still not friend with them because he finds a resemblance to the orthopedic shoes, but you, you do understand me, don’t you?

And here I am, wearing them with my undetectable veil stocking. I could have worn them with a pair of grey chunky knitted socks but I don’t know, I wanted to make you shiver a little bit.

My Outfit

Hat Filipo Catarzi pour ASOS
Turtleneck Pepe Jeans (-30% discount)
Coat Zara
Leather pants Soft Grey (already seen here)
Stockings Luxe 9 Caramel Wolford
Boots Topshop (déjà vues ici)
Bag Soft Grey (-20% discount) (already seen here)
Bracelets Mya Bay
Lipstick Rouge Coco « Rivoli » Chanel

Chunky again

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I was telling you about wanting “chunky” beanies: here’s the one I found at H&M. Not quite sure it’ll manage to survive the season quality wise, especially without pilling, but oh well … we’ll see!

Other than that, the temperatures we’re dealing with are leaving us no choice but to don our wool coats and other survival gear. For my part, I’m not stepping out in anything else than pants these days, and my skirts rarely see the light of day, but let’s not complain, at least I’m making the most out of my winter wardrobe! (English translation by Bleu Marine)

My Outfit

Beanie H&M
Coat Pepe Jeans (-50% discount)
Breton shirt Petit Bateau (30% discount)
Fake collar Bruuns Bazaar
Jeans Levi’s 571 (already seen here)
Socks &Other Stories
Shoes Dr. Martens
Leather backpack ASOS (already seen here)
Lipstick Rouge Dior « 869 Rouge Massaï » Dior

Easy peasy recipe #1

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Cherry-Tomato shrimps and coconut milk

I don’t know if this will be a recurring column but I will try to share with you, at least today, a super simple recipe for Cherry-tomato shrimps and coconut milk (for 4 people) that I found at the back of a milk carton (coconut obvi) and I got it right!

This potential column would be aimed at hopeless cooks that like me who want to try and make it in the kitchen: like a hand given to someone starting from scratch.

The recipe is so simple that it is summarised in a drawing: all you need to do is add the drawn ingredients (from left to right) ending with the coconut milk, leave it on the boil a little and tadaaa ! Serve with white rice and bon appétit !

PS: Sorry for the English speakers if you don’t understand the whole drawing (I hope I drew it well!) : don’t hesitate to ask me questions in the comment section if it’s not as simple for you ! (English translation by TradIsa)

Plate Tokyo Design Studio
Pepper shaker Peugeot
Tea towel Bloomingville

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