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Because winter and fall are my favourite season for dressing up, I can’t hide the fact that I am starting a little coat collection in my wardrobe (I actually just sorted out my dressing yesterday and…I am keeping all my coats: Gaining space will have to wait).

The coat, it’s the first you see in a winter look, it’s what I love to wrap myself in when temperature hit the zero button…In brief, I would even be inclined to keep my coat inside, so I can get my money’s worth and also a winter look can loose it’s appeal without it (…and how close is from the coat to the straight jacket?).

The one I am wearing today is oversized. Around it, I wanted to create a masculine look: derbies, socks, hat. The bag and the lipstick are for my quota “touch of femininity”. So, lower your thermostats, I am coming. (English translation by TradIsa)

My Outfit

Coat Simone & Louise
Hat Filipo Catarzi for ASOS
Sweater Le Mont Saint Michel x La Redoute (already seen here)
Pants Acne Studios (already seen here)
Socks ASOS
« K/Kuilted » bag Karl Lagerfeld (already seen here)
Brogues Topshop (already seen here)
Lipstick Rouge Dior « 869 Rouge Massaï » Dior


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For the first time in a very long time, I’m experimenting wearing a hat with strands of hair actually peeking out from underneath! Wooo! How bold, how daring!

Last year, around the same time, only my fringe could make it’s way out from under the hat. THANK GOODNESS I’m here to let you know that hair actually grows.

To continue this “Find the differences” game, I’m wearing the same coat as last year, and it’s still sold on the website, with a 50% rebate: how can that be? Maybe I’m the only one who likes it!! Ha ha! (English translation by Bleu Marine)

My Outfit

Coat ASOS (already seen here)
Beanie Topshop
Sweater Karl Lagerfeld (already seen here)
Boyfriend jeans La Redoute (already seen here)
Pashli bag 3.1 Phillip Lim (already seen here)
Pistol Boots Acne
Lipstick Rouge Dior « 869 Rouge Massaï » Dior
Nailpolish « 853 Massaï » Dior

« T’as d’beaux yeux tu sais… »

· Fashion

This is a little compilation of the accessories and objects who eye me up day and night! Last acquisition to date: this little transparent rigid clutch with sweet eyes that I can easily see myself wearing at a party with a suit and heels.

I should make a stash of little pouches of different colours that I would slip inside (so you can’t see what I have inside: always keep the mystery alive.) It would then always be colour-coordinated to my outfits!

Rigid clutch ASOS

This one, you are starting to know it. Brought back from Japan, I still love it as much because on top of being comical, it is super practical as the strap allows my hands to be free! (I campain for clutches WITH straps).

Clutch Aquvii,Tokyo (already seen here)

Postcards bought during the Murakami exib in Versailles a few years back: double dosage of big multicoloured eyes.

Postcards Takashi Murakami
House La Redoute Intérieurs
LED candles AM.PM (already seen here)

The menacing eyes of an enraged kitty demanding it’s dose of biscuits. Don’t stare too much, she doesn’t like it. (English translation by TradIsa)

“Monster Choupette” clutch Karl Lagerfeld

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