She’s got the look ! #17

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I just realized that the last “She’s got the look!” I posted dates back to last January! Wow! Time sure flies! I’m drawing a lot for work lately, but I haven’t been very regular with illustrations on the blog … so sorry!

That said, I did try and take the time today to post our traditional “guess who?” with a young woman we all know.

She’s not a blogger, but I think I could probably draw a hundred of her looks – that’s how inspiring she is. I decided on the one you see here because I found it illustrated the simplicity I’m trying to reach style wise. Feminine yet not too much, elegant but not stuck up…There are a couple clues in the drawing … it’s too easy! (English translation by Marine)

2015/10/19 Edit : Congrats (almost) everyone ! It also Alexa Chung indeed ! (at the Topshop Unique SS16 show ) : Special congrats to Sophia who was the first to find the good answer !


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    Alexa Chung?

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    Ma fine bouche

    JE ne suis pas très bonne pour ce genre de devinette, mais est-ce que ça pourrait être Alexa Chung ?

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    C’est alexa Chung au défilé top shop ss2016 !

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    Coucou !

    Peut-être Alexa chung 🙂
    Bisous ♥

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    Serait-ce Alexa Chung ? 🙂

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    Blue is in Fashion this Year

    Je le sais!!
    But only because I featured this look yesterday on my blog, ha! Big hug!

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    Je dirais Alexa Chung, non ? D’où le sac Alexa de Mulberry.. 🙂

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    Mmmmh Alexa Chung ?! Je dois avouer que c’était tellement gros que j’ai eu des doutes sur le fait que ça soit bien elle !

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    love this

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    Alexa Chung?!

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    Alexa Chung !!

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    Helene de Excuse me I am French

    Canon ce look ! J’adore tes illustrations surtout celles avec de la nourriture 😉

    Helene de Excuse me I am French

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    Alexa Chung!!!!trop la classe cette fille:D

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    Je pense à Alexa Chung… Non ?

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    Alexa Chung! Trop facile!!

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    Alexa Chung ??? je ne suis pas du tout sûre de moi mais je l’adore !!!! Tellement inspirante !!

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    Emma Stone, c’est son visage, on dirait…

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    C’est Alexa
    Des bisous

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    Quel joli dessin ! Je crois reconnaître Alexa Chung 🙂

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