How to tie a bandana

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This post answers directly JulyToSeptember’s comment in my last article who was worried to not be very manual and asked me how to tie her bandana around her neck.

« SOS bandana assistance » Hello ! Therefore I decided to show my 2 favorite ways to tie it. You will most probably find on the Internet others articles talking about it and the 1001 ways to tie a bandana in a more spectacular way but these two ways of doing remain classic.I thought it would be a good idea to show you the method with a GIF.

The DIY professionals will probably find it useless but anyway, if it can help!



Around the neck, the most common way I knot it. Before knowing this « technique », I was only rolling the bandana before knotting it, so I was looking like a boyscout. So to give it a « rectangle » shape has its importance.



I use this version when I want my style to be cooler instead of being a bit gaudy. Once it’s knotted around the neck, you may try to make it a bit softer and loose by pulling and adjusting all the sides. (English translation by Quiterie)

Bandana Sézane


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    Pour ma part je choisis généralement la formule cow-boy qui a l’avantage non négligeable de vraiment protéger mon cou sensible aux coups de vent !

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    Such a sweet post! I like to wear a small rectangular scarf at the moment, so I’m going to try this!

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    Ooooh merci! Je revenais ici pour voir si tu m’avais répondu mais je ne m’attendais pas à autant de réactivité (No offense hein) et d’attention! J’essaye dès demain 😉

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    Ahhh j’ai toujours aimé les bandanas ! Et tu le portes si bien 🙂

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    Bonjour; je viens de faire 1 recherche sur “comment nouer 1 bandana” mais pour ma part,c’était sur le crane 🙂 Je ne connaissais pas ton site & en tt franchise,tu es le 1er sur lequel je suis tombé. A voir si tu vas pouvoir répondre à ma question ? Merci d’avance & si ce n’est pas le cas,rien de bien grave. Bonne journée 😉

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