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If you followed me on Instagram or Snapchat yesterday, you must have seen that I went to the Prix de Diane Longines, invited by the prestigious watchmaking brand.

I knew this event thanks to its reputation: stunning hats, famous horse races… A world that is not really familiar to me, but I decided to discover it from the inside to get my own idea of it.


A sunny day

Late morning yesterday, I joined a few other fellow blogger at the Chantilly racecourse for a sunny day (oh! Miracle!).

Before lunch, I visited the village of Diane which was offering various animations: contest of elegance, pastoral picnic, various food trucks, concert of the band Brigitte…


Under the Longines tent

We had the chance to get a reserved table in the Longines area, which offers premium conditions to appreciate this event.

A sophisticated menu from the starter to the dessert, a stunning point of view: I was afraid to not feel comfortable, but it actually went very well. The ambiance was pretty laid back, even though we were surrounded by people always more elegant than the other.

Seared tuna with spices and its lemon stick


My “Dolce Vita” outfit

Meeting the Taiwanese actor & Longines ambassador, Eddie Peng

The most difficult part was to find a suitable outfit for this event. Which says Prix de Diane, also says Hat! I didn’t have any that was elegant enough for the occasion.

Therefore I went to the Mademoiselle Chapeaux shop and I chose this one with the knot that must be worn slightly on the side: a bit simple compared to the hats you can usually see during these kind of events, but I didn’t want to have the feeling that I had a costume.

A lace dress and heels not too high… and the key element to polish up this outfit: the famous “Dolce Vita” Longines watch and its dial made with Mother of Pearl and diamonds.

I chose it a few days before at the Rue de Sèvres shop, solely chosen for this event: Cornelian choice considering all the beauties, but the staff nicely advised me.


Prix de Diane race

The horse races gave the day its rythm, for the pleasure of racetrack & horserace betting lovers. My SO and I tried to randomly gamble on 3 horses but the beginner’s luck didn’t work as the top 3 was made of 3 other horses!

Horse presentation before the race

Unlucky with games, happy in love… Not only! Also very happy to enjoy this joyful and elegant day with frenzied gallops! Thank you Cyril, Rebecca, Sophie and all the Longines team for the warm welcoming and perfect organisation! (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Watch Dolce Vita Longines
Hat Mademoiselle Chapeaux
Dress Sister Jane
Bag ASOS (already seen here)
Shoes Valentino
Bracelet Louis Vuitton

Lipstick « Place Vendôme 364 » Color Riche L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris
Nailpolish Color Riche à l’huile « 552 Rubis Folies » L’Oréal Paris 


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    j’adore eddie peng <3 ! sacrée chanceuse de l'avoir rencontré ;)! belle journée!

    • Reply


      merci ! Je t’avoue que je ne le connaissais pas avant de l’avoir rencontré (la honte) mais il est plutôt bel homme donc on ne va pas se priver haha 😉

  2. Reply


    Wahoo! Tu es magnifique! Et Eddie est pas mal non plus…

  3. Reply


    Quelle élégance! Et quel beau couple avec Eddie dis donc! 🙂 Tu as eu beaucoup de chance de pouvoir vivre cette journée VIP.

  4. Reply


    Tu as passé une journée de rêve et j’adore ta tenue, tu étais magnifique. ça change de te voir comme ça et ça te va bien!

  5. Reply


    Superbe tenue ! 🙂 Je reconnais en effet les modèles “Mademoiselle Chapeaux” ! J’en loue deux de leur boutique pour des mariages chapeautés en juillet. Je n’avais pas vu ce modèle cependant. Tu l’as sans doute acheté ? Ravissant en tout cas ! 🙂

    • Reply


      C’est le modèle Rita en fait (je ne l’ai pas trouvé sur le site) et oui, je l’ai acheté (il ne restait pas beaucoup de modèles quand je suis passée la semaine dernière). merci beaucoup en tous cas !

  6. Reply


    Wahou! Magnifique, et je rejoins les autres commentaires, la photo avec Eddie est canon! 🙂

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    Merci à toutes ! Je suis ravie que vous ayez apprécié regarder ce compte rendu un peu plus élégant et endimanché que d’habitude 😉

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    Je t’avouerai que je ne connais pas cet acteur non plus ;-p ! Ton chapeau est très joli ! L’année dernière je l’ai loué chez Mademoiselle Chapeaux pour le prix de Diane également. Impossible de manquer cet événement pour moi 🙂 Et cette année j’avais un chapeau un peu plus foufou hahah ! Tu peux voir les photos sur mon blog 😉 Bisous !

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