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This is the time for my fashion review (or shopping review) of my year 2023. It’s the 4th year I’ve been doing this exercise, listing everything I’ve bought (and received as gifts) in terms of clothing and accessories/jewelry during the past year. This allows me to assess my consumption but also to shop with mindfulness (as I note each purchase on my phone as it happens). Let’s see what 2023 brought into my wardrobe!



In comparison with previous years (2022: 9 acquisitions including 5 purchases, 2021: 13 acquisitions including 7 purchases, 2020: 8 acquisitions including 3 purchases), I remain consistent in my consumption, which remains fairly stable and reasonable. That said, I can’t claim that my 2023 acquisitions are 100% essential: there’s utility, comfort, unexpected favorites, but also a bit of disappointment in some things.

I will now describe these new additions in detail, starting with my purchases and finishing the list with the gifts received.



Sneakers Chuck Taylor All Star Leather ox CONVERSE


Purchase date : May 2023

Why I bought them : To replace my old leather Converse, worn throughout all seasons for 10 loyal years, which were starting to wear and detach in several places (I still keep the old ones for concerts, festivals, on muddy and dusty grounds).

My daily use :I wear them year-round as leather Converse, in my opinion, are life! No worries about cleaning the canvas (I even have white leather ones); I can wear them like classic sneakers without fearing the weather.

However, I’m somewhat disappointed with the quality of my new Converse, as the lining at the heel is already tearing after only 8 months of use. The finishing quality is not the same as my 2013 pair, which is a shame. We’ll see how they hold up over time! Useful replacement acquisition but with mixed enthusiasm.



Bumbags  UNIQLO


Dates of purchases : May 2023 (black one) and July 2023 (off white)

Why I bought them : For convenience when attending concerts (bumbags are life too!) and to have a large storage capacity in a small volume. I initially fell for the black model but later realized it would be nice to have a lighter one to match other outfits.

My daily use :These bumbags are magical—so much so that you see them everywhere, on everyone, but it doesn’t bother me because it has a fairly generic design. I find it easier and more often to wear in spring/summer than in winter, but for me, it’s an absolutely ideal accessory to keep my hands free during a concert or a stroll (without pulling on the shoulder!).



Pyjamas jinbei like bought at KIMONOYA PARIS (11 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe PARIS 4)


Date of purchase: September 2023

Why I bought them: I wanted to buy a quality pyjama, preferably in the style of “Jinbei (甚平).” Usually, Jinbei pants are quite short, which didn’t really appeal to me. I discovered that there were Jinbei with long pants at the KIMONOYA store in Paris. They are not cheap, but they are made in Japan. I liked the simple (even austere) design of this one.

My daily use : I’m satisfied with the “ryokan” at-home feeling that transports me to Japan when I wear my pyjama. The fabric is quite thick, so it might be a bit warm in hot weather, but for winter and mid-season, it’s entirely appropriate (I might need to find a kind of Japanese indoor coat to complete the set).



Vintage jeans 501 LEVI’S (bought at Chloé’s NUMÉRO DEUX)


Date of purchase : October 2023

Why I bought them : Inspired by my colleagues Anne, Deedee and Géraldine finding their ideal jeans through Chloé from Numéro Deux, I wanted to try the experience since I’ve never been fully satisfied with a pair of jeans. Knowing that Chloé manages to find vintage Levi’s jeans and then has them altered to fit perfectly, I took the plunge, like any regular customer, and was not disappointed.

My daily use : I wear both of my jeans (one black and one blue) all the time; they have a loose and comfortable fit. I no longer need to own many different jeans: these fulfill all my expectations—vintage and high quality, what more could I ask for! (I might consider getting a white pair in the future since my current one from Uniqlo is starting to wear out.)



Teeshirt Like A Virgin The Celebration Tour MADONNA


Date of purchase: November 2023

Why I bought it : A completely unexpected purchase, driven by the excitement of experiencing the 2 best concerts of my year (or even my life!) during Madonna’s Celebration Tour. I wanted to keep a memento by choosing this reissue of the 1985 Like a Virgin tour T-shirt (with a nod to the retrospective event, printed on the back).

My daily use : Since I bought it in late autumn, I can’t say I wear it every day in these winter temperatures, but I know I’ll use it with pleasure at festivals/concerts or even this summer with a casual look. I actually find the T-shirt’s quality quite good compared to the usual concert T-shirts sold.



Boots Classic Chelsea 558 BLUNDSTONE


Date of purchase : December 2023

Why I bought them : I mentioned here that I was looking for rain boots due to the predominantly humid Parisian weather. My quest has not stopped since: I tried many models, but none were convincing enough for me (cute but uncomfortable Hunter ankle boots—should I mention that my feet are very picky about comfort, especially with age, okay Aigle boots but the logo too visible(=same for Hunter)… until I saw these Blundstone boots on an Italian tourist in December. I asked her about the model she was wearing and where she bought them: Lucky me ! She acquired them the day before at a store in Les Halles (Sagone, 21 rue Mondétour, PARIS 1). So, I went to try them on (= this is what we call real-life influence! hehe) and adopted them!

My daily use : I walked the streets of London non-stop with them, in the rain and in Paris too. These boots are made of water-resistant leather, allowing better breathability than rubber while maintaining good waterproofing. I later saw that there are even more waterproof models of Blundstone boots (with a blue tag), but I am satisfied with these in terms of comfort, waterproofing, and the versatile design. I will keep you posted on their durability over the years.





Gift date : March 2023 (Late Christmas gift from my friend Lionel)

My daily use : I wouldn’t have thought to invest in a beige-colored belt, but it seems that my friend Lionel has a stylistic flair and anticipates my desires! This belt is simply perfect for elevating a simple outfit and giving it a touch of chic. I’ve worn it on multiple occasions with different outfits. A very good find!





Date of gift : June 2023 from the creator

My daily use : I own several pairs from the creator for several years and love them. This year, I was fortunate to receive 2 new pairs: large, delicate golden hoops, and this more imposing model. Elegance, simplicity, and refinement: definite values for me.



Blazer unisexe “Button heavy wool jacket beige herringbone » DUNST



Date of gift : November 2023 by Dunst

My daily use : I had the chance to be invited to discover this South Korean brand during an evening in a Parisian pop-up store. I was greatly impressed by the lookbook silhouettes and style, especially this unisex beige-gray blazer. It’s warm, the composition is decent (50% wool), and its cut allows me to update my boyish looks a bit. I’ll keep you updated on its quality over time.



Green sweater DUNST


Dateof gift : November 2023 by Dunst

My daily use : I thought the green color would add some spice to my looks (I don’t own a green sweater, knowing that this color can harmonize wonderfully with camel, beige).

A slight disappointment when I took a closer look at the composition of this sweater since it contains only 5% cashmere and 27% wool—far too little for a sweater called “essential cashmere”! I haven’t worn it much yet, but I have some doubts about its longevity. I didn’t pay enough attention to dissect the composition, so I’m much less convinced by this item than the blazer. It goes to show that, within the same brand, one must stay vigilant… but to be continued!



Even if this fashion review turns out to be quite satisfactory for me, I was disappointed by a few acquisitions due to lack of vigilance (Dunst sweater) or a decline in the level of attention to finishing details (Converse). Despite shopping consciously and accepting only gifts that please me (in terms of “influencer” gifts), one sometimes has to face missteps! It will teach me to be even more vigilant in the future.

In any case, I believe I can wear everything that entered my wardrobe in 2023 frequently. The question remains whether the quality will endure! Looking ahead, I don’t really have clothing/accessories left on my ideal wardrobe wish-list and am content with what I already own, so I’m crossing my fingers to maintain more or less the same body size and tastes over the years.

The “shoes” category might become challenging for me, as some ankle boots or slightly more “dressy” shoes in my possession become uncomfortable (thank you, hallux valgus): I might need to update my shoes in the future. But otherwise, unless there’s a great love-at-first-sight moment, I don’t plan to invest in other clothing.

And you? How have you analyzed your fashion review for the year 2023? (English translation by Quiterie)


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    J’adore tes bilans !
    Je retiens que tu fais aussi le constat de la baisse de qualité d’un produit équivalent… C’est vraiment agaçant car c’est difficile à voir à l’achat et difficile de lutter contre… Surtout que les prix eux ont augmenté.
    Et les étiquettes trompeuses…. Grrrr….

    • Reply


      Ah mais ces Converse j’hallucine vraiment… une honte ! et comme tu dis, les prix augmentent avec cette baisse de qualité : tellement décevant ! (On va voir combien de temps elles vont me durer ces nouvelles converse mais pas sûre qu’elles égalent celles de 2013!)

  2. Reply



    Tes bilans donnent envie de s’y mettre j’essaie tous les ans d’acheter moins mais je suis toujours trop tentée
    Je commence bien le mois de janvier zéro achat je vais essayer de continuer sur cette lancée

    • Reply


      Hello !
      Au début, tu auras peut être l’impression d’être un fumeur en sevrage mais la consommation de vêtements est le résultat de tellement de choses en fait et de questionnements (confiance en soi, est ce que j’achète pour combler/ prouver quelque chose ? Est ce que je me fais vraiment plaisir? Est ce que je me fais influencer inconsciemment par la pub/influenceuses ?) que tu avanceras certainement à ton rythme sur ce chemin du moins mais mieux. Le tout c’est d’arriver à se poser un peu lors d’une envie d’achat et se questionner sur la qualité, l’usage potentiel, le style cohérent avec le sien etc. Ça demande parfois qq années ! Mais tu es sur le bon chemin ! Bravo !

      • Reply


        Merci pour ce nouveau bilan mode !

        Et merci pour ce retour sur tes converses ! J’avais justement besoin d’acheter de nouvelles Converses, les miennes sont toujours en bon état (mais je ne les porte pas très souvent), c’est juste que je suis passée de la taille 38 à 39.5 (évolution physique + semelles orthopédiques -> team Granny Smith ‍♀️) car je les ai depuis…13 ans! (je les avais au lycée).

        Je suis bien dégoûtée de voir que la qualité s’est dégradée, car j’avais choisi d’acheter à nouveau ce modèle précisément pour leur durabilité.
        Du coup je serais bien intéressée de trouver des anciens modèles d’occasion (mais en bon état, ce qui est hélas rarement le cas) sur le même principe que tes jeans Levis

        J’ai l’impression que la qualité baisse sur tous les modèles qu’on a connus, c’est bien dommage

        • Reply


          Oui c’est décevant ! Faudrait en effet investir dans de vieilles converse d’occasion mais neuves !

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    J’aime toujours autant lire tes bilans! Je vais aller voir les bottines, que je trouve très jolies et simples, pile ce que je cherche.
    De mon côté, petite année encore pour 2023, 2 jeans achetés, un pull offert, des sneakers offertes et 2 gilets donnés par ma mère.
    J’aurai aimé acheté d’autres choses, de manière raisonnée, mais c’est le budget qui manque, ce qui aide à réduire! Voyons le bon côté 🙂

    • Reply


      La Vendeuse m’a dit qu’elles avaient beaucoup de succès dans le domaine du cinéma (techniciens de plateau etc) car super confortables et tout terrain. Je veux bien la croire ! Pour l’instant j’apprécie beaucoup !
      Et en effet, le budget permet de limiter c’est sur (et c’est pas une mauvaise chose écologiquement parlant) mais tant que tu trouves ton bonheur dans d’autres choses c’est l’essentiel ! Merci à toi !

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    J’aime beaucoup tes bilans shopping, cela me fait réfléchir….bon je suis sur l’autre versant…j’ai acheté la banane Uniqlo en version Marimekko crème et blanc. Je suis Vinted addict , et je trouve ainsi du vintage ou des trucs de qualité peu cher ( j’ai un temps fou à perdre !), ce qui fait que je trouve les magasins de plus en plus moches et chers , avec de la qualité en baisse, ou moins de produits de qualité. Il me semble voir plus de fabriqué au Portugal ( Monoprix) ou Maroc ( Zara) , à mon sens c’est mieux .

    • Reply


      Merci ! Ravie que tu aimes !
      Vinted je ne suis pas encore tombée dedans car vu que j’achète surtout en fonction de mes besoins j’ai aussi besoin d’essayer les articles et je n’ai pas le réflexe ensuite d’aller trouver ce même article sur vinted. Disons que j’ai envie de faire vivre les boutiques réelles également 😉 mais en effet la qualité est de plus en plus difficile à trouver

  5. Reply


    Toujours un plaisir de lire ton bilan mode.
    J’hésitais à remplacer mes Converse en toile qui commencent à bien être abîmé (après plus de 10 ans ça se comprend) pas un modèle en cuir mais ton retour me refroidit un peu.

    • Reply


      Oui je t’aurais conseillé le modèle en cuir de 2013 les yeux fermés mais là j’avoue je suis un peu plus mitigée

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