6 ways to twist !

· Fashion, Illustration

Twist scarves American Apparel (déjà vus ici et là) Here are some hairstyle inspirations with the help of the twist scarves from my last posts. So obsessed with them !

This is Paris !

· Fashion

I told you I had stocked up on the headbands…here’s proof (I took 6 all in all … the upcoming weeks are going to be all about headbands!). This time, I paired it with a rather juvenile outfit, that would be perfect for a summery afternoon (like there are no more) : dotted dress and … Read more

Cinque Terre : Land & Sea

· Fashion, Travel

We continue our little visit through the Cinque Terre villages. What’s really nice about this place is that you can choose between lazing on the beach or sweating off gallons of water by walking through the paths that link the villages to one another: cocooning or sporty vacations, YOU decide. On these pictures, a glimpse … Read more

Cinque Terre

· Fashion, Travel

I’m back from a short trip to Cinque Terre in Italy. We decided on it last minute, looking for sun and singsong accents, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is the perfect destination for breathtaking scenery lovers (and lovers themselves). Cinque Terre comprises of 5 gorgeous villages along the Mediterranean coast: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, … Read more

☛You are here ☚

· Fashion

Aaah! I had to wait until June to be able to wear my “Paris Map” tshirt for a stroll on the Seine banks….still, I had to warm up with my blazer (You can’t be too careful). It’s a simple look, and I’m wearing my little mice shoes. Small riddle: What bag do you think I … Read more

Sawadee ka Thailand !

· Fashion, Travel

I was sneaky about my trip to Seoul. But I’m even sneakier today: last month, I didn’t only go to Seoul, I also went to Thailand! (You didn’t suspect anything right?!). I loved my trip last year so much that I had to go back! So I divided my trip between Bangkok and Koh Samui … Read more

Streets of Seoul

· Fashion, Travel

Seoul is a huge city. Going from point A to point B requires quite some effort (and time) walking: to cross the street, the green man light lasts about 20 seconds and then turns red for 5 minutes – you’d better not miss the boat! That’s why the subway is one of the easiest ways … Read more

Changdeokgung 창덕궁

· Fashion, Travel

In Seoul, the most impressive palace to visit is (take a deep breath …) Changdeokgung, the Prosperity palace. From what I read, since its construction in 1405, it underwent a whole lot of destructions and reconstructions, for the result that we can admire today. It really lives up to its UNESCO classification as World Heritage! … Read more

David Silver

· Fashion

I’m almost ashamed of the title, but I had a pang of nostalgia for this character whose only job, in my opinion, was to be Donna’s boyfriend at the beginning of the cult tv series Beverly Hills 90210 (I did start to appreciate him more as the series moved on, but my favorite was Dylan … Read more

Parisian cliché

· Fashion

Here’s the typical Parisian outfit in the mind of foreigners. A total cliché (leave my head out of it, and it’s perfect). Sailor stripes, a coat, boots, a baguette, a beret it’s the very essence of simplicity. I get the feeling that it’s what non-French find fascinating, but for us, it’s totally banal. Not totally … Read more

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