Chunky again

· Fashion

I was telling you about wanting “chunky” beanies: here’s the one I found at H&M. Not quite sure it’ll manage to survive the season quality wise, especially without pilling, but oh well … we’ll see! Other than that, the temperatures we’re dealing with are leaving us no choice but to don our wool coats and … Read more


· Fashion

The freezing wind of these past few days pushed me to invest in new headgears. So far, I was mostly attracted by soft and sagging beanies, but this year the bigger, the better. In search of “chunky” hats, I found this one and another more imposant one from H&M; my only regret is that they … Read more

Thai getaway

· Fashion, Travel

As I was saying in my previous seasonal greetings, I left for a week in Thailand, to take in the heat (31° C!) and the sun, but first and foremost to rest. Which means this trip wasn’t undertaken in the same spirit as the previous ones: no pressure to make the most of our stay, … Read more

Kiss Kiss

· Fashion

I haven’t really looked into Christmas presents yet, but I found the perfect dress to cut the turkey, or, for a more romantic version, to kiss under the mistletoe. I don’t know yet if I’ll be wearing it for Christmas eve or New Year, but I found it, and that’s the most important part! I … Read more


· Fashion

I began from the same starting point with the same “skirt-jumper” as last time but by changing the jacket and the accessories, I came up with this outfit, of a different style, a little more rock thanks to the perfecto and a little warmer with the scarf. Otherwise I am not teaching you anything by … Read more


· Fashion

I’ve been totally commited to team leopard these past years as you’ve seen on the blog. I know I already have so many pieces of clothing with this print in my wardrobe…but I just couldn’t miss out on this super warm frock cut coat! The leopard-burgundy mix is one of my favorites, as is the … Read more

Folds and drapes

· Fashion

I can add a 6th way to wear my polka dot jacket! For some reason, this jacket is an untold source of looks. It is still a little cold to wear it at the moment, but refusing to let it hibernate in a wardrobe, I chose to warm it up with this fluffy jumper, close … Read more