Easy Peasy recipe #3

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Sakura Ice Tea and its fruit medley

This warm weather episode we’re going through lately has me wishing for refreshing recipes (I’m also currently experimenting with various taste associations for home-made iceicles, I’ll be sharing soon).

Brita recently offered me their new filtering pitcher “Fill & Serve” (it fits perfectly in my new fridge door (=my precious) with its slim shape), and dared me to invent a recipe with it.

I decided to make some ice tea with my favorite green tea I had already told you about : Sakura by Mariage Frères, with it’s cherry blossom flavoring. It’s delicious whether hot or cold.

Water filter pitcher “Fill & Serve” Brita
Tablecloth La Redoute

As with all such similar posts, I think the drawing pretty much sums up all the steps: I’d just add that for the infusion time, you need to use cold filtered water (hot water will make the tea too bitter) and let the green tea infuse for at least 3h in the fridge (or even all night).

Water filter pitcher “Fill & Serve” Brita
Tablecloth La Redoute
Mason jar Present Time

From then on, everything is possible: add agave or sugar, and your favorite fruits in order to have something a bit more yummy than a simple “detox water”.

Multicolored straws Present Time
Spoons Rice

Mason jar Present Time

“Cheers”, or “Bon appétit”, I don’t really know what I should be wishing you! (English translation by Bleu Marine)

(This post was published in collaboration with Brita®)


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    Le monde des petites

    Merci pour cette belle idée!
    J’aime beaucoup la présentation et ton illustration est trop jolie!!! <3
    Des bisous
    Bonne journée et bonne semaine

    Le monde des petites

  2. Reply

    Helene de Excuse me I am French

    Toa recette donne vraiment envie ! J’adore quand tu nous fais tes dessins 🙂
    Bonne journée !

    Helene de Excuse me I am French

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    J’adore ! et je kiffe tes dessins !

  4. Reply


    J’adore la petite poupée sur l’assiette 🙂

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    Juliette Latraf

    Ca donne enviiiie, je me met à la tâche dès que j’ai été faire les courses ! Et le dessin hyper coloré est canon, as usual

  6. Reply


    Rien que les photos, ça donne envie de faire la recette!
    ça a vraiment l’air super bon ! Du coup, j’ai recopié la recette, je vais tester ça demain…^^

    Bonne journée

  7. Reply

    Sarah Photographie (C)

    Super, ca donne envie !
    Et tes dessins, j’en suis toujours aussi fan 🙂


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    Miyagi Mermaid

    This looks beautiful! I am craving summery tea, but lately brewing mugi-cha is the easiest thing to do. I am living in Japan now, do you know a brand of sakura-green tea I could find here? It sounds lovely.

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    Inst'happy week : RAS !

    […] ► Dans le genre fille qui a du talent ! j’aime la recette, je kiffe le dessin ! La recette trop facile […]

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    Merci beaucoup à toutes … même si cette recette ne servira sans doute pas pour aujourd’hui, vu la météo ! 🙂

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