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While I was traveling to Tokyo, I had the honor to be invited to savor an exceptional meal at the restaurant Peter Grill, led by the Chef Jun Ishii.

Located on the 24th floor of the Peninsula Tokyo hotel, the restaurant offers an amazing view of Tokyo and the Imperial Palace. This restaurant is just perfect to celebrate an event, or just for the pleasure of treating yourself. Anyway, that day, my SO and myself really enjoyed every minute spent up there, whether for the ambiance and the content in our plates.


Lighting effects and stunning view

When we arrived at the restaurant, the softer ambiance was a bit impressive but the waiter easily made us comfortable with his smile and showed us our table with a view of the Tokyo’s Imperial Palace gardens. Wow. Magical.

He took the time to explain the menu and different specialities of the place.

As we could guess with the name of the restaurant, meat was clearly very important and more specifically the Japanese beef (wagyu). Different varieties are proposed.

I had the chance, during my first trip to Japan, to try the famous Kobe beef (you know, this beef finely marbled with fat, that is supposed to be listening classical music while someone is doing a massage with beer its whole life, without stress and rush, which would explain the extreme softness of its meat), and each bite was memorable.

So, they explained us that the beef is classified within different levels of quality, starting from A1 to A5. Here, they only serve the beef from A4: at least, we know what to expect: no room for middle average quality.

Looking at the menu, I hesitated but decided to go for the superior quality A5, so at least I could have tried it once in my life ahah! My hubby played the indecision card, and tried the selection of 3 different meats.


The starter

But first, a starter to whet our appetites: I started with fish with a delicious “Peter style sashimi” with seasonal vegetables, wasabi soy sauce, soy sauce flakes and avocado wasabi dip.

Perfectly arranged, I tried each piece of fish with a different sauce.

These soy sauce flakes were very interesting because they bring an additional texture to the fish (yes I know, I am psychopath about food with multi-textures “crunchy-melty-soft-elastic” it’s my passion).

My SO admired (and savoured) his tuna carpaccio sashimi style with its avocado wasabi mayonnaise for a degustation with a nori (seaweed) sheet. The freshness and the good were there.


“Love me tender…”

Then, came the precioooouss! My “Gifu Hidagyu A5” tenderloin… An explosion in mouth, orgasm of the papillary tips.

I would have preferred a more diversified side dish than just this small bouquet of cauliflowers but it seemed like the meat required the exclusivity to show its “talent”.

In his plate, A4 tenderloin got along with Kobe beef loin and a 40 days dry aged beef strip loin. Magical as well. Everything literally melted in mouth.

Large portion of french fries, no diet: 100% pleasure I told you!


The Dessert

Hard to compete with this intense moment of degustation, but we decided to finish this meal with a dessert.

Green tea and white chocolate bar with its vanilla ice cream for me.

While my SO decided to try the Peter sweetness fruit burger and banana chips with crème brulée with an original presentation.

Once we finished having dinner, we took the time to admire the view over and over again, still amazed by this beautiful scene of a beautiful city, while discussing about what had planned to do the day after (in this case, TokyoDisneyyyyyyyland), and discreetly watching the couples next to us, celebrating a birthday, with a distribution of gifts as evidence.

For us, our gift, was this night. Thank you Peninsula Tokyo. (English translation by Quiterie)

1-8-1 Yurakucho,
Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO
(Métro Hibiya)


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    Ohlala rien qu’en photo la viande a l’air tellement tendre !
    Je ne connaissais pas du tout le système de classement des viandes et maintenant j’ai envie de goûter du A5 🙂
    Comme le boeuf de Kobe que j’aimerais beaucoup goûté, je me demande quand même si mon palais saurait l’apprécier à sa juste valeur.

    • Reply


      Je pense que tout palais saurait l’apprécier à sa juste valeur car ça fond vraiment dans la bouche…. pas possible de ne pas ressentir du bonheur en le mangeant 😉

  2. Reply

    Un Presque Rien

    Woaaaaa c’est quoi cet endroit de fou? Je n’en ai jamais entendu parler!! Moi qui suis une grande carnivore, je peux pas louper ça? On en est où au niveau tarif? c’est dans le cher mais abordable ou hors de prix-et-t’as-plus-qu’à-baver-devant-en-fantasmant-sur-la-viande-que-tu-ne-goûteras-jamais?

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    Oh la la ça à l’air d’être une tuerie, moi qui adore manger de la bonne nourriture il va falloir que je me fasse le tokyobanhbao tour avec mon amoureux.

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    Quel repas. Je n’ai jamais mangé de boeuf de Kobe mais une entrecôte de cette viande a été le cadeau d’anniversaire que j’ai offert cet été à mon amoureux, au Beef Bar. J’en ai dégusté une bouchée. En fait, c’était un très beau cadeau. Je ne pensais pas que cette viande était si chère. Elle est proposée aux 100 grammes sur la carte. Est-ce que les prix sont aussi très élevés au Japon ?

    • Reply


      Oui ce n’est pas donné. Je ne me souviens plus très bien des prix pour la viande mais c’est cher oui.

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    J’ai passé quelques jours en Mars dernier à cet hôtel, il est vraiment magnifique… la vue est sublime des chambres aussi, bien sympa lors des loooonnnngues insomnies :-))

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