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Halleluia ! We finally had a couple days that qualified as summer weather (with a few humid spells, but let’s not be too difficult ! ). It was the perfect occasion for me to wear this flowery retro dress. I love its assymetrical cut – longer in the front than in the back, and its flowy texture.

It’s the same style as the dress I was wearing last year, and it takes me back to a vintage Paris – I love it ! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

Biker jacket Paul & Joe Sister
Dress Louche (30% off)
Espadrilles High Milano Sézane
Bag Clark Sézane
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton et Atelier B
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Watch Casio

Lipstick « Place Vendôme 364 » Color Riche L’Oréal Paris
Nailpolish Color Riche à l’huile « 552 Rubis Folies » L’Oréal Paris 


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    J’adore cette robe et avec le perfecto c’est parfait.

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    Jolie robette + veste en cuir = you rock, baby !

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    J’adore ce genre de robe retro.

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    Joli Closet

    Très jolie, super moderne en fait !

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    Merci les filles !

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