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During our weekend in Deauville, we finally came out of our hotel, and took a chance to discover a few good addresses which I wanted to share right away!


La Villa Gabrielle

(95 rue Eugène Colas, Deauville) This place located right in front of our hotel, is a tribute to Coco Chanel, who for the story, opened her first shop in Deauville!

A few carefully thought-out to Gabrielle in the decoration such as these “tweed jacket” chairs or this portrait on the wall.

For the rest, tables in white marble (smart for Instagram hehe) and a blue-green peacock feather printed wallpaper.

The lunch menu is affordable (20€ for main course and dessert). The waiter of the day was particularly cute (feast your eyes on), efficient and good adviser. The plates arrived really hot and under a cover.

Say Cheeeese ! (= Parmesan cheese ?)

This time I was tempted by the fettuccines with veal, San Danielle ham, Parmesan and foie gras. I especially liked these cousin of tagliatelle, and most particularly when the foie gras was smoothly melting among the al dente pasta, mixing perfectly with everything else: I was melting too.

Fettuccine with veal, San Danielle ham, parmesan cheese and foie gras

My SO preferred the 7-hour lamb shoulder confit with soft spices and crunchy veggies with cumin. Apparently tender and tasty based on what he said.

7-hour lamb shoulder confit with soft spices and crunchy veggies with cumin

The dessert also fulfilled my addiction of texture mix: melting, crunchy and soft. Everything in mouth thanks to this “Craquant chocolat” and its melty salty butter caramel

Craquant chocolat and its melty salty butter caramel

On the other side, a bit of disappointment for my SO and his Villa Gabrielle lemon pie.

Villa Gabrielle Lemon pie

Slightly revisited with its crunchy meringue instead of melting: which apparently perturbed him… Anyway, just a question of taste.


Le Ciro’s

(Les Planches de Deauville, boulevard de la mer, Deauville) A great envy of seafood led us to this place well known from the festival-goers on the Planche de Deauville.

The previous day, as it was fully booked we came back for lunch on Sunday: the ambiance was a way calmer (because of the bad weather).

We decided to choose the Royal plate of seafood and the bouillabaisse, Royal too. Suddenly submerged by a feeling of laziness (also Royal) to peel the 1/2 crab usually coming along with the plate, I asked to change it by additional oysters.

 Royal seafood plate

These oysters from Isigny were so fleshy and delicious: happiness.

The bouillabaisse was devoured/sipped with enthusiasm: I guess it was good too.

The Ciro’s Royale Bouillabaisse

Just a disappointment for the dessert menu that didn’t motivate us but we must say that we were not the best judges with our full stomachs.

A Gourmet Tea to share was the most reasonable option: mini-pastries without real interest though. You may prefer an artisanal ice cream along the Planches.


Glaces Princesse Sophie

(Les planches de Deauville) A large choice of handmade ice cream flavours: I tried the red berries and crumble. Savoured and approved.(English translation by Quiterie)


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    Anne Marie

    Deauville à l’air d’être une ville soignée et remplie de bonnes adresses. Je n’aurai pas cru

    • Reply


      plus que jamais soignée Deauville ! tout est joli est propre là-bas.
      Je n’ai pas eu le temps d’explorer plus d’adresses mais dejà, celles-ci m’ont bien convaincue.

  2. Reply


    Je ne connaissais pas du tout Deauville mais maintenant j’ai trop envie d’y aller et de tout manger 😀 Et puis j’ai très faim tout d’un coup 😀

  3. Reply

    Petite and So What

    Je ne connais pas trop Deauville, j’y suis sûrement allée une fois, il y a très longtemps!
    La première photo sur la plage avec les parasols colorés est magnifique! Bises

    Julie, Petite and So What?

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    Miam la glace à l’air délicieuse je ne mange plus trop de viande mais j’avoue ça a l’air vraiment bon! La bouillabaisse c’est peut-être ce que je préfèrerai si jamais je dois goûter l’un de ces plats☺Merci de nous partager ton avis!

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    Merci à vous !

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    Once upon a life

    Miam tu m’as donné faim!!! <3

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    Gallou Alexa

    Article vraiment très intéressant!
    Merci pour le partage.

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    Très sympa ces adresses ! Merci pour le partage 🙂

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