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And our USA road-trip continues : we’re back today in the beautiful and mysterious Savannah, GA. Before arriving, I knew nothing of the city. It’s a great way to make every step a discovery … but it also comes with its lot of surprises!

Indeed, I’ll tell you about a rather scary night … but for now, let’s go wandering about in blissful ignorance, under a lovely sun.


First steps in Savannah

We stayed 2 nights in Savannah (which seems like a good timeframe to me) and the first contact I had with the city was enchanting. What architecture, lovely streets, public squares, parks and overflowing greenery … who could resist?

The city’s checkerboard mapping is owed to a british general by the name of James Edward Oglethorpe (who arrived in 1733 with english and scottish immigrants). It makes it super easy to locate yourself and the addresses that you want to visit.


Greenery and architecture

Jepson Center of arts

Forsyth park

That being said, you can also choose to walk about without any particular destination in mind, which is what we did. We started around Forsyth park and headed to the Savannah river docks by zig-zagging through the streets and around the squares.

“Little” boat on Savannah river

Not much point in fixing an itinerary, just enjoy what the city has to offer and let it come to you.

Saint John Baptist cathedral

When I talked about mysterious Savannah, it’s in part because of the strange greenery that you find in the trees : spanish moss. A sort of parasite that gives a willow-like appearance to hundred year old oak trees. They are everywhere!

Each house in Savannah is more beautiful than the last: forged iron, bricks, colors, every style can be found.

Owens-Thomas House where the Marquis de Lafayette stayed in 1825


Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Savannah is known for its Art and Design school. The city is so perfect for artistic inspiration that I wasn’t at all surprised by the presence of such a school in the city – it’s a perfect fit.

SCAD Art’s Café

During our walk, we found this café, located in front of the SCAD, operated by students, and where you can buy school-branded merchandise (The boutique/concept store across from the café sells jewelry and decorative objects – it’s also totally worth stopping by).

Salad, panini and açai bowl at SCAD Art’s café

Food wise, I needed a break from my american burger/all you can eat diet, and the salads and açai bowls they were serving was perfect for that. Note that the innovative decoration with this english bus that’s both a kitchen and a bar!


Run Forrest run !

Fun fact, the first scene from the movie Forrest Gump (where he’s sitting on a bench and a feather falls to the ground in front of him) was filmed in Savannah, and more precisely in the Chippewa square.

The place was being renovated at the time of our visit, and the bench was moved to one of the city’s museums, but it’s still pretty fun to think that it all happened right here.

Chippewa square

 Laurie’s / Debie’s restaurant’s window

As we walked around, we also found the café (Laurie’s / Debie’s restaurant 10 W State Street) where Jenny is working when she learns that Forrest is running around the world. You can’t really recognize it, but the fresco on the window brings back memories from the movie.


A haunted town

GHOOOOOST are you here?

Savannah is known for being one of the most haunted towns in the States (or the world?) and that is one fact I didn’t know before I arrived.

You can even partake in “Ghost Tours”, organized at night, where you’re drived around the city, listening to terrifying stories about Savannah. Let me tell you I steered clear from that option!

Colonial Park cemetery

I don’t really believe in ghosts, but let’s just say I have a very vivid imagination : the slightest disturbing atmosphere can bring about anguishes, and it’s pretty easy for me to summon dancing zombies or serial killers in my mind.


A night at 17 HUNDRED 90 INN

The “welcoming” poster in the hotel reception

So here comes the bit about the night (unknowingly or with a hint of sadism?) my SO booked at the 17 Hundred 90 inn. Let me just say my SO took care of all hotel bookings for our road-trip. I was blindly trusting, and maybe I shouldn’t have been! (He said he really didn’t know when he made the reservation : YES OF COURSE NOT!).

If you followed my Instagram Story last fall, you got a taste of the atmosphere in the guest house where we spent the night (and how easily I cringe).

During the check-in, nothing unusual to report, the place is rather old fashioned, but clean. We are welcomed by a very friendly receptionnist (maybe he was smiling too much?? haha!). And then I see this paper pinned on the wall : the hotel is supposed to be haunted by 3 ghosts, most notably “Anna in room 204, who jumped out the window (or was pushed by her husband) following a heartbreak.”

“People have noticed weird occurrences during their stay : sheets that are pulled back during the night, objects change places …” Gaaaaaa! My reason tells me it is just contributing that local beliefs and that these are just legends, but truth be told, I’m terrified.

Especially when we get to our room 402 (204 to 402, it’s just a matter of switching numbers, amiright?!) The victorian style would have been totally nonthreatening HAD I ONLY NOT just read these stories of weird phenomenons.

That being said, mirrors in front and next to the bed (not Feng Shui at all), the curtains that sway slightly because of the air conditioning (or an evil spirit?), a lamp with an unstable light beam, broken WIFI (…a blogger’s nightmare!)…

The friendly and smiling receptionist helps us out with the wifi, but after having toyed with the box, announces that nothing more can be done, still smiling (=the constant smile is getting scary!). I give up on the wifi, but let my SO know that I’m not speding a second alone tonight.

I follow him to the bathroom on every occasion and even follow him under the shower (where I lather him in soap, lest he try to leave me by myself … who is the psychopath here? hahaha!)

I didn’t take any pictures of the bathroom, sorry, but imagine it a soft green color, with a closed shower (scary-yet again!), a bathtub and a direct access to the street through a door with blurred glass (oh so terrifying).

All of this led to me not sleeping a wink during the night (maybe 4 to 5 minutes tops), holding on to my SO for dear life, who was sleeping like a baby (or devil?) beside me. I was awake, but my eyes were shut tight the whole time, to be sure I didn’t come across a vision of some kind in the mirrors or see sheets raising from the bed …. in anycase, saying I was tense would be an understatement, but I somehow survived.

We’re laughing about it now, and the hubby now flaunts that he got me to experience something incredible (meh!) but I would still not recommend this for sensitive or over-imaginative souls.

I know I may have been a tad ridiculous, but it’s clearly not the type of night I want to re-experience! Also, breakfast wasn’t particularly satisfying, if that can weigh in your decision not to book, hahaha!


A couple of addresses in Savannah

During the course of this long post, you may have noted a couple of interesting places for food or culture. I’ll list them here with other addresses :


FRIEZE shop (1 W Jones Street) a decoration shop where I found my clay birds here.

ART’S Café SCAD (345 Bull Street) Café, boutique (next to the Gryphon café)

SCAD MUSEUM OF ART (601 Turner Blvd) Museum which purpose is to inspire SCAD students and to attract tourists and art lovers


JEPSON CENTER OF ARTS (207 W York Street) contemporary art, paintings and sculptures


E. SHAVER BOOKSELLER (326 Bull Street) A pretty little library like you could find in Notting Hill : I found a a book with  illustrations about Wes Anderson movies.


LEOPOLD’S ICE CREAM (212 E Broughton Street) Best ice cream shop in Savannah, that goes back a whole century. Be prepared to wait.


ROCKS ON THE RIVER (102 W Bay Street) : Brunch or breakfast: eggs Benedict with a great shrimp & grits (a south specialty – it’s a sort of oatmeal).

On the other hand, I would not recommend (in my opinion) : Lady & Sons : I had read somewhere it was the perfect place to enjoy some good southern food, grandma/homemade style. But I think our vision of “grandma style food” differs : the buffet was cheap-cafeteria style, and the food too greasy.

I hope you enjoyed this narrative of my Savannah experience. I know I may have been a tad (just a tad) extreme in my haunted hotel experience, but you can’t take the scaredy cat out of me, what can I say!

In any case, I hope it won’t discourage you from visiting the city, which is beautiful, and makes me want to come back. Next time in an un-haunted hotel though!! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

1/ Necklace ASOS
Jumpsuit Vero Moda (-60%)
Tee shirt Cheap monday
Sandals La Redoute
Bucket bag R Essentiel

2/ Dress Kamomeya
Hat Topshop
Espadrilles Sézane


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    J’ai bcp rigolé en te lisant… Jamais, au grand jamais je pourrais dormir dans un hôtel comme celui-ci !

    J’adore cette série d’articles sur les states !! Moi qui rêve de faire un road trip là-bas, tu combles mon manque un petit peu <3

    • Reply


      haha ! j’ai vraiment pris sur moi mais je ne recommencerai pas l’expérience je pense !
      Je suis contente de te partager ce voyage alors ! Merci de me suivre !

  2. Reply

    Claire (aiiikyyy)

    Merci de faire partager tes voyages! J’adore te lire ! Et je te comprends trop pour l’hôtel… j’aurai totalement flippé aussi

    • Reply


      De rien, je revis également le voyage en vous le racontant ! Merci de me rassurer en tous cas ! ^^

  3. Reply

    Sonia, Jcvd's secret daughter

    Quel bonheur que de découvrir ce superbe article. J’aime profondément les États Unis où j’ai vécu 4 mois il y a fort fort longtemps. ♡
    J’imagine ta nuit cauchemardesque Quelle aventure! je ne crois pas aux fantômes. Mais je veux bien croire que la trouille l’emporte sur la raison dans ces circonstances.
    Des tonnes de bécots.
    Sonia, Jcvd’s secret daughter
    ps: tu es magnifique

    • Reply


      Merci beaucoup Sonia.

      Oui le truc c’est que quand l’ambiance est de la partie, les idées viennent avec …. et le lot d’angoisse aussi ! haha !

  4. Reply

    Magic Disney Adventures

    Merci pour ce partage qui m’a donné le sourire ! Je n’aurai pas été très à l’aise non plus dans cet hôtel ^^
    Merci de nous faire partager ton voyage ! Hâte de découvrir la suite de tes aventures 🙂

    • Reply


      Merci pour ton enthousiasme : la suite arrive bientôt avec Charleston ^^

  5. Reply


    Très joli reportage-photos, comme toujours…
    Je suis allée à Savannah et Charleston, au printemps 1996 😉
    La végétation luxuriante est ce qui m’a le plus marquée, avec l’architecture des maisons bien sûr…

    • Reply


      oh la la ! ça fait loin ! ça a dû pas mal changer !
      Oui la végétation est assez exceptionnelle !

  6. Reply


    Super ce récit, et ses superbes photos qui me font voyager. Tout ceci me donne envie de retourner en Floride et pousser un peu plus au nord du coup. L’atmosphère de cette ville de Savannah me semble reposante (je ne crains pas les fantômes 😉

    • Reply


      ah eh bien tu t’y baladerais à l’aise alors, si tu ne crains pas les fantômes 😉
      merci de me suivre en tous cas dans ce périple ^^

  7. Reply


    Forest Gump, de la mousse espagnole aux arbres et des maisons hantées… Je suis déjà sous le charme! Hop, une autre ville dans la bucketlist! Merci pour ce voyage virtuel!


  8. Reply

    Prisce H

    C’est vraiment un plaisir de te lire
    J’adore les us et un road trip me tenterai bien dans l’avenir donc je prend note de tes anecdotes 🙂
    Tu m’as fait rire , un hôtel hanté , moi aussi j’aurais complètement paniqué!!
    J’attend la suite de tes aventures 😉

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