Tokyo, I’m back !

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My 4th time in Japan, my 4th time in Tokyo. It’s the mandatory stop no matter if it’s your first time or not.

Yet there is not enough time in one life to discover all about this capital. I’m very far from knowing it all and that is why it’s fascinating me.


This being said, every trip I mark down new addresses. I already gave you a lot after my past trips here and I will show you in details in my future articles new neighborhoods of Tokyo.

For the time being, here are a few ideas of things to visit or yummy places that I enjoyed during my winter trip.


Asakusa, my love

Sensō-Ji temple


I always have an intense pleasure to go back in this neighborhood, (very) touristic but it didn’t loose its traditional spirit. We loved so much staying here in 2014 that we decided to come a few days again time too!



HOTEL RICHMOND (2-7-10 Asakusa, Taito)

We didn’t choose the B:Conte hotel (which by the way increased a lot its prices since 2014! Grrr!) but instead we picked Richmond hotel, which I warmly recommend for its location, service and large (and good!) breakfast budget.


No kitchen area in the room (but there is enough restaurants in the area) but a laundry available. I didn’t take pictures of the room but I draw a sketch in my travel notebook.


NOBU STEAKHOUSE ステーキハウス のぶ (1-36-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku)

Teppanyaki beef and Omurice (my recipe here)


From our very first days in Japan, we visited our favorite restaurant owners and they recognized us from the first second (=it’s the 3rd time we visit them since 2014): still no word of English but kindness along with meat and omurice prepared with love.

We even had a small welcome back gift! We had brought back one from Hokkaido for them but when we stopped by the restaurant the day before leaving back to France, it was exceptionally closed that day! What a deception! So we really need to go back there soon!


 “SAIKA” 彩夏  TEA ROOM(1-32-3 Taito-ku)

Matcha parfait


A super nice discovery in a side street, which I will pin on my addresses map (select “pastry shop – tearoom” and “tokyo”) and you will recognize it thanks to its storefront photo here.

Located next to Kurikoan, a shop of taiyakis (waffle with a shape of fish) it has my favorite dessert on the menu: the parfait! I already had tried this yumminess in Kyoto but here, the place is more cosy and more traditional.



A parfait is a dessert we frequently find in Japan and which mix pretty much everything in terms of tastes and textures. The large size and the holdall image tend to scare people but it isn’t that heavy (hard to believe like this): I am a fan.

The fluffiness of these small rounded mochis, combined with the melting whipped cream, the softness of the ice cream and the crunchy of the cornflakes: it’s really the perfect dessert for me (add matcha and we reach nirvana).

Kakigoris (Japanese crushed ice with flavors) are also the speciality: I didn’t try but in summer I’d love to!


KAGETSUDO (2-7-13 Asakusa, Taito)

This “melon pan” shop (Japanese brioche with crunchy crust, melon shape, stuffed or not) is apparently very well-known; a long line of people always wait in front of it (except when we took this photo!…).

A few meters away, another shop offers filled melon pan.


Filled melon pan from the shop next door


We tried both but we couldn’t decide which one we preferred! Both have soft / crunchy sides but if you like the one filled with cream then go to the second one!



I already visited this futuristic neighborhood in 2014: this time we enjoyed wandering around the area next to the copy of the Statue of Liberty, even if it was extremely cold.

The opportunity to enjoy a Hawaiian burger at KUA’AINA in Aqua city Odaiba. I don’t have picture (just a video in my instastories available on my account).

The most interesting in eating these burgers are the smoked taste of barbecue (not very healthy, but once in a while!…) and the stunning view with the Statue of Liberty and the Rainbow Bridge.


A kinf of “Sailor Moon” sunset


Shibuya / Harajuku

Mario Kart à Shibuya


These two neighborhoods are usually the ones everyone recommends for a first trip as it’s a good overview of the craziness and extravagance of Tokyo.

Even though I like going there, when it comes to shopping it’s not my type anymore: too colorful and quirky for the almost reasonable adult (boring?) I became. This being said, I am always up to visit these addresses:


SAILOR MOON STORE ( Laforêt Shopping center, Harajuku)

Can you believe me if I tell you that I didn’t bring back anything from this shop? It was fun to see the collector items: stationary, beauty lotion, dolls but I think I’m not fascinated with all the kawaii stuff that could once again invade my apartment!

They would really need to be small, nice and useful to get tempted but I didn’t find anything good enough which worth bringing it back. To visit at least for the pleasure of the eyes and not if you are in a process of decluttering like me, haha!


REISSUE (3 Chome-25-7 Jingumae, Shibuya/Harajuku)


To be honest, this cafe specialized into 3D latte art only worth being visited for the experience of having whatever you want drawn/sculpted (prepare the picture of your friend, parents, teddy bear, pet, favorite character to show to the artists).

Drinks are too sweet, too expensive and the cold airstream was freezing in winter. But we are weak when it comes to Totoro or a Care Bear made with milk foam!


The view of the famous SHIBUYA crossing

It is a classic but I don’t think I had a picture on this blog. Error is rectified, it’s always fascinating to contemplate.



A neighborhood that doesn’t have much charm because it’s full of hotels and buildings but we wanted to try this ramen street (which is more a corridor rather than a street!) to prepare ourselves for our excursion to Hokkaido, where it’s the speciality.



“Tsukemen” noodles to dip in a broth at TETSU


7 very different  ramen restaurants: you can try different kinds: from tonkotsu ramen with garlic at Nantsittei, or miso ramen very spicy at Mouka Tanmen Nakamoto, or also black miso from Keisuke.

We decided to eat “tsukemen” dipped ramen at Tetsu and we were not disappointed. Simple, good and not expensive (about 6€ per bowl).


HARA MUSEUM (4 Chome-7-25 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa)

“L’espace Zéro” by Jean-Pierre Raynaud


My first museum of contemporary art in Tokyo! It must have other bigger and more well-known ones (this one is very small) but I really enjoyed the collection of contemporary pieces of art available: various and interesting to see. We even saw a “spatialist” piece from our friend Lucio Fontana!

Unfortunately pictures were forbidden (=we were “outlawed” for this piece “L’espace Zéro” by Jean-Pierre Raynaud!).

Good to know: the souvenir shop offers an original selection of articles and books.


PS: you can use my yummy addresses map for a more global overview of all my addresses in Tokyo (click on Tokyo in the drop down menu on the right and select the kind of food you want or pick one directly from the map). (English translation by Quiterie)


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    Sonia, Jcvd's secret daughter

    Le Japon est vraiment une destination qui m’attire. D’autant plus en lisant tes superbes articles sur le sujet.
    Je crois que mon attirance est en partie liée à tous ces dessins animés japonais que je regardais enfant. Et que tu viens raviver avec tes illustrations nippones ♡
    Un jour…
    Gros kisses.
    Sonia, Jcvd’s secret daughter

    • Reply


      Oui on a été biberonnés au dessin animé japonais donc forcément l’attirance vient de là ! Je te souhaite en tous cas de découvrir ce pays un jour. bisous !

  2. Reply


    Waaa merci pour cet article ! Je te l’avais déjà dis sur Insta mais j’attendais avec impatience tes nouvelles adresses! Nous partons pour la première fois au Japon à la fin du mois de mars et c’est un rêve que j’ai depuis plus de 15 ans… En plus je viens de me rendre compte que nous avions réservé notre 2ème hôtel à Tokyo au même hôtel Richmond ! Ça me rassure de voir que la location t’a plu Encore merci, je note tout précieusement.
    Bises !

    • Reply


      Ah cool ! je suis dans les temps ! Il me reste encore quelques articles de Tokyo à développer et ensuite direction Hokkaido 😉
      Nous avons beaucoup aimé notre séjour à l’hôtel Richmond : c’était propre, bien placé et ces machines à laver nous ont bien dépannés aussi! tu me diras ce que tu en as pensé ! (ça approche ! ^^)

  3. Reply


    Excellent article plein d’amour. Je pars d’ici un peu plus d’une semaine pour la période d’Hanami. Je fais Osaka, Kyoto et Tokyo pour le coup et je prendrai ces petites adresses références.
    Merki !!!

    • Reply


      Merci beaucoup ! J’ai l’impression de voyager une nouvelle fois en rédigeant l’article ! Tu vas adorer cette période de hanami ! Pour les adresses sur Osaka et Kyoto je te laisse consulter mes anciens voyages 🙂 j’avais adoré aussi ! Bon voyage !

  4. Reply


    Merci pour ton récit, les adresses que tu partages et pour ces chouettes photos!
    Je tenterais bien un Parfait lors de mon prochain voyage au Japon, tu m’as convaincue de tester!
    Bises et bon mercredi!

    • Reply


      haha ! il faut aimer les textures de type bubble tea ou mochi pour les petites choses non croustillantes que tu trouves à l’intérieur 🙂 mais moi perso, tu l’auras compris, j’adore ce combo ! bises !

  5. Reply


    Encore une fois, tu es mon guide touristique haha
    Je logerai dans un airbnb , cette fois à Asakusa et j’ai hâte de goûter le fameux “fried hamburger” à Asakusa menchi
    Je ne manquerai pas d’aller goûter l’omurice également 🙂

  6. Reply


    Hello Tokyobanhbao! Je viens de lire d’un bloc tous tes articles sur le Japon et ça me donne chaque fois encore plus envie d’y aller. Cette dualité tradition/modernité m’attire vraiment beaucoup. J’ai suivi ton périple sur Instagram mais c’est toujours un plaisir de lire en détail tous tes conseils, avis, adresses sur le blog. En attendant le faire moi même ce voyage, merci de tant partager avec nous et de nous faire voyager avec toi!!

  7. Reply


    Merci pour les adresses de dessert, notamment le parfait !
    Cela me fait penser à la série “kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman” sur netflix (avec les bonnes adresses qui vont avec)

  8. Reply


    Merci beaucoup pour tes articles et en particulier ceux sur le Japon qui m’ont bien inspirée pour préparer mon voyage. J’y suis en ce moment même et nous avons suivi tes bonnes adresses ! Nous avons notamment déjeuné à NOBU steakhouse. Un délice nous avons adoré et nous n’aurions jamais trouvé cette adresse sans ta recommandation !

    Ps: Ils avaient une carte en anglais.

    • Reply


      ahh ! je suis très contente que mes articles aient pu te servir et ravie que tu aies vu mes petits chouchous de Nobu Steakhouse <3 De rien ! ça me fait très plaisir !

  9. Reply


    Merci beaucoup pour ces chouettes adresse, qui m’aident beaucoup avant mon voyage à Tokyo. Je vais aller reconsulter tes autres articles sur le sujet pour avoir d’autres adresses 🙂


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