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Let’s go on with the « not typical from Lisbon » at the risk of being blamed by the Portuguese, the genuine ones, the preservationist of the local cuisine. Because I failed in my mission « trying a typical restaurant in Lisbon » with its traditional cooking … Since I didn’t ask for information before I left and also because I was too lazy to find out, I lost my way …
But « not traditional » doesn’t necessarily mean « bad restaurant », because I really enjoyed the restaurant I speak about in this post … It’s just that it sounds « I went to Tokyo to eat a pizza », you know what I mean … Well, let’s this culinary post be an ode to the opening up of borders, to a combination of culture, to the brotherhood in the world … yes, I’m very committed. So, If you know some « typical » restaurants in Lisbon, you can leave here the addresses, so it could help other people, and the next time I go to Portugal, I won’t have any excuse !


SUL Restaurant

13 rua do Norte LISBOA (Métro Baixa Chiado) 

This is a good address if you want some nice tender meat. Located near the lively district of Chiado, I wasn’t disappointed. We have to choose between the ready to eat meat, cooked by the Argentinian chef and the  “pierrade” ( Meat cooked on a hot rock) if you like doing your own food. That day, I tried the “Pierrade” : not really photogenic, I admit, but it was delicious : they brought us the meat on a wooden board topped by a very hot stone so you can roast the piece of filet. With spice and sauce to season the meal … simple but delicious ! Not to mention the mojito … I’m not a big consumer and I’m not very fond of alcohol, but I enjoyed it, what a feat !


35 Rua do Teixeira LISBOA

The chef here is Ljubomir Stanisic (well, sounds very Portuguese… eh ! Don’t say anything, I warned you from the beginning !), he runs this gourmet restaurant and the price is fair ( 35 euros for a tasting menu ), the place to be for a romantic dinner. As I told you, nothing was prepared and I came without any reservation, but I think it’s better to be provident and to reserve.

In this restaurant, there’s no à la carte menu only a tasting menu. I admit I’m not very « tasting menu » because it often means « I’m still hungry with these small portions and run to McDonald’s after that » : here the courses are very surprising and refined like the cod crisps hang on a clothes line ! (yes, I ate some cod !) and a glass of champagne, mint and lemon sorbet drunk between the courses …

These are the pictures of the courses (there was certainly about ten of them, but I was so fond of this food that I surely forgot to photograph them all !).I have a rather good appetite but with all these courses, I was full, I couldn’t say that it was really copious but I was satisfied as I left the restaurant. And above all, it was delicious : that’s the main thing.

Cured ham and melon ravioli

Left: Sardines on toast with Tapenade, Right: Butterfish tartare with tuna and wasabi

Rice Tropicana ( =some kind of “Risotto”)

Palate cleanser: Mint and lime sorbet with Champagne

Miniature Pot-au-Feu

Pre-dessert (chocolate ice cream, coffee foam and a cherry hidden in there!) & dessert ( “Fake” peach cheesecake)


84 rua de Belém LISBOA ( Tramway 15)

And as dessert, the famous Pasteleria de Belém, the pasteis I showed you the last time. You have to go there. This little sweet that will make your cinnamon heart melt.

Obrigada Lisboa!

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How could I describe in a few words the emotion I felt during my trip in Lisbon ? It’s hard ! Braving the heat was the main thread during my stay … You know, that kind of primary reflex that makes you looking for the smallest cool place in the shade ( and also drives you subconsciously to the air-conditioned stores).

So, the tourists outfits must be strategic : the dress you’ve already seen here, worn as a tee shirt + the carrot pants dated last year + a life-saving straw hat + and bracelets just to be smart = optimal protection (not to mention the sunscreen factor 50 on my skin … but just because I’m a paranoiac towards the sun). All the rest was a delight, in my eyes and on my taste buds …

I fell in love with tramways (the line 28 looks like an entertainment in a fun fair when it goes up and accelarates when it goes down : I tested the line several times all the way to the terminus (thank you to the seven hills unlimited tram ticket and thank you to the tram driver who was wondering when I’ll be leaving my seat !).

One on my favourite area, Belém, devoted to the explorers of the New World with its fortified tower, on the waterfront.

The parque das Naçoes shows that Lisboa can be modern too…

The romantic Castelo Sao Jorge overlooking the city, at sunset, seating against the crenels … (it is advisable your partner to have cosy arms).

And the famous Pasteis de nata, a creamy puff pastry that you sprinkle with cinnamon ( you really must taste them in the antiga Pasteleria de Bélem, as apparently it’s the place where you can eat the best one).

My Outfit

dress worn as a T shirt Ida Sjöstedt (déjà vue ICI)
Hat Claire’s
Carott pants Zara (déjà vu ICI)
Bracelets H&M
sandals Charlie My Love
bag “Sesame Street” American Apparel

Lisbon under the sun

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Just came back from a few days in Lisboa , where the weather was very hot and sunny! I come back soon here to show you much more details of the so beautiful “7 hills” city ! Até breve! ( The last photos were taken during a moment of rest in a huge bubble located in the center of  “Praça de Luis Camoes” during the Lisboa Festival dos oceanos!)

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