Colosseo di Roma

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Rome isn’t exactly new to me since I had already gone in 2006. The city’s atmosphere has everything to please me : monuments, museums, food and small alleys. After Venice last spring, Rome. For my return in the italian capital, I wanted to make the most of all that could be visited outdoors, so as not to waste any of the sunrays at disposal. Even if the Coliseum is the tourist legal minimum in Rome as the Eiffel tower can be in Paris, I still wanted to go see it again.
Because it’s always fascinating to contemplate this witness from the past, and the magic works every time. For the tourist outfit, I packed my suitcase with relatively simple things: especially comfortable shoes! (forget heels immediatly! … except should you want to pose as a muse in front of the Forum’s columns). This Rome outing by the way was worth all the stepper sessions in the world…but any promising results were immediatly balanced off by the avalanche of mozzarella, pasta, panna cotta and creamy “gelati” that passed me by. Yups, we’ll talk about that soon. (English translation Bleu Marine)

My Outfit

Jacket H&M
striped shirt Mango
Jeans Levi’s 571
necklace New Look
Pirate Boots Miss KG by Kurt Geiger
Bag American Apparel

XOXO from Roma

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I escaped the bad weather in Paris, cold and a bit depressing, in order to go for a few days to Rome, the eternal city (and sunny as it happens). Let’s meet again tomorrow my friends! Ciao! PS:  A “shell” necklace from H&M and a striped  jumper bought during the Sales there in Roma ( English translation by Charlotte B).

Let’s go outside

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Finally! I think that after 2 weeks fighting, I kicked this damn colds ass and this damn cough. Dieee in hellll! This said, after I spent almost the last 2 weeks indoors with a runny nose, I wanted to get outside a little bit. Which explains this killer puffy outfit (… in hellll, I’m telling you): wooly tights, jacket and snood, wooly hat, mittens, Damart under top.

Not one cm² of skin exposed to the cold. Just the face… so as to breathe with pleasure the pure and fresh air of Paris. Let me correct that last sentence: so as to breathe. (English translation by Charlotte B)

My Outfit

coat Monoprix
dress ASOS
gloves ASOS
cap Comptoir des cotonniers
Snood Zara
Boots Kookaï

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