Tegalalang & Bali rice terraces

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Let’s keep going with our visit of Bali and the area around Ubud. In this post, I’ll bring you with me for a walk in the most incredible scenery and the most breathtaking terraced rice fields.

Put on your walking shoes and let’s go wade around in those humid and luxuriously green grounds!



It’s one of the most touristic destinations around Ubud (around 30mn by car).

I read (but only after our visit) that it has a pretty bad rep’ (“tourist trap” etc.) : personally, I have no bad experiences to report, but maybe it’s best to be aware of a number of things.

First off, you need to buy a ticket to access the rice fields. I don’t remember the price, but it must have been a couple euros. Know that during your visit, you may be stopped at certain levels and you may need to pay an additional toll to continue.

I heard some sighs (or yells) from angry tourists at the “level-tolls”, but on my part, I really believe those payments are our small contribution for the local population, that works very hard in those rice fields.

Hence to me, this limited investment isn’t anything worth getting all riled up about … but then again, it’s just my personal point of view.

It’s rather vast, and at some point we got lost – all alone until this old lady came and brought us back to the right path. Try not to stray too far off, and make sure there are always people on the roads you take.

The ideal time for visits seems to be early morning. We didn’t muster up enough energy and courage to get up at dawn, so our visit took place late morning and it wasn’t bad at all, as our pictures will attest. No overwhelming tourist capacity, and the heat was tolerable.

Visiting the rice fields at the end of the day for a sunset is apparently problematic, because of the mosquitos. I wouldn’t recommend it, except if you’re a risk-taker (and if you don’t mind all the scratching).

Bring water and sunscreen : there isn’t really any shade to speak of.

Bring waterproof shoes : don’t be a fashion blogger like me, wanting to parade in your sandals : my feet spent the whole visit getting free mud treatments, and there is a significant risk of slipping.


Morning walk

One morning, just because we felt like switching up our usual farniente program by the pool, we went for a walk around our hotel, in search of a more authentic Bali.

We walked all the way to the Kepitu village, and discovered another rice field, maybe not as spectacular as the first one, but not devoid of charm either.



We met with always-smiling villagers : it was a great big dose of simplicity and optimism.


I hope you’ll have enjoyed this quick overview of the Balinese rice fields, knowing that we didn’t have enough time to go visit the one in Jatiluwih (which is a UNESCO world heritage site) but by the look of the pictures, I would recommend it if you want an even more grandiose and wild version of the rice fields.

It’s a bit further off, but it definitively looks like it’s worth it! (English translation by Marine)

My Outfit

1/ Hat Brixton
Top Etsy (already seen here)
Jeans Close (-40%)
Sandals Les Tropéziennes
Bag brought from Ubud market, Bali (similar here)

2/ Boater hat Topshop (similar here)
Blouse Mademoiselle R (-45%)
Jeans Close
Sandals R Edition (already seen here) (-50%)


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    mercii pour tes conseils , qui tombent à pique , je viens d’arriver à Ubud et la visite des rizières est au programme de demain. Ce sera donc rafting le matin (idée de notre super guide/chauffeur qui parle français et qui nous a concocté un super programme) , visite des rizières et marché d’ubud. Et au vu de ton post, mes stan bien pourries
    Tes articles mont vraiment envie d’aller à Bali et je t’en remercie car je ne suis arrivée que depuis quelques jours mais c’est vraiment top!!!

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      ahh je suis ravie de t’avoir donné envie de visiter Bali ! Mais je n’ai pas fait grand chose !.. les paysages sont tellement beaux ! 🙂

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        C’est vrai que les paysage sont très beaux mais au début quand ma mère me proposait d’y aller, je pensais que ça serait un thaïlande numéro bis (que jai bcp aime soit dit en passant mais que je trouvais dommage de refaire). En vérité ça n’a rien a voir si ce n’est le sens du service ! On ne vient pas qu’à Bali pour la plage (du moins d’Europe car les Australiens eux , un peu plus)

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          oui c’est très différent : la thaïlande est assez indétronable en terme de gentillesse des gens je trouve : c’est ce que tu voulais dire aussi?

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    Mon Journal Doré

    Waouhh ces paysages sont extraordinaires!!

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    Quelle belle série de photos!!! 🙂
    C’est magnifique

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    Tega LaLaLand ! (pardon) (c’est très joli)

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      hahaha ! tu sais que j’y ai pensé aussi 🙂 Reste à faire venir Ryan dans les rizières 🙂

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    C’est splendide! Ca donne envie d’y aller

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    Ces paysages sont impressionnants, c’est vraiment sublime ! 🙂

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    Merci tout le monde ! Ces paysages sont assez bluffants en effet. Merci d’aimer, je suis ravie de partager mon voyage avec vous <3

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    Ça a l’air sublime comme destination. J’adore ton blog…

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