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As I was telling you earlier, I don’t mind spending my summer in Paris because I can discover the capital with a more relaxing point of view.

I found this address on a Saturday night, early August. My SO and me were walking once again in my favorite neighbourhood, Sainte Anne street/Palais Royal.

Once will not hurt, we didn’t want to eat Japanese food that night and decide to try out this Dépôt légal. We enjoyed our time there so much that we ended up going back there 3 times in a month… that says it all!


Christophe Adam’s canteen

I found out later that this place was inaugurated last May by the famous pastry Chef Christophe Adam, well-know for his “éclairs de génie”(= genius éclairs).

Every time I went there, I had a warm welcoming from waiters and waitresses, effective and smily. I was worried the ambiance could be too “Parisian” in a stilted/snobbish way but not at all.

This mix between “brasserie/coffee/tearoom/pastry/tapas bar/grocery store” is comfortable, no matter if you seat inside or outside on the small patio/terrace on the Petits Champs street.

The decoration has been designated with elegance and conviviality.

Everything is home made with fresh products and “made with love” as written on the single newspaper sheet used as menu.


4-times treat

By opening this place, Christophe Adam aimed to bring this place to life from morning to night, 7 days a week while following 4 key food times of the day. Challenge was successfully reached as I went back to discover each time’s speciality!

As I said at the beginning of this article, we found this place at night in a “tapas/win bar” ambiance: dished served (ceviche, croque Vivienne made with cream cheese and truffle, creamy Burrata, etc..) convinced us thanks to their freshness and the delicate harmony of savours.

Cream cheese and truffle Croques, creamy Burrata et ceviche for the evening


But the “final knock out” came with the dessert: chocolate mousse with on top a chocolate-chestnut shortbread biscuit with its salty butter caramel ice cream, a divine assortment of textures as I love. A real true moment of pleasure.

The following time I stopped by for teatime to enjoy a Genmaicha tea perfectly served with a yummy pistachio and raspberry barlette (=long shortbread tart).

“Éclairs de génie” anytime during the day


The third time was for a Sunday brunch that I will describe more in details at the end of this post.

Then, last Saturday, we got tempted to try the lunch: a pokebowl with fresh tuna, sticky rice, avocado, mango, ginger and coriander dressing for me and a toasted sandwich with curry chicken for my dear love.

Curry chicken toasted sandwich & Pokebowl for lunch


He was left a bit hungry but on my side, in line with my green/healhty mood since my return from Bali, I really appreciated this bowl full of freshness. However, I would prefer warn you if you have a big appetite, you might be a bit disappointed during lunch time.


Sunday brunch

On Sunday, early-birds can experience “Happy morning” until 10:30am: salty or sweet toasts, viennoiseries, smoothies bowls are offered on the menu.

As we were a bit lazy, we opted for brunch starting from 11:00am.

A complete brunch


For 29€, it includes hot drink (coffee, tea, or hot chocolate), fresh squeezed juice (green apple juice was delicious), sweet bites (croissant roll, Maison Bordier toasts with butter or waffles), one salty or sweet bowl, one toast or one “croque” and to perfectly finish one “éclair du jour” or dessert from the menu (add-on 2€).

 Quinoa feta bowl & avocado mimosa egg “tartine”


A good way to combine the “Best of” of the Dépôt légal cuisine. I always preferred brunches without buffet as with buffet it’s usually more about quantity rather than quality. Therefore I appreciated this one served at our table and prepared with love.

Waffles  & Chocolate croissant roll


The sweet touch remains the strong part of this place with this “1000 feuilles mouillettes” made of “caramelised crapotes” soak into this smooth vanilla praline and pecan nuts cream. Divinely good.

1000 feuilles mouillettes and caramelized crapotes


The yuzu and coco éclair defended itself quite fairly as well (yes I tasted the 2 desserts on these pictures (and IRL)… for the blog of course, hehe).

 Yuzu coco Éclair


To sum up

This Dépôt légal by Christophe Adam is a beautiful discovery, which mixes freshness love and desserts perfectly prepared. I particularly enjoyed the brunch aspect and tapas at night but each moment of the day as its own charm and quality remains the same.

The menu is supposed to change along the seasons: so I will be very pleased to go again (… hoping the chocolate mousse and 1000 feuilles will still be available!). (English translation by Quiterie)

by Christophe Adam

2 rue Vivienne
75002 PARIS
(Métro Bourse)

My Outfit

Jacket Close
Tee shirt ASOS
Pants Samsøe Samsøe (-45%)
Sandals Nomadic State of Mind
Straw tote bag brought from Ubud, Bali

Bracelets Dinh Van, Thomas Sabo, Mya Bay, Louis Vuitton
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Earrings Mango
Necklace Minetta Jewellery
Watch Cluse

Eyelashes extension « Volume russe » Les cils de Marie (already seen here)
Eyebrow crayon Brow Drama Pomade « Châtain » Maybelline NY
Lipsticks « 986 Melted Chocolate Mat » Maybelline NY
+ Color riche « Dahlia Insolent 135 » L’Oréal Paris
Nailpolish Color Show Preppy Woman « 470 Runway Rose » Maybelline NY



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    La vajilla me trae muchos recuerdos con mis abuelos.

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    Je suis conquise par ton article et tes photos. Déjà bonne cliente de l’Eclair de Génie, j’ai maintenant très envie de découvrir le Dépôt Légal 🙂

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    Mon Journal Doré

    Les photos sont superbes et donnent très envie de découvrir l’endroit!

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    Miam!! Tout a l’air délicieux!

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    Je suis moi aussi une fan inconditionnelle de ce restau ! J’y suis allée plusieurs fois depuis son ouverture et je le fais découvrir à mes amis ! J’y ai passé d’excellents moments à chaque fois. Pour la petite histoire, le restau s’appelle “Dépôt légal” car autrefois ces locaux, situés en face de la Bibliothèque nationale (en travaux actuellement mais toujours ouverte au public), accueillait les livres reçus par le dépôt légal éditeur avant qu’ils ne soient répartis dans les départements spécialisés de la Bibliothèque 😉 C’est génial que Christophe Adam ait conservé l’histoire du lieu tout en transformant le tout en restau moderne et ultra chaleureux ! 🙂

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      Ouiii ! J’ai appris cette anecdote aussi après coup ! J’aime vraiment cet endroit moi aussi et il m’arrive souvent d’y aller plusieurs fois dans la journée (mission réussie pour Christophe Adam alors ;-))

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    sophia aka Julytoseptember

    j’ai fini par tester pour le goûter samedi dernier avec un ami, je compte bien y retourner le soir avec d’autres mais je n’ai pas l’impression que cela soit possible de réserver , chose qui a tendance à me faire un peu peur dans les endroits “cools”
    de paris

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      Je ne pense pas que ce soit réservable mais si vous arrivez tôt (19h) je pense que ça devrait le faire. Je ne crois pas que cela soit la foule comme dans un Big Mamma ou autre hein. mais je peux me tromper !

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