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I was not thinking I would be wearing a jumper that early in September (I still try to avoid winter coats): here is why today we have this kind of look with checkered blazer and warm knit, a must-have to get along this Parisian chilly weather.

As I was telling you earlier, I am really happy about this red jumper and I will show you the cream-color one next time.

My style hasn’t changed much lately: still very boyish (without much choices because as we are working on the appartement refurbishing half of my clothes are in a box in the cellar).


Objective “minimalism”

Therefore it might be a bit challenging for me to create new looks with not much clothes in the coming weeks.

This being said, when everything will be back to normal at my place (now it’s pretty chaotic), as I was telling you I will try to only keep my wardrobe as simple as possible to only keep the essentials.

The idea would be to reinvent myself with only a few things in my closet. To be continued… (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Jumper Close
Blazer Zara (similar here)
Pants Sézane (already seen here)
Loafers Comptoir des cotonniers (already seen here)
Bag Close (already seen here)

Bracelets Dinh Van, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski, Louis Vuitton
Ring Papyrus Atelier B
Earrings Mango
Watch Cluse

Eyelashes extension « Volume russe » Les cils de Marie (already seen here)
Eyebrow crayon Brow Drama Pomade « Châtain » Maybelline NY
Lipstick Lip Paint Lacquer “105 Red fiction” L’Oréal Paris



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    Mon Journal Doré

    Superbe look! Ce blazer à carreaux est magnifique 🙂

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    Simple, efficace, élégant, tout ce que j’aime ! Ce petit pull donne envie !
    J’ai essayé de deviner dans quelle gare tu avais pris les photos, à tout hasard, gare Montparnasse ?

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    Très chic. Très bonne idée d’avoir choisi la gare, cela va très bien avec ta tenue surtout sur la première photo.

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    Sobre et chic merci pour vos idées

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