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I began from the same starting point with the same “skirt-jumper” as last time but by changing the jacket and the accessories, I came up with this outfit, of a different style, a little more rock thanks to the perfecto and a little warmer with the scarf. Otherwise I am not teaching you anything by … Read more

Dinner with Chantal Thomass

· Fashion, Illustration

A few weeks ago, I had the incredible privilege of being invited to meet the iconic designer Chantal Thomass at her home to discover her new autumn-winter collection, influenced by the 20s. My blog has been a source of wonderful surprises over the years and this one is a particularly amazing one, all dressed in … Read more


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Because winter and fall are my favourite season for dressing up, I can’t hide the fact that I am starting a little coat collection in my wardrobe (I actually just sorted out my dressing yesterday and…I am keeping all my coats: Gaining space will have to wait). The coat, it’s the first you see in … Read more


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For the first time in a very long time, I’m experimenting wearing a hat with strands of hair actually peeking out from underneath! Wooo! How bold, how daring! Last year, around the same time, only my fringe could make it’s way out from under the hat. THANK GOODNESS I’m here to let you know that … Read more

« T’as d’beaux yeux tu sais… »

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This is a little compilation of the accessories and objects who eye me up day and night! Last acquisition to date: this little transparent rigid clutch with sweet eyes that I can easily see myself wearing at a party with a suit and heels. I should make a stash of little pouches of different colours … Read more


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I’ve been totally commited to team leopard these past years as you’ve seen on the blog. I know I already have so many pieces of clothing with this print in my wardrobe…but I just couldn’t miss out on this super warm frock cut coat! The leopard-burgundy mix is one of my favorites, as is the … Read more

Folds and drapes

· Fashion

I can add a 6th way to wear my polka dot jacket! For some reason, this jacket is an untold source of looks. It is still a little cold to wear it at the moment, but refusing to let it hibernate in a wardrobe, I chose to warm it up with this fluffy jumper, close … Read more

Walt’s, an american restaurant

· Food, Illustration

During my visit to Tokyo DisneySea, you might remember how amazed I had been by the incredible choice, creativity and quality of the food there. All the more so that I had been disappointed quite a number of times by what I had had in our french Disneyland (Remy’s bistrot, next to the Ratatouille ride … Read more

All Princesses

· Fashion, Travel

Like a lot of you brought it up on instagram, I was lucky to be invited to Disneyland Paris last weekend for the opening of the Christmas season but also so I could share an event brought on by the ‘Secours Populaire’ that is close to my heart. Hard to talk about charity without asking … Read more

The Duffle-coat is back

· Fashion

So, what do you think? I hope you’re getting used to the new blog and that you’re enjoying it? On my side, it’s like opening a new notebook: I’m trying to keep everything neat (like at the beginning of the school year, when you have the tip of your tongue sticking out in effort, you … Read more

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