Live in Levi’s

· Fashion

We all share some history with Levi’s, as you may have noticed in their recent #LiveInLevis campaign. On my part, a couple of years back, I discovered the “butt lift” properties of the 501 – a great asset (pun not intended) if you’re about to be called up to the front of the classroom for … Read more

Extreme Makeover

· Illustration

I’ve been indirectly teasing you on Instagram, announcing a change. Yes, but what kind of change? Some of you where waaay off (No, I’m not getting my eyes fixed with laser surgery – that’s already been done! – nor am I getting plastic surgery for my jaw – Why by the way? Should I? haha!) … Read more

My Mouse collection

· Decoration, Fashion

Tee-shirt Uniqlo (2012) Sweatshirt Eleven Paris (already seen here) After showing you my last multi-faceted Mickey outfit, I wanted to reference what I possessed in terms of the mouse in every aspect. Stripped shirt Comme des Garçons (already seen here) postcard & badges from Disneyland Paris Polaroid Instax Fujifilm Yes, because the debate is raw … Read more

Of Mice and Women

· Fashion

At what age are you supposed to stop wearing sweatshirts with cartoon characters on them? It’s the question I asked myself when I placed an online order for this Minnie and Mickey sweatshirt. I’m generally all for the “freedom of wear” but I have to admit that a Mickey or Hello Kitty t-shirt doesn’t do … Read more


· Fashion

I have once again the proof that patience is key. Never do anything too quickly. First example with my bi-colour derbies (From the dreamt Sandros we found some from Topshop that were totally convincing). Today same scenario: I have drooled over this Stine Goya knitted jumper, forgot about it and this is what I found … Read more

Two Piece Suit

· Fashion

We find ourselves again with a new look in a two piece suit. I love suits because you can wear them as a whole or as separates, it’s as we like it. The first time, I was wondering what bag to wear with a suit. I avoided the problem this time by wearing my bag … Read more

A touch of feminity

· Fashion

As you may have noticed by now, I’ve always liked the tomboy style. I’m more often inspired by men’s style than by glamorous bodycon dresses (I even have a Pinterest board with men’s looks…and it’s not just for the cute male models, I really use it for inspiration when I get dressed!). That being said, … Read more

My Ostend yummy addresses

· Food, Illustration, Travel

  As promised, I come back to you with a post listing my culinary crushes from this trip to Ostend. As I was saying, I was totally seduced…and even more food-wise: it was the highlight of the weekend ! Still high on my last Belgium trips, I knew I was going to eat well but … Read more

Gone Girl

· Fashion

My ramblings have absolutely nothing to do with the outfit I’m showing you today, but last monday, I was at the premiere of David Fincher’s latest movie Gone girl (he’s the mind to which we owe Benjamin Button, Seven, Millenium…) and I absolutely had to share my thoughts with you…I simply loved it. I had … Read more

Burgundy New Balance

· Fashion

Rumour says that burgundy is THE colour of the season (with yellow, if I know how to analyse the fashion magazines well). So, even though it is meant to be in the now, my passion for burgundy is not recent: it’s now been a few years (here, here, here or there) that I have shown … Read more

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