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Let’s take a fashion-break: here’s a drawing for the movie “Papertowns” (out August 12th in France) that I got to see at a premiere in June.

If you used up all your tissues on “The fault in our stars” (be it the book or the movie) and/or you’re a fan of John Green’s books, this might be of interest to you, since it’s based on his novel of the same name.

On my part, I enjoyed the movie, even though I must admit I didn’t love it as much as the first one: I was especially curious to see our dear Cara Delevingne‘s debut as an actress. .


The movie team in Paris

The actors (Cara, Nat Wolff) and the author John Green were all in Paris for their promotion tour in France, and I was lucky enough to be able to see them in a press conference at the Bristol Hotel.

The conference was a short one (15 minutes!), and I was surrounded by a dozen bloggers/journalists, so it wasn’t ideal to ask my own questions (I did manage to ask one though!)

The experience was interesting though: I got to see how a press conference works, and witness with my own eyes how perfect Cara is (these legs!), and how friendly and laid back Nat and John are.

John, Cara & Nat at Le Bristol Hotel

So, as an improvised reporter, I learned that:

– Cara was going to keep on moving forward in both her acting and modelling careers

– that she was deceived in love by a boy called Robert Kaisersteen (?) when she was 5

– that as a child, she used to collect conkers and pieces of glass on the beach because she thought they were precious stones (this was her answer to my question – wait for it : “Do you, like in the movie (where there’s a collection of black Santa Clauses) – have a tendency to collect unusual things?)

I also got to see that Nat and John were actually really good friends in real life, and that John didn’t really know Cara before casting her, following the -wise- recommendation of an assistant who sang her praises. He was convinced by her performance during the casting.

Cara and Nat also get along really well. The first says of the latter that he is a “ray of sunshine” and Nat isn’t shy on his compliments about Cara either: “beautiful, sensible, spontaneous, wonderful actress”.

This film might not be the best one to get a full view of Cara’s actress talents ( I find the movie somewhat lacks in emotion in comparison with the book) but it won’t stop most of you from having a good time if you’re nostalgic (or actually experiencing) teenage love issues, the whole thing being wrapped up in a mysterious paper chase ! (English translation by Bleu Marine)

Photo credits : ©Tokyobanhbao except the last one ©20th Century Fox


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    j’ai trop adoré ce film “Nos étoiles contraire” un superbe film.
    Je suis contente de Cara se lance dans une carrière autre que le mannequinat !!

  2. Reply


    quelle chance, merci pour avoir partagé cette belle expérience 🙂
    xo xo from PAris

  3. Reply


    Merci d’avoir mis ta casquette de reporter pour nous! C’est chouette que tu partages ça avec nous!
    Par contre, c’est dingue cette fille quand même, ses jambes sont 5 fois plus longues que la normale!!! oO

    • Reply


      Regarde la blogueuse Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage sur instagram) !! elle a des jambes super longues aussi 😮
      Ou même l’actrice Lesli Bibb
      Des jambes de rêve *-* si seulement j’avait des jambes comme celles-ci

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    Han tu as pu rencontrer Cara ! La classe !
    J’ai lu le livre et été voir le film hier… J’ai tout aimé ahah

  5. Reply


    Wow you met Cara! And John Green! That must have been really interesting!

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    Super contente que tu ai partagé avec nous ton expérience du film et du livre que je partage. Bien plus d’émotions dans le livre et d’apport philosophique ! Mais j’ai trouvé également Cara convaincante, hâte de voir la suite ! 😀

    • Reply


      Oui, le livre est plus développé niveau sentiments. Sinon, Cara est convaincante car le rôle est très proche de sa personnalité dans la vie (bon je dis ça comme si je la connaissais haha ) donc je ne peux vraiment juger de sa qualité d’actrice : j’aimerais qu’elle joue quelque chose de plus doux ou quelqu’un de plus fragile: ça m’intéresserait de la voir dans un rôle à contrepied !

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    Wouah! Quelle chance de pouvoir rencontrer la grande Cara et John Green que j’apprécie beaucoup. Je n’ai lu ni le livre et je ne suis pas allée voir lfcdm mais je pense faire les deux haha. En tout cas très sympa comme article et les photos des acteurs, magnifiques!

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