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After a day spent laughing with my Totem tribe, I want to keep with the Kenzo Parfums spirit and tell you about the day I spent in Brussells (lovely city that I already talked about here).

Indeed, last week, I left with the Kenzo Parfums team and blogger firends to celebrate both the 15th anniversary of the Flower by Kenzo perfume and the release of their new fragrance: l’Elixir, all while admiring the creations of artist Jean-François d’Or in the framework of the Mad Brussels fashion itinerary.

With regards to this special occasion, the artist created ephemeral art around the poppy.

The artist Jean-François d’Or

His idea came from the origin of the word coquelicot (poppy in french); did you know there used to be a time where that word was written “coquelicoq” (coq means rooster in french), as a tribute to the rooster?. Hence the name of one of his works “Le chant du coquelicot” (the song of the poppy).

“Le chant du coquelicot” de Jean-François d’Or

What a great idea to represent sunrise all over the world with a timer that releases sheets of gold everytime the sun rises in Paris, Bangkok, San Diego, Tokyo or somewhere else.

We also admired his “Circus Bouquet”, or his “Red Forest”, made with Elixir Flower by Kenzo bottles, set up in such a way that it represents a batallion of love and justice (ah, no wait, that’s Sailor Moon … but you get the idea).

“The red forest” by Jean François d’Or

“Circus bouquet” by Jean-François d’Or

On top of all that art, we walked around the Grand-Place for some chocolatey-tainted shopping (Maison Dandoy, I love you!).

We should have been more reasonable, because by the time we finished our chocolate or caramel waffles, our train for Paris left without us!

Thankfully, we were able to get into the next one 20 minutes later. Here are a couple pictures to give you a glimpse of what a fun day it was, filled with art, poppys, and waffles! (English translation by Marine)

Pierrobeau, Leeloo, ElsaMuse, Marie and  Elsa from Kenzo Parfums, My Little Fashion Diary, Glam&Glitter, Park&Cube and me (Thanks Kenzo parfums for having me during this fabulous day in Brussells !)

PS : you can plant a poppy everywhere in the world here on the Flower by Kenzo website.

Photos credits : Stanislas Liban, Tokyobanhbao

My Outfit

Shirt Laura Clément
Bandana ASOS
Jeans Levi’s
Sneakers Stan Smith Adidas
Bag PS11 Proenza Schouler
Bracelets Dinh Van, Mya Bay

Lipstick « 16 Place Vendôme 364 » Color Riche L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris
Nailpolish 873 Carnal Dentelle Color Riche L’Oréal Paris


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    Quelles belles installations!

  2. Reply

    Petite and So What

    Quelles belles photos! <3
    Belle semaine

    Petite and So What

  3. Reply

    Mode en France

    Merci pour cette visite guidée! Et ça me donne encore plus envie d’aller à Bruxelles que je ne connais toujours pas!…

  4. Reply

    Juliette Latraf

    J’aurais adoré te croiser dans les jolies rues de ma ville 🙂 Et cette journée rouge avait l’air magnifique ! Tout comme la photo de vous trois, top !!

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    Le Monde des Petites


    Tes photos sont superbes .


    Le Monde des Petites

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    Merci à toutes!

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    Wild lingerie

    Ces installations artistiques sont superbes! C’est une très belle initiative dans l’univers de la parfumerie de luxe et de la mode d’avoir donné la main à un artiste (que j’adore) et qui reste vraiment sans prétention.
    Côté mode, ton manteau me plaît énormément ^^


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