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I’m making a shy comeback on the blog today. I had a couple articles lined up for the blog, but I ended up not posting them.

Those of you who follow me on social media know that I was in Japan for another unforgettable trip in this country I love, but this friday November 13th turned out to be unforgettable for the sad reasons that we know.

As I’m writing these lines, I’m in the plane on my way back to Paris, and I’m at loss for words that would express how I feel : I’m afraid to use words that will be wrong, useless, or inappropriate with regards to the sadness and mourning of those that are less fortunate than I, I hope you will forgive me.

I watched these horrific events unfold away from home, it was very unsettling – I received messages from loved ones who thought I was in Paris, I feverishly sent my own messages to those who were, feeling powerless, as we all were.

In those few words, I wanted to share with you my somewhat foggy feelings, my deep support to those who lost one loved one or more, my encouragement to take in each and every day spent with family and loved ones, to make each day more colorful than the last, even if those colors won’t ever resonate the same way with us after this day.

The Tokyo Tower illuminated in our French flag colors

This is a picture of my hotel room in Tokyo “the day after”, as we say. Rich in it’s symbol, in solidarity and love.

I’ll be back soon on a lighter note. Meanwhile, may your life shine like these little lights in the night. Take care. (English translation by Marine)


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    Heureuse de te retrouver ,même si je ne poste que très très rarement ,je te suis tous les jours .nous sommes tous unis dans cet immense malheur .

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    Lou et Swann

    Très touchée par ton message où on ressent toute ta sensibilité !


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    The slow pace

    Beautiful words. It’s funny how blogging creates such a community… I instantly thought about you and other Parisian blogger I follow. This shows that there are people who care about other people they don’t even know. I think it’s important to remember that, there’s hope.

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      Yes it’s the very good thing about blogging : it brings so much human warmness <3 Hope everything is fine for you

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    Joli message.
    Ca a du être étrange de vivre ça de l’étranger.

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    Un Presque Rien

    J’espère que malgré tout ça tu as pu profiter pleinement de cette merveilleuse ville qu’est Tokyo…

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    I’m glad to know you are okay (physically at least). Our hearts are with you Paris.

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