The tuxedo dress

· Fashion

As you know, my style tends to be more relaxed than sophisticated but I try my best to find more elegant outfits that could save my life, so let’s say: for Christmas or New Year’s Eve (to avoid thinking too much about it the week before), for parties (same reason) or for weddings (still the … Read more

The cap

· Fashion

In the headwear family….after the hat and the beanie, here’s a new member: the cap! I loved wearing those during my middle school years, but let’s say the outfit wasn’t quite the same…think Adidas® track suit (with the zipper open all the way to the calf of course) embroidered Naf Naf® sweatshirt, Acne®-full face … … Read more

Olympia mix

· Fashion, Illustration

Phone bag Charlotte Olympia (already seen here and here) Chocolate box Olympia Le-Tan for Pierre Marcolini If you are dyslexic, this article is going to confuse a lot more. Indeed, for a while, I admit that I needed a thinking pause to dissociate the creations of Charlotte Olympia and those of Olympia Le-Tan. Both English, … Read more


· Fashion

The freezing wind of these past few days pushed me to invest in new headgears. So far, I was mostly attracted by soft and sagging beanies, but this year the bigger, the better. In search of “chunky” hats, I found this one and another more imposant one from H&M; my only regret is that they … Read more

In my kitchen

· Decoration, Fashion, Food

As I was telling you, I’m more home design than fashion oriented nowadays … And lately, it’s been narrowed down to kitchen design: I’ve noticed I enjoy spending more an more time in the kitchen – trying out savory and sweet recipes. This would have been unthinkable a couple of years back for the kitchen … Read more

Because I’m…

· Fashion

… Happyyyy ! And now you will have Pharrell Williams in mind for the whole day! Well, not really… because if you look at my pictures it would be more something like “Because I’m App” or “Because I’m ppy”: the temperatures are freezing, my scarf is hiding the letters on my sweater… so it might … Read more

Phuket Town

· Fashion, Food, Travel

As I was telling you in my “swimming suit farniente” post, we didn’t really visit much, except for two days: one day we spent in the islands, and the other in Phuket Town, the capital of Phuket island.   Colors and scents We enjoyed walking around this colorful town, which has kept its traditional side, … Read more

Happy 2015 !

· Illustration

There we go! We are there ! Happy new year to you all ! I wish you all to start this 2015 year with a bang and to keep it up until 2016 obviously (after too) ! Good health, happiness, and love all come aboard ! Bye bye 2014, Hello 2015 ! This year, I … Read more

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