Unidentified Large Jeans

· Fashion

I was telling you about the “cropped flare” and for everyone visual sake, I don’t think I will give in to this trend: too difficult to tame unless your are as thin as Alexa, and I am not even sure. However, the jeans I wear today are not less dangerous but as soon as I … Read more

Cooking class at Les Barmes

· Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

So there you go, the two recipes that I was lucky to make with the talented chef Alain Lamaison, the one and only that fed me so well during my stay at the hotel Les Barmes de l’Ours. I hope that you understand it all and that you will be able to reproduce it all … Read more

Winter is still here

· Fashion

With these winter temperatures, it had been a while since I had worn a skirt. I made an effort last weekend for a family brunch and I survived thanks to my coat (in wool) and my beanie (not in wool) which has also survived without pilling too much. I made a second effort when I … Read more

Camera ! Aaand… Action !

· Fashion

I wore this outfit when I went to see Kingsman for the 2nd time at the movies : the most comfortable outfit ever, perfect when you just want to sit back and eat your popcorn. When I looked at it more closely I thought it might actually be a typical director’s outfit (I like making … Read more

Hungry like a Bear at Les Barmes

· Food, Illustration, Travel

We are approaching to the end of our mountain adventure : so let’s get out food on…times 3 ! It is an absolute fact that the hôtel “Les Barmes de l’Ours”  were able to satisfy my culinary wants (except asian, the hotel is not called “The Barmes of Panda”, so I can forgive them) because … Read more

That 70’s look

· Fashion

Be a bit more patient before I start talking about mountain food (I draw out the pleasure), I would like to go back to the seasonal looks first. We’ve been hearing about the return of the flare ( but I have this feeling that it has never really left because I often wear them (here … Read more

The Spa at Les Barmes

· Fashion, Travel

And we continue with our visit of the beautiful “Les Barmes de l’Ours” hotel by heading over to their spa, where you can treat yourself to some quality relaxation after a long day skying (or in our case snowshoeing). I’m enjoying massages a lot more since my trips to Thaïland, and during this weekend in … Read more


· Fashion

Before leaving again to the mountains, a short break for a look made with the Superstars sneakers because yeeeees! I gave in. After the Stan Smith and the Gazelle, the Holy Trinity is finally reunited. We can see them everywhere, it is not very original, but I love the looks we can compose with them. … Read more

A stroll in snowshoes

· Fashion, Travel

Like I was telling you, these last few days in Val d’Isère not only meant a lot of cocooning in our magnificent hotel but a little sport too…so we can equilibrate the scales, after our many gourmet binges! Last year I strapped on my skis to glide down the slopes (or more like tumble down). … Read more

Les Barmes de l’Ours

· Fashion, Food, Travel

A couple days ago I escaped to Val d’Isère, where I had been so charmingly welcomed last year for Valentine’s Day… remember? This time, the luxurious Hotel Spa “Les Barmes de l’Ours” invited me to rediscover Val d’Isère from a new angle. Which is how I ended up spending a couple of wonderful days in … Read more

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