Get Ready for Kingsman

· Illustration

This particular film, I’ve been waiting for since autumn for it and there it is: I checked it out last week in a preview screening (it comes out on the 18th of February), and Matthew Vaughn and…Colin Firth were there (hiiii). Like I said before, I hate reading film critiques and I never watch trailers … Read more

Blue, Camel and grey

· Fashion

For my looks, I get my inspiration from pretty much everywhere: streetstyle, lookbooks, fashion shows, movies… Regarding the association of colors, I keep in mind the most interesting and then use them for my outfits. For example, this “blue camel and grey” association idea comes from the lookbook of the Michael Kors Prefall 2014 Collection, … Read more

Tea with Yelle

· Fashion, Food

A while back, Urban Outfitters set Yelle, Typhaine and I up for a little teatime chat. She had just come back from LA where she had just wrapped up her latest video (“Ba$$in”). You may remember that I like the artist as much as I do the person; my blog had already brought us together … Read more

The 37 M2: A Taiwanese Brunch

· Food, Illustration

Last weekend, we felt like a family brunch. Yes but WHERE? Found at the last minute, this address was a bit of a gamble. But luckily, despite the grim weather, the planets aligned for us and I can finally share with you my experience of the Taiwanese brunch. As the name gives away, the location … Read more

My teddy coat

· Fashion

If you are not a tactile person, get away from this coat because whenever I wear it, someone comes and strokes my harm or my shoulder: for just a moment I become my relatives’ soft cuddly toy (if I am in a good mood, I can give ‘free hugs’ as a bonus). I won’t complain … Read more

Pom Pom beanie

· Fashion

Update on the “Looking for winter beanies” file: I had tested the waters by sending a not-so-subliminal message to my “Momo” in Auvergne, to see if she might knit me a beanie with “real” wool: the response I got was “No no no, you’re dreaming, I won’t knit”. Seems like a beanie knit with love … Read more

She’s got the look ! #16

· Fashion, Illustration, She's got the look !

It’s the return of the “She’s got the look” column, the first of the year ! This time you know the idea, you need to guess what is hiding behind this silhouette : a on point look, a masculine style “couldn’tcareless” perfect with messy hair. It isn’t a blogger but you must have seen her … Read more


· Fashion

It has been a while since you’ve seen these cut-out boots on the blog… They still have an important space inside my “shoesing”, I still love them a lot. However, my SO is still not friend with them because he finds a resemblance to the orthopedic shoes, but you, you do understand me, don’t you? … Read more

Chunky again

· Fashion

I was telling you about wanting “chunky” beanies: here’s the one I found at H&M. Not quite sure it’ll manage to survive the season quality wise, especially without pilling, but oh well … we’ll see! Other than that, the temperatures we’re dealing with are leaving us no choice but to don our wool coats and … Read more

Easy peasy recipe #1

· Food, Illustration

Cherry-Tomato shrimps and coconut milk I don’t know if this will be a recurring column but I will try to share with you, at least today, a super simple recipe for Cherry-tomato shrimps and coconut milk (for 4 people) that I found at the back of a milk carton (coconut obvi) and I got it … Read more

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