The forest of enchantment

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Disneyland, it’s a bit like my second house, as you can notice with all my visits out there.

No matter if it’s in Tokyo or Paris, the magical remains present all year long and always fulfil my growing nostalgia.


Enchantment to the eyes

What a pleasure when I got invited this weekend to the premiere of the new “Forest of Enchantment” show… Because in Disneyland there is not only attractions, Disney Dreams fireworks or coco marshmallows!

Forest donuts

I remember that time when my SO and I had the annual passport: we would run to see all the shows happening all around the park (“Mulan” in Discoveryland or “The Tarzan encounter” at the Chaparral Theater remain one of our best memories).

The greatest irony is that in spite of being a frequent visitor of the park, I heard very late about the “Frozen” show (therefore I didn’t see it): I wouldn’t repeat the mistake with this show (which take it over until May 8th)!

Enchanted cupcakes

So I was able to enjoy “The Forest of enchantment” this Friday night. The weather was freezing and raining, but anyway, as soon as I have good company nothing can tarnish my moral!

I had the pleasure to meet again my dear Tarzan who was swirling around with his liana and to discover other residents of this enchanted forest.

Flynn and Rapunzel… romantic!

My other favorite scenes: Baloo‘s dance, and the magical arrows of Merida the Scottish rebel.

I’m trying not to reveal everything but here is a sneak peak of the show which will make you, I hope, want to come and see if for real!


Dreaming at Disneyland Hotel

Other crazy thing this weekend : my very first night at the mythic Disneyland Hotel. My reference (I must admit, a bit old), it’s actually Michael Jackson who was used to stay over in one of the suite.

I didn’t pushed the dream any further and didn’t stay in the “Sleeping Beauty” suite but just staying in a room a couple of meters from the park was already enough magical: a childhood dream has become true.

This weekend as always was a succeed for my eyes, my stomach (the crunchy bacon at the Plaza Gardens restaurant: yummy!) and my little heart.

I have this feeling to overflow of cheesy when I come back from Disneyland but every time, my head is full of new unforgettable memories, I can’t help it! (English translation by Quiterie)

Rainy Disneyland, Happy Disneyland ?

My Outfit

Varsity jacket Three Floor (already seen here)
Breton shirt Maison Standards (already seen here)
Bandana vintage (Kyoto)
Leather slim Soft Grey (already seen here)
Socks Wolford
Shoes Dr. Martens

Lipstick « Mon Jules 430» Color Riche Matte L’Oréal Paris
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris


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    J’adore Raiponce et Balou : ce spectacle à l’air de toute beauté! Quelle chance tu as eu de dormir au Disneyland hotel… C’est un peu mon rêve à moi aussi

  2. Reply


    Ca a l’air tellement bien *^* Raiponce et Pocahontas, qu’on ne voit jamais, quelle joie ! Tes photos donnent vraiment envie !! Mais, comment ca se fait que tu y sois invitée ? C’est m’influence de ton blog ? Quelle chance en tout cas !! Merci pour ce joli reportage 🙂

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    Trop sympas les photos !
    Biz Deltrey

  4. Reply

    Petite and So What

    Les donuts… Ca me donne faim!

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  5. Reply


    Les photos sont géniales; ça me rappelle mon propre séjour en décembre 🙂 ça a dû bien te plaire tout ça!

  6. Reply

    Once upon a life

    Superbe article 🙂 J’aimerais beaucoup assister à un spectacle Disney ! Gros bisous <3

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    Je vais me la péter 2 secondes, je suis allée la première fois à Disneyland Paris vers 7-8 ans et J’AI VU Mickael Jackson nous faire un coucou de la fenêtre de sa suite et jeter un coussin à la foule (pas si nombreuse), dingue quand même ! Même si on l’a vu 2 secondes… Mais je n’ai jamais dormi dans cet hôtel et je ne vais jamais voir les spectacles du parc, j’y remédierai

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