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I’ve always had a passion for the “Magical girls”, these girls from cartoon/anime who have the power to transform themselves in a magic wand (… and the power to give me the desire to draw since my childhood).

Among them, Sailor Moon is my favourite (with Creamy Mami) and since my teenage years, even though my passion has decreased (or I should say is more “controlled”), I can’t resist to buy a small accessory or timber products from this anime, it’s all about nostalgia.

Actually there is a huge choice of Sailor Moon timber products in Japan: figurines, dolls, and various accessories. I’ve already started quite a nice collection during my previous trips to Japan, obviously!

Cosmic Heart Cheek blush “Miracle Romance” Creer Beauté
Candy boxes Sailor Moon


Lately the Bandai brand, seeing that I had quite a good affinity with the moon guardian, sent me a small surprise package so you can imagine my excitement when I received everything. Especially as I’ve never had the chance to bring back makeup before!

Makeup Moisture Rouge lipstick “Miracle Romance” Creer Beauté
DressUp pencil eyeliner “Miracle Romance” Creer Beauté

The packaging makes everything: this brooch that contained a blush, this lipstick and this eyeliner are magical, aren’t they ?

These products are confortable to apply and it lasts pretty long. That’s what I like: cosmetic for adult in a regressive packaging !

Keychain and figurines brought from Japan

So here is a quick overview of my lunar trinkets either new or older which might transform my apartment into a Sailor Moon museum soon haha! Moon Prism Power Make up! (English translation by Quiterie)


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    OH MON DIEU! Beaucoup trop de mignnonitude dans ton article! Je suis une fan intergalactique de Sailor Moon, les dessins animés m’ont également donné envie de commencer à dessiner lorsque j’étais encore enfant. Encore maintenant, je rêve de pouvoir un jour me transformer en héroïne et de sauver le monde 😀 Aaah tu me donnes envie d’aller au Japon et de dépenser tout mes sous!

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    Moon Prism Power Make Up ! (j’adore)

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    Oh la la la la ♥♥♥ J’adore !!!!

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    Bonjour !! Comme c’est mignon tout ça ! Je vais à la Japan expo jeudi !! Quel est le nom du stand Sailor Moon ???? Merci 😉

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    J’adore ces trucs ! Super ton article ! Quand nous sommes passés sur le stand Sailor Moon à la Japan Expo, mes filles avaient très peur à ce que je cède à la tentation … 😉

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