Five senses #16

· Beauty, Decoration, Fashion, Food

I’m finally back with a « Five senses » blog post while most of us have been locked down the past month, doing activities mostly at home (for those who are lucky enough to work from home). I hope this article will entertain you if your mood is a bit down or if you need … Read more

Five senses #9

· Beauty, Decoration, Fashion, Food

Here is a new episode of Five senses, the kind of article that I love writing because it allows me to talk about very different topics in one post. Let’s discover now what seduced my five senses lately.   SIGHT E. Gallina table for AM.PM Couch Ikea Pot La Redoute intérieurs   I fined tune … Read more

Five senses #7

· Beauty, Decoration, Fashion

Short break in my Japanese holidays to tell you all about the things that pleased my five senses lately. Let’s no wait more, and here are my new “Five senses” blog post.   SMELL This bouquet was composed by my dear loved for no particular occasion, but just because we both like having a floral … Read more

A story about lashes

· Beauty, Decoration, Fashion

I had promised you a recap of my lash-extension experience at Les Cils de Marie in November, here it is! The result is very positive, even if the first application was a bit uncomfortable (it tingled a bit, but for the last 2 “fillings” I didn’t feel anything, weird … the stress of the first … Read more

In the pink

· Beauty, Fashion

I hope you all started 2017 in the best possible way. On my part, after a farniente weekend in Lille, our trip back was actually completely chaos, with the unexepected arrival of fever and post-party digestive issues, which left me unable to leave bed for a while. Even if I’m much better as I’m writing … Read more

Happy 2017 !

· Beauty, Fashion, Food, Illustration, Travel

This year passed at a breakneck speed therefore it’s already time to extend my warm Greetings for 2017! I hope this new year will bring you happiness, love and serenity. I’m not the kind of persons who likes doing list of resolutions to start the year… simply because I don’t want to put pressure on … Read more

An Irresistible Christmas

· Beauty, Fashion

I recently had the chance to receive an early Christmas gift from Givenchy: “Live Irrésistible” Eau de Parfum with fruity and floral notes. You probably know the advertising campaign with the pretty and effervescent muse Amanda Seyfried : a lot of pink, loads of Happy, abundance of fun for an irresistible cocktail !   Happy … Read more

Five senses #4

· Beauty, Decoration, Fashion, Food

It’s been a while since the last time I showed you what had awaken my 5 senses : so let’s not waste one more minute!   Sight Lately, I must be hibernating because I spent all the last weekends at home, wearing pyjamas, to read in bed or on the sofa with a blanket. Following … Read more

A tailor-made afternoon with Guerlain

· Beauty, Fashion, Food

Last wednesday, I had the privilege of visiting “le 68”, the legendary Guerlain store, located on the Champs-Elysées avenue, n°68. Maison Guerlain had on top of this organized a tailored program just for me … I couldn’t have asked for more…it’s like a pre-Christmas gift. Indeed, when I arrived in front of the storefront, I … Read more

New eyelashes

· Beauty, Fashion

In this end-of-year period, I let myself enjoying new experimentations whether in culture or beauty. The latest one is eyelash extensions ! I indeed accepted the invitation from the “Les cils de Marie” institute to fulfill a long-standing desire that my Asian genes prevented to achieve so far. Indeed, Mother Nature gave me thin and … Read more

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