She’s got the look ! #19

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I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I finally found some time to chill out a bit and prepare a drawing for my column “She’s got the look”!

This time I drew a couple of twin sisters but one of them (on the left side) is particularly under the spotlight. I discovered this young lady on Instagram. Despite of her young age, she has strong tastes in terms of fashion. Her minimalist style, a bit boyish and vintage caught my eye right away.

To give you some clues, I tried to guess a selection of items she would probably wear (I hope I didn’t make any mistake!). Can you guess who I’m talking about? In any case, on my side, I’m a fan ! (English translation by Quiterie)

Edit May 4th 9.10 am: A little bit difficult this time ? Only 2 people found out who it was and Angélina was the first one to guess it was Reese from Doubl3xposure and here sister Molly !


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    Absolument aucune idée de qui il s’agit mais le style est canon ! J’adore

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    Comme ça je dirais Sophia Rosemary, mais je sais pas si elle a une jumelle et la couleur des yeux me fait douter …
    superbe dessin !

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      Non j’aime beaucoup aussi le style (un peu plus retro par contre) mais ce n’est pas elle !

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    Haaan j’adore ! Ils s’agit de @double3xposure et de @mollyblutstein

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    Qjin et qwon du compte insta q2chan ?

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    Je sèche !

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    Coucou tu es dure là. :p Je ne sais pas de prime abord.Un indice peut-être ? Merci d’avance cdt Jemmy

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      ça y est j’ai donné la réponse, c’est vrai que c’était pas évident cette fois !

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        Ah cool!!! Pour ma part c’est une belle découverte. Merci pour le partage. 🙂 cdt Jemmy

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    How cute !

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