Five senses #8

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Let’s start a new episode of Five Senses to discover what delighted my senses lately.



Raincoat Rains (already seen here)
Lotso bag Tokyo DisneySea
Minnie ears Tokyo Disneysea


For those who don’t know Lotso, my favorite character from Disney/Pixar, you might not understand the link between this outfit and the smell… but it’s actually easy! Because the evil bear from Toy Story smells like strawberry!

I brought back this small bag from Tokyo DisneySea (as well as these pink and sparkling Minnie ears) and I didn’t hesitate to wear the colors of Lotso during the week at Disneyland Paris.

The occasion to wear once again my pink rain coat you already saw here. Unfortunately, my bag doesn’t smell strawberry (unlike the cuddle toy!) but the scent of popcorn and other yummy things the park could provide!



During my winter trip in Japan, you followed my Instastories and advised me (thanks Angie!) to try out the white bread from Hokkaido because I was there: extremely soft and subtle taste… Really Japanese know how to do things!

Back to Paris, on the way to the bakery “Carré Pain de mie” located in Rambuteau street and specialized in white bread made with flour from Hokkaido. The owner Michie Hasegawa is actually Japanese.


Plates Wear Lemonade x Monoprix & Habitat
Trivet Serax
Wooden table AM.PM


So I went there last weekend to choose the  “Motchi motchi Sattori”  Japanese white bread (they also have more ‘occidental’ ones : the “Sakkuri”) and I was not disappointed at all. The price is more expensive than ones from supermarket (€8) but the softness and sweetness worth it.

It’s perfect to enjoy it plain but I also tried to toast it with a pan and added cheddar (easy for this recipe). The following day, I decided to make ‘croque-monsieur’ and it was delicious!

I will definitely go back to this bakery to try their sandwiches with pork in breadcrumbs, they looked very promising.



Two weeks ago, my heart of starry-eyed girl was fulfilled by this “Dawson’s creek” meet up organized by the Entertainment Weekly magazine: all the actors from my favorite tv show reunited after 20 years!


They got old (except Busy Phillips who didn’t changed much and Michelle Williams who, in my opinion, really looks better with the time) but what an emotional moment to see them posing and chatting all together, and to be present during this video interview!

I loved so much the warm hug between Jen and Jack, the jokes of Dawson alias James van der Beek (which is much funnier in the real life compared to his character at that time!) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) still himself, full of charm!


Photos credits : Mark Hom for Entertainment Weekly


What a shame they didn’t invite Dawson’s parents to this reunion, because they also had a big part in this tv show! Now, I feel like I want to watch again the 6 seasons (I’m already season 2!).

As I was saying in these articles here and here, some people don’t really understand my passion but I think (even more with original voices, because french voice version was sometimes censored and a bit silly) this tv show knew how to talk about teenagers, without detour, and with a sensitivity but still straight to the point and a quite realistic scenario.

Even after 20 years it’s still quite relevant (maybe a bit outmoded in terms of cloths but scarcely!).



Coffee cup Serax
CD Album ” Bad Blood” by Bastille
Golden spoon AM.PM


For the past 5 years, I’m still a huge fan of Bastille. I already attended 3 (or 4?) live performances and even got the chance to meet them backstage, totally randomly during a festival, here in 2013. On top of being talented, they are vey nice and I convinced them to pronounce a love declaration in French. But it’s not the point of today’s few words.

The band i currently doing a Tour in UK, for a new orchestration and genuine version of their songs, along with violons, pianos and chorals.

Unfortunately they didn’t plan to cross The Channel so we can enjoy the show too: so I’m dreaming about a “Reorchestrated Tour” album to be on sale after.

In the meantime, I’m comforting myself with YouTube and a few musical extracts, quickly recorded but we can give a quick glance at their performance. This video from 2017 in the Capitol studio shows the emotional potential of a more authentic orchestrated version. I’m melting.



Platycodons shoots with sesame sour cream at la Taverne de Zhao


If you follow my social media channels, you may have seen this video shoot at in order to try out 6 asian addresses in Paris (5 restaurants and 1 tea room).

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the result of our yummy marathon. It was extremely cold that day, and I hadn’t fully recovered from the flu but I really enjoyed and had fun with Julien and Sydney (behind the camera).


We filmed all the sequences during one afternoon (yes I know, we have large appetites!) and I must admit that I didn’t have dinner at night, just a cup of green tea. But it was so nice to pretend to be food testers!)

So here are the 6 places by order of preference: Sanukiya, Pontochoux, Happa Teï, Umami Matcha Café, Bangkok street food, La taverne de Zhao.

The Chinese restaurant is the last one because I had the occasion to go back again after the shooting and that day apart from the platycodons shoots with sesame sour cream, nothing very exceptional (but still OK).


Yuzu tart from Umami matcha Café


As per the Umami matcha café, I also went back and the matcha cheese cake is good without being exceptional. The yuzu tart is really the best at this place.

Sanukiya (its udons and its agedashi tofu) and Pontochoux both deserve the top of the ranking in term of taste. Let me know your thought if you decide to try it too! (English translation by Quiterie)


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    Il a pris cher Kerr Smith quand même !

    • Reply


      haha ! oui c’est lui qui a le plus vieilli mais bon, je tolère quand même 😉

  2. Reply


    Merci pour cet article intéressant! J’étais particulièrement intéressée par ce qui se mange ahah : l’adresse Carré pain de mie, merci je ne connaissais pas , un bon pain de mie fait toute la différence pour un bon sandwich! et Sanukiya que j’ai envie de tester. Perso j’ai testé une fois Umami j’ai pas été bluffée.
    Je suis d’accord avec toi, Michelle Wiiliams est de plus en plus belle , et tellement stylée!

    • Reply


      Le problème avec Umami c’est le lieu qui n’est pas archi cosy et leur point fort (entous cas, parmi ce que j’ai déjà goûté) est seulement la tarte au yuzu? mais bon, l’avantage c’est qu’ils servent des boissons assez variées à base de matcha.

      Et Michelle Williams, je l’adore !

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    j adore cet article!

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    C’est drôle que tu parles de Bastille car je reviens tout juste d’Edimbourg, où j’ai spécialement été pour voir une des dates de leur Reorchestrated tour ! (enfin j’en ai profité pour faire du tourisme aussi)
    C’était TEEEEEEEELLEMENT bien !!!! Je ne comprends pas qu’ils fassent si peu de dates, honnêtement ! Je pense sincèrement qu’à ce jour, c’était tout simplement mon meilleur concert !! En plus c’est dans des salles toutes petites de 2000 personnes, donc c’est hyper intimiste ! Enfin bref, tout ça pour dire que si tu a l’occasion, il faut vraiment foncer, c’est un concert exceptionnel ! Et Dan est tellement ADORABLE (#groupie haha <3)
    Et en plus, il a dit qu'il sortiraient leur prochain album "dans les semaines qui viennent" héhé, je dis ça je dis rien 😉 !

    • Reply


      ah mais quelle chance ! Bastille ET Edimbourg, une ville que j’ai adorée également !
      Oui les petits concerts c’est ce qu’il y a de mieux : déjà que j’avais adoré leur concert au Bataclan et les autres prestations pendant les festivals je n’ose imaginer en Ecosse dans une petite salle !
      Oui je pense que Dan est vraiment le chanteur de groupe le plus simple et abordable que je connaisse et surtout, j’ai l’impression aussi que le groupe profite vraiment de la ville dans laquelle ils donnent un concert à chaque fois: bref zero faute !

      et pour l’album j’attends de pied ferme ! merci pour les infos !

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    Dawson ou la série de mon adolescence! J’avais des posters partout de Joey et Pacey mon couple phare! Que de souvenirs! Je suis curieuse, où trouves tu les episodes en VO? Netflix? Je me referais bien tous les épisodes moi aussi!

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      haha je sortais à peine de l’adolescence quand je regardais donc les posters, j’arrivais à maîtriser mes pulsions et n’en ai pas accrochés hehe !
      pour les épisodes, en fait, j’ai le coffret complet en dvd des 6 saisons : l’un des seuls trucs que j’ai gardés en dvd (avec ma collec de film wes anderson, colin firth et bien sûr Ewan ;-)) donc je peux les regarder quand ça me chante.

      Du coup je ne peux répondre à ta question en ce qui concerne le streaming : je ne suis pas sûre que ce soit sur netflix…

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    Sur tes conseils, je me suis laissée tenter par le pain de mie de Hokkaido : quel moelleux ! Je réalise avec des croques à la poire + parmesan + cassonade + cumin et quelques grains de fleur de sel = un vrai délice !

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      ahhh contente de voir que tu as craqué ! et merci pour cette idée de croques: ça a l’air tout à fait alléchant !

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