The books I read in 2023

· Art, Culture

Throughout the year 2023, I continued my journey through books. A few years ago, I couldn’t concentrate on more than a few pages of reading. It’s clear that gradually immersing myself in easy-to-read Japanese books was a catalyst for holding my attention longer, truly enjoying turning the pages, and diversifying my reading! I had already … Read more

My 2023 fashion review

· Fashion

This is the time for my fashion review (or shopping review) of my year 2023. It’s the 4th year I’ve been doing this exercise, listing everything I’ve bought (and received as gifts) in terms of clothing and accessories/jewelry during the past year. This allows me to assess my consumption but also to shop with mindfulness … Read more

HAPPY 2024 !

· Art, Illustration

And here’s the start-of-year tradition I’ve been happy to perpetuate for 6 years now: My New Year’s wishes and the sending of greetings cards! The year 2023 turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster for me, but was nonetheless rich in lessons and happy moments. I don’t know what 2024 has in store for me, … Read more

The books I read in 2022

· Art, Culture

After my fashion shopping review of 2022, in another theme, I thought it would be interesting to list the books I read in 2022. Even if I consider that opinions/feelings can differ from one person to another (as for the cinema) and that my opinion is far from being universal, it might give you some … Read more

My 2022 fashion review

· Fashion

This is the 3rd year that I’ve been doing this fashion or shopping assessment. It’s a perfect way to review my way of consumption and to realize if what I bought in my dressing room was useful/qualitative. As for the previous times, I list the acquisitions I made this year, either through gifts or purchases. … Read more

Happy new year 2023 !

· Art, Illustration

I started this ritual 5 years ago in 2018 and always look forward to this little get-together to personally send you my best wishes. This past year has been closer to normal in terms of my social interactions (considering the previous 2 years under the sign of distancing) and I am infinitely grateful to have … Read more

Château La Coste

· Art, Culture, Food, Travel

The month of September was for me under the sign of vacations with a stay in Brittany (which I will detail soon) but also of a short escapade in the south of France, slightly oriented by the desire to visit a particular place for a few years. Indeed, since this 2018 exhibition, I have been … Read more

My summer discoveries

· Art, Fashion, Food, Illustration

As I stayed in Paris during July and August, I didn’t escape in terms of location but through reading, going out, discovering fashion or catching up on movies in the capital. So before I leave for vacation, I wanted to share with you some of my summer discoveries, which may inspire you, whether you are … Read more

Relaxing in Sumoto

· Food, Illustration, Travel

After 3 years almost to the day, I am FINALLY closing the story of our Japanese road-trip to Shikoku. I would not have thought to take so much time to tell you all this but the main thing is that, this is it! We are at the end of the trip! Last step of the … Read more

4 days in Milan

· Art, Culture, Food, Travel

Having just returned from a romantic break in Milan, I wanted to gather all the info and tips here on my blog rather than on Instagram, so that you can rely on a permanent post if you also decide to go there for a few days. I’ll definitely post some bonus video clips on Instagram … Read more

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