The books I read in 2023

· Art, Culture

Throughout the year 2023, I continued my journey through books. A few years ago, I couldn’t concentrate on more than a few pages of reading. It’s clear that gradually immersing myself in easy-to-read Japanese books was a catalyst for holding my attention longer, truly enjoying turning the pages, and diversifying my reading! I had already … Read more

HAPPY 2024 !

· Art, Illustration

And here’s the start-of-year tradition I’ve been happy to perpetuate for 6 years now: My New Year’s wishes and the sending of greetings cards! The year 2023 turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster for me, but was nonetheless rich in lessons and happy moments. I don’t know what 2024 has in store for me, … Read more

The books I read in 2022

· Art, Culture

After my fashion shopping review of 2022, in another theme, I thought it would be interesting to list the books I read in 2022. Even if I consider that opinions/feelings can differ from one person to another (as for the cinema) and that my opinion is far from being universal, it might give you some … Read more

Happy new year 2023 !

· Art, Illustration

I started this ritual 5 years ago in 2018 and always look forward to this little get-together to personally send you my best wishes. This past year has been closer to normal in terms of my social interactions (considering the previous 2 years under the sign of distancing) and I am infinitely grateful to have … Read more

Château La Coste

· Art, Culture, Food, Travel

The month of September was for me under the sign of vacations with a stay in Brittany (which I will detail soon) but also of a short escapade in the south of France, slightly oriented by the desire to visit a particular place for a few years. Indeed, since this 2018 exhibition, I have been … Read more

My summer discoveries

· Art, Fashion, Food, Illustration

As I stayed in Paris during July and August, I didn’t escape in terms of location but through reading, going out, discovering fashion or catching up on movies in the capital. So before I leave for vacation, I wanted to share with you some of my summer discoveries, which may inspire you, whether you are … Read more

4 days in Milan

· Art, Culture, Food, Travel

Having just returned from a romantic break in Milan, I wanted to gather all the info and tips here on my blog rather than on Instagram, so that you can rely on a permanent post if you also decide to go there for a few days. I’ll definitely post some bonus video clips on Instagram … Read more

Five senses #21

· Art, Decoration, Food

As you like this column a lot (and me too), here is a new episode of “Five senses” in order to share with you my latest discoveries which I hope will tickle your 5 senses too!   SIGHT A new plant has just appeared in my living room: the Calathea orbifolia. I love the way … Read more

Teshima & Takamatsu

· Art, Food, Illustration, Travel

It’s been almost 3 years since I went back to Japan… However, I still have 2 more stages to tell you about, from my May-June 2019 trip to Shikoku Island. We are at the penultimate post before the end of the report of this wonderful road-trip: I am taking my time but hope to finish … Read more

Happy 2022 !

· Art, Illustration

The year 2021 ended as special (or almost) as 2020. Our freedom of action and movement was not really complete, but some great things happened and I am grateful that I was able to keep myself and my loved ones healthy again. I hope that this was also the case for you.   A delightful … Read more

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