Five senses #21

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As you like this column a lot (and me too), here is a new episode of “Five senses” in order to share with you my latest discoveries which I hope will tickle your 5 senses too!



A new plant has just appeared in my living room: the Calathea orbifolia. I love the way it looks and the design of its leaves, but I’ve heard that it is difficult to maintain.

To keep it healthy, we advise avoiding draughts, placing it in a rather bright environment and only watering it when the soil is dry.

I placed it in front of the radiator but don’t worry, it’s not working at the moment, given the milder temperatures. So fingers crossed that it will be around for a long time to come and in good shape!



“Isle of dogs” Editions Abrams


Being a huge fan of Wes Anderson‘s work, I tend to collect all the books related to his films. The latest is the one about the film Isle of Dogs, released a few years ago, which I really liked.

On the programme, detailed behind-the-scenes photos, drawings, inspirations, interviews: a real mine of information and a treat for the eyes if you’re a fan like me.




Foodie Love until may 31st 2022 on Arte


Thanks to your and the photographer Émilie Guelpa de Griottes’ recommendations, I discovered the Spanish series “Foodie love” on Arte and it was a big hit!

If you like food, spicy romances, lilting accents and Japan, you can’t help but love this series full of humour, originality, sensitivity and sensuality.

Laia Costa and Guillermo Pfening


I’m trying not to spoil, but during 8 episodes of about 30 minutes, it’s about two people who meet in a café and then continue their date in a cocktail bar, a ramen stall or a gourmet restaurant. The seduction game is full of panache and complicity. Their passionate (and sensual) way of talking about food makes you want to fly to Barcelona (or Japan). The charm operates with a word, a look, a joke. We gradually become attached to the characters, discovering a touching fragility and some secrets.

The emotion and the greed are there: this mini-series was a real good surprises!



 Hibi “Oak moss” incense


I particularly like candles to give a cosy spirit to the house but I sometimes burn Japanese incense from time to time, for the visual and olfactory serenity it brings me. Here are the two types of incense that I particularly appreciate and whose smell is not too heady.

HIBI : This mini incense stick in the shape of a match is intended to burn for 10 minutes by placing it on a small adapted mat.


Encens Nippon Kodo Kayuragi “White Peach”


NIPPON KODO : a Japanese brand of incense sticks created in 1575. I particularly like the “white peach” scent in the kayuragi range, but you can also find more woody (Japanese cypress), spring (cherry blossom) or tangy (orange mikan) scents.

There are a few different varieties in the shop of the House of Japanese Culture if you want to get an idea of their scent.



When my favourite artists start hosting a podcast, I’m over the moon. The 2 podcasts I’m mentioning are in English.

AT YOUR SERVICE : The singer Dua Lipa welcomes a guest from different worlds: journalism, fashion, music. The interviews are conducted in a natural tone while remaining interesting and inspiring. Dua seems to be curious about what she will learn from her interviewer and it is quite pleasant to listen to.

Credit photo : British Vogue, Dua Lipa


TURN UP FOR THE BOOKS by BBC Sounds : if you like to read and discover new things, it is interesting to follow Dan Smith‘s (the leader of my favourite band Bastille) discussions with Irenosen Okojie and Simon Savidge. The guest changes every episode according to the theme (love, family, politics, society, adventure…).

Credit photos : Leonardo Veloce pour Behind the, BBC Podcast


It’s a great way to expand your reading and why not start reading the novels in their original English version (which would also help me improve my English). (English translation by Quiterie)


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    Salut! Ça fait des années que je suit ton blog et ton compte Instagram. Je poste rarement de commentaire mais aujourd’hui je prends le temps de t’écrire quelques mots. J’aime absolument TOUT de tes inspirations tant au niveau de la décoration que la mode. J’aime ton univers car il est simple, minimaliste et modeste. Ce serait super que tu soit coach un jour haha.
    En tout cas, tu m’inspire beaucoup 🙂 Merci pour ça. Bonne journée 🙂

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      Merci pour ton gentil commentaire qui me fait très plaisir ! Je suis ravie que tu sois inspirée… par mes inspirations relativement sobres 😉 je suis heureuse de partager tout ca depuis tant d’années et ravie que des personnes comme toi se manifestent de manière aussi enthousiaste. Mille mercis !

      Ps : Et coach, je ne suis pas sûre de vouloir l’être un jour mais pourquoi pas donner quelques conseils (si on m’en demande ;)) : En attendant si mon blog/Instagram arrive à te donner de bonnes impulsions, j’en suis ravie !

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    Merci pour cet article ! Quel bonheur de te lire pendant toutes ces années !

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      Mais de rien ! C’est un plaisir et merci d’être toujours là !

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    J’aime beaucoup ce blog ! Je suis fan de la construction qui utilise les 5 sens et j’adore l’univers asiatique qu’on peut retrouver sous différentes formes

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