Piccadilly Circus

· Fashion, Travel

Back in London with these pictures taken in the middle of Piccadilly Circus with a rather “local color” look. I hadn’t shown you this plaid coat yet, it’s sort of as if I had kept it especially for London. Otherwise, these corduroy pants, you won’t believe me but I found them in my closet during … Read more

Carnaby Street

· Fashion, Travel

Last weekend, as some of you might have seen on Instagram, I headed to London to deconnect from the morose parisian atmosphere. The Christmas decorations were already up everywhere in the city, especially in the famous Carnaby Street. The colors of the Rolling Stones were predominant, and it was a great occasion for me to … Read more

Yummy Thailand !

· Food, Travel

Well, how was Thailand, food-wise? It was HEAVENLY. Litteraly heaven on earth for foodies, with temptation at every street corner. I don’t even know how I’d cope if I lived there, I think I’d need to have a second stomach transplanted. However, let me warn you right from the start: the salty dishes are pretty … Read more

My little paradise

· Fashion, Travel

During my stay in Thailand, intensive sightseeing wasn’t always on the schedule. Some days were more relaxed because after all, vacation also means taking time to rest! On the Koh Samui island, for the very first time ever, I actually enjoyed living life in slow motion – and that’s quite something for someone like me … Read more

Thailand temples

· Illustration, Travel

I know you’ve all got the sales on your minds, wishlists, good deals and all that, but let’s gravitate towards spirituality for a few minutes (and it’ll allow you to sing incantations for this pretty dress to be put on sale at 50%). I wanted to continue that trip in Thailand with you by showing … Read more

Chatuchak market

· Fashion, Travel

Let’s start off immediately with the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok! The market looks like a souk where you could possibly find just about anything! Tempting foods of all kinds, trinkets, t-shirts, real-fake fruits (will you be able to spot the fake ones on these pictures?)… Tradition wants you to bargain if you’re interested in … Read more

Dreaming of Thailand…

· Illustration, Travel

Currently, I’m preparing my summer holidays. Well, I must say last year I didn’t have to prepare anything since I was working on “Globe-trotteuses” behind closed doors, nose to the grindstone, with almost no contact with the outside world. This year I decided I had to disconnect, go far away, discover new horizons… to honor … Read more

I dolci di Pisa

· Food, Illustration, Travel

As you can see I made more sweet than salted discoveries! Indeed, in terms of restaurant, I didn’t have a chance to find a place that was sufficiently delicious for me to recommend it to you. I kind of decided last minute to go to Pisa so I didn’t have time to check out places … Read more

Back from Pisa

· Fashion, Travel

Last weekend I escaped the fog and greyness direction Pisa: Italy’s appeal, the sun, the pasta… A decompression post-completion of the book that was very beneficial. Pisa is actually perfect to spend a weekend: charming and ideal to visit by foot and of course famous for its leaning tower! I resisted to the temptation of … Read more

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