Guimi House

· Food, Illustration

Here is an address for Hong-Kong desserts that I have wanted to test out for a long time after drooling on some Instagram pictures. If you are looking for a change in scenery or if you like the texture of those little tapioca balls in the bubble tea, this place should be of interest. While … Read more

Walt’s, an american restaurant

· Food, Illustration

During my visit to Tokyo DisneySea, you might remember how amazed I had been by the incredible choice, creativity and quality of the food there. All the more so that I had been disappointed quite a number of times by what I had had in our french Disneyland (Remy’s bistrot, next to the Ratatouille ride … Read more

Live in Levi’s

· Fashion

We all share some history with Levi’s, as you may have noticed in their recent #LiveInLevis campaign. On my part, a couple of years back, I discovered the “butt lift” properties of the 501 – a great asset (pun not intended) if you’re about to be called up to the front of the classroom for … Read more