No but honestly now, what am I going to do ? Because I was never really on good terms with sports (PE : my most hated class in middle and high school. I even prefered maths (and by far) that’s saying something …) but if destiny has decided to butt in, I’m done for. Because you could tell me that I just have to buy a new stepper, but the one I had (once again, RIP stepper) was a lateral stepper that I had frantically ordered via M6 Boutique (no laughing please). It also allowed me to work on the upper body, and I can’t find it anywhere anymore.

You could also tell me to get a home bike, but with the little space I have at home, I would rather use it for clothes storage (it’s a matter of priorities). You could also tell me to go swimming, to sign up at a gym … but for all these solutions, motivation is first needed, and I’m afraid said motivation is hiding somewhere in a dark corner or behind a piece of furniture (a very heavy piece of furniture, so it’s impossible to move it to recover access to said motivation). Well, let’s brainstorm some more. I’m sure I’ll find a solution soon!! (English translation by Bleu Marine)