Today’s my birthday. There, I said it. Other than the fact that it means I put one more candle on my cake, I said to myself « Why not give you guys a little something on the day of my birthday as well ? ». Yes, generally speaking, it’s the one who’s celebrating his or her birthday who gets all the presents, but since I got mine a bit early, and that I’m not really wishing for anything else, why not do it the other way around?

I told myself you might like it, and it’s also my way of thanking you all for your presence here, in my small universe; it has been a couple of years already! In a bit more than a week, I get a « bonus » birthday present : my second comic-book Globe-trotteuses  will be available in stores.

So I told myself it could be cool to have you guys win a couple of signed copies before anyone else (for those of you who can’t come to the signing events because they don’t feel up to it, or because they see me quite enough on this blog already and have no need to see me in real life!). When I asked Philo Régniers – the designer I collaborated with for the Tokyo Trench – what she thought about it, she accepted to give a trench out on top of it all … since it’s my birthday (are you still following?)

So let me sum it up : the contest is open to all (all ages, boy or girl, any country). You just have to post 1 comment below the french version of this post : tell me anything you want (I like reading, so you can write as much as you want), just say hello or even put an x in the comment section, as long as you post a comment. Just be sure to leave you email address in the section provided for this purpose (Of course, if you want to win, I have to be able to contact you!). If some of the comments posted don’t immediately appear, it’s normal, just give it a little time and patience. You have until sunday January 29th midnight to take part. And following a random draw, I’ll disclose the name of the 3 winners in my monday morning post. So here are the lots :

1rst Prize : 1 Tokyo Trench + 1 signed copy of my « Globe-Trotteuses » comic
2nd Prize : 1 signed copy of my « Globe-Trotteuses » comic
3rd Prize : 1 signed copy of my « Globe-Trotteuses » comic

So, are the rules clear? Good luck to all, and I hereby declare my birthday contest open!!!! (English translation by Bleu Marine)