It is with a certain emotion that I introduce you today to the trench coat that resulted from my collaboration with Philo Régniers, the talented designer that you probably know and discovered with the braids top right here last summer. For the small story, following this post I met the adorable Philo, and one thing leading to another, the idea of creating together a garment that resembles me was born. I think I spontaneously thought about a trench coat since I didn’t have any in my closet and I was never able to find the style that corresponded to me 100%: either too long, too classic, too strict… you start to know how difficult I can be during my quests!

After working on it with four hands over the summer, changed the choice of fabric, the details, adjusted the whole thing, here it is in its final version right before your eyes. I actually wanted to keep it simple… but with the little something that makes the difference. The 4 little fins on the front and the absence of collar make a bit the signature of this trench coat. I wanted it practical and fluid as well: therefore we chose a waterproof cotton fabric that’s meant to let all rain drops slip down (just like your tear drops of happiness while we’re at it!). It also has a satin khaki-taupe lining and a secret pocket for your phone, little love notes… or nothing at all, that works as well!

And while we’re making the introductions, the trench coat is called Tokyo and is looking forward to meeting you… and more if the two of you hit it off?

PS: If you decided to adopt my Tokyo trench coat (which is entirely made in France despite its name), it will not come to you solo but together with a collector card that I’ve drawn for you with love. So I hope that you will like this duo as much as Philo and I did! (English translation by LN)

 « Tokyo » trench coat  « Tokyobanhbao & Philo Régniers » Special edition is available HERE