This was technically what I imagined but I can assure you, it was a thousand miles away from that: I ought to finally share my impressions with you regarding the Lasik Operation I had last november. Contrary to this drawing just under, I can certify that the operation wasn’t painful: I’m not exactly a wuss but I’ll say that on a pain comparison scale, it’s less painful than a tooth descaling. It’s a bit like getting a slap on your shoulder (friendly slap). So, on a pain level, it’s totally manageable. During the operation, the eye is so well maintained and we are so focused on the red light that the cut, the laser is almost a formality. It’s when I got back home that it got a little bit complicated but then again, it can be handled. The eyes, a bit dull (but you can already see) burn (like you went out all night long partying) and you have loads of eye drops for healing. The day after when I got up, I could already see better… for just one month my right eye was a bit dodgy and sight was a bit dull… Then thanks to the intensive moisturizing of the eye with the drops (again!), I can now say that I’m feeling better, I can see with both eyes (… and hope it ‘ll stay this way) I am trying to not get in front of a screen too often and blinking loads (by the way, if you see me in the streets, you might get the idea I am winking at you) … To sum up, I will say I don’t regret anything, I will stay cautious from now on and I am taking this opportunity to thank you all for all the words, the attention, and everyone wondering on Facebook and Twitter ! You are all great… and that ,I could see it! (English translation by Charlotte B)