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I just finished my Japanese stories to continue with another travel! I prefer telling you now that this last trip will be a way less detailed. Indeed, last week, we went to Thailand for “idleness & calm” vacations.


Desperately Seeking Sun 

We were desperately looking for sun and warmness. We thought about Mexico but we would have been tempted to move around and visit without time to rest.

The Thailand option became an obvious choice (we’ve already been there 4 times so even though we haven’t discovered everything yet, the temptation to visit was less importante as it was a “familiar” territory).

So we went back & forth between long chair/pool/beach/spa/breakfast buffet: the tourism as we aren’t used to do usually but I must admit that it really feels good doing nothing.


Tropical idleness

Here is a few pictures taken inside the spa of our hotel in Koh Lanta.

After the massages, we’ve spent hours reading or chatting in this place with luxuriant vegetation. (there is a big sofa full of pillows with a view on this infinity greenery, so can you image a bit the total ‘vegetable’ state).

Look-wise, I only made effort for this photoshoot session and a few nights: otherwise it was all about swimsuit and short/tee-shirt/flip flop. No more fashion blogger hassles: real vacations I’m telling you. (English translation by Quiterie)

My Outfit

Top Sweewë
Culottes Vila
Espadrilles “High Milano” Sézane

Lipstick “Dior Addict” Be Dior 976 Dior
Eyeliner Super Liner Black Lacquer L’Oréal Paris


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    Le rêve! J’ai suivi tes photos Instagram avec jalousie… Quel bel endroit cela semblait être en tous cas!

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    wonderful photos ! 🙂

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    Mon chéri me tanne pour aller vivre en Thaïlande alors que je suis + branchée grosses villes comme Singapour,
    Je comprends un peu mieux son envie et je rêve d’aller lambiner au bord de la piscine et de me faire masser, la, maintenant!
    Jolie tenue!


    Mido @

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      je pense que Bangkok devrait te satisfaire côté grande ville 😉 et le week-end hop hop hop ! dans les îles ! ^^

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    Ah! I wish I was there!

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    Quel endroit reposant !

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    Superbes photos, ça fait plaisir de voir la Thaïlande côté nature, j’en ai de très beaux souvenirs ! J’espère que vous êtes bien reposés à présent 😉

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    Ces photos donnent vraiment envie d’être en vacances; j’en peux plus de la grisaille! En tous les cas, tu as dû bien apprécié et profité! C’est vraiment beau comme endroit 🙂

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