A weekend in Jersey

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You may have followed my 8th of May weekend on Instagram and as a lot of you wanted more information about this fabulous destination called Jersey island, here I am today with a blog post, which I hope will help you to prepare a few days out there.


We organized this trip last minute as we wanted to spend some time away without struggling with the strikes: mission accomplished! We just loved it! So I will explain you everything: let’s go to Jersey!


Before leaving

I only knew the name of this island and that it was located not far from St Malo with a ferry boat, hidden somewhere between France and England. Actually, Jersey island is part of the Channel islands (with Guernsey), therefore it’s part of the British Crown but not really included in United Kingdom.

However, people mainly speaks English, which somehow makes this trip even more exotic for my greatest pleasure! So here are a few recommendations before leaving:


  • Double check your ID or passport in order to go through the customs.
  • Set up your clock with minus one hour on the island as it is the British time!
  • Change your euros € to pounds £ (or jersey pound if you want total immersion but it’s easier to change to pound sterling!). We changed our cash when we took the ferry but if you can do it earlier you may get a better exchange rate.
  • Review your English as most of people don’t speak French even though very nice.
  • Check the weather forecast before leaving. Pretty much the same weather as the one in Brittany: we were lucky to have a beautiful weather that weekend but I brought my rain coat, we never know!
  • Download a GPS app that you can use offline (Maps.me for example, as I did at the USA East coast) because weirdly with my Orange plan, despite the data roaming, I couldn’t access the Internet on the island: double check first with your phone provider.


Going to Jersey

Because of the strike at the SNCF, we decided to go by car to St Malo, to drop it out at the hotel we stayed the very last day of our trip and took the ferry boat to Jersey (St. Hélier). However, the easiest would be to use the train to St Malo and then take the ferry.


You can also decide to use only a car and to take it on the ferry boat to be able drive around the island.

We hesitated but without knowing how easy would be the parking on the island we didn’t choose this option. So here are a few advices to take the ferry boat with total peace of mind:


  • Departure point is mainly St Malo but you can also embark from Granville and Cartelet.
  • The Ferry journey duration is about 1h20 (from St Malo to St Hélier)
  • Book your tickets for the ferry in advance on the Internet (We chose the Condor Ferries company but you can find other companies that might be cheaper): count about €75 for a round trip per person (when traveling without car on board, otherwise it will add up extra cost).
  • Arrive one hour before the time mentioned on the ticket to get through the customs and check-in your luggages (we checked in our cabine suitcase without any problem, which let you wander around on board freely)
  • On board, you will find a cafeteria where you can buy small food (sandwich, fish and chips), a place to change money and a Duty Free shop.


Going around the island

Once again you have a few options: the car (rental or yours), the bus, the taxi, the bicycle or your legs.

I can’t give you much information about driving a car except that you need to keep your left side, as everywhere in UK! But we tried the other options.


  • By BIKE :

Be careful to use the dedicated roads for bicycles when they exists, and stay on the left side! (I had a few scares with my lake of attention…).

We rent our bicycles in the capital called St Helier, at the shop called ZEBRA Car & cycle Hire (facing the bus station at the Liberation place). I’d been told it was a small island: so I imagined an island quite similar to Brehat island and reliefs such as the Cap Ferret… but actually very different! The island is not very big but it’s hard to visit everything in one day (by foot or bicycle), and it’s sometimes quite steep!

If I had one advice to give you, don’t make the same mistake as me: you really must rent an electric bicycle!


Corbière lighthouse view


Indeed, as I didn’t expected these hills to get from one point to another, I insisted to rent a classical bicycle and I found out my big mistake once we got to the north part of the island at Plemont Bay.

Weirdly, my SO who trusted me about this choice, started to want to kill me halfway… but thanks to this post, you can see that I’m still alive!


Plemont Bay


The tricky thing is, the landscape is so beautiful that we want to keep riding further… and we (or at least me) quickly forgot that we needed to ride back to departure point!

So in total we rode our bicycle about 60km that day, which is almost a miracle for someone not doing any sport such as me! My butt and legs painfully reminded me that the day after.


  • By BUS, TAXI and by FOOT :

Without surprise, the second day we naturally decided to use taxi, bus and we walked!


Devil’s Hole and Mont Orgueil castle


From St Helier, there is a lot of buses going to touristic locations. You pay your ticket on board and you are all set. It’s most probably the cheapest and quickest… and less tiring way!


Visit Jersey

So here is on this map above the itinerary we did the first day by bicycle and in grey, our hotel and the points of interest that we visited by foot and by taxi the second day. We stayed on the island 2,5 days but I think it requires more than 3 days to really see everything.

The same path as we did in one day is only possible with an electric bicycle or, if you choose a classic one, choose a shorter road from St Helier to the Corbière lighthouse and the way back.


Grosnez castle


You can get inspiration from our route to create your own: personally, I particularly liked the view from the Corbiere lighthouse and the one overlooking the Devil’s Hole. I hope I can go back to the island and visit the center and the northeast coast that we didn’t have time to explore.


Stay at Jersey

There are a lot of options: from the small hotel next to the coast or more fancy places. Everything was quite already booked when we decided to visit the island but by chance, one room, with interesting price, was available at the Longueville Manor (we even got upgraded when we arrived!).



This is everything that I like !


This “Relais Chateaux” is not the cheapest option but we don’t regret it at all: even though it’s a bit far from the sea, the place, with a British charm was really fabulous…

So if you are in a “YOLO” mood and want to enjoy, I absolutely recommend you this manor which has the perfect decoration and service.



The dinner (pictures below) was excellent and breakfast marvelous. This one (included in the price of the room) offered plates served on the table (a la carte) and all-you-can-eat buffet, with local and fresh products. I enjoyed my beloved English Breakfast along with fresh fruits and other delights.

The flower garden was ideal for peacefulness. This being said, it was a bit chilly to enjoy the pool.

We decided instead to play Monopoly (Jersey edition!) on the terrace during teatime: and it was as nice (…even though I miserably lost!).


Yummy addresses

Apart from our dinner at the Longueville Manor, we mostly had quick meals as we wanted to visit as much as possible. So here are a few addresses that I tried and others that I spotted and hope to try next time!


  • BIG VERN’S DINER (Grande route des Mielles, L’Ouzière)

Located on the beach of St Ouen’s bay, we stopped there halfway during our epic bicycle day: very comfy, simple food but good. Special mention to the fish cake recommended by a couple who already knew the place.


  • FEAST (10-11 Gorey Pier, St Martin)

Restaurant located at the bottom of the Mont orgueil castle, we tried the well-known “Royals” potatoes from Jersey.

Fish cakes and “Jersey Royals” potatoes


This being said, we can find them pretty much everywhere on the island, simply coming with salt and a bit of butter. They are cultivated with a natural fertilizer coming from seaweed, which gives them this nice color and light taste of chestnut.

Fish cake again for my SO (I preferred the one at Big Vern’s) and squid fritters for me.


  • ICE CREAM SHOP at Corbière lighthouse

a very creamy ice cream, speciality from Jersey, Banoffee or Toffee crunch amongst other artisanal flavours, to enjoy on a bench, facing the sea. A certain idea of happiness.


  • THE HUNGRY MAN (La Brecque du Nord Rozel)

(not tested) : a very photogenic booth located at the northeast of the island not far from Role bay. Burgers and cakes look very yummy.


  • LA BELLE GOURMANDE (Surrey HouseCharing Cross, St Aubin)

(Not tested) : a place located at St Aubin looking very cute and that serves fresh home made products: shakshuka, avocado toasts or tajine. The website looks very promising! (English translation by Quiterie)


 St Malo sunset… Bye Bye Jersey !


For a beautiful world

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I have been working the past days and months on pretty tiring and time consuming projects but what a joy to finally see them become reality!

Even though most of the actions are more on social media nowadays, I wanted to go more into details on this blog to share with you my experience.


My “Flower by Kenzo Le cushion” video

At the end of 2017, I was contacted by the Kenzo Parfums team to imagine a video about a new product launched in collaboration with Sephora: a nomad version of the iconic Flower By Kenzo called Flower By Kenzo Le Cushion.


I had full permission to imagine a story related to the new product, the Kenzo parfums team being more than ever ready to hear my desires and ideas…

Week after week, the team work was very smooth, one idea coming after another.. Ha ! Ha ! It can be seen as show off but I sincerely appreciated working with them!

With this video, I would like to tell about my days as illustrator with a touch of magic… (my Sailor Moon side, nothing we can’t do about it!)


A few meetings, hours of work and shooting led to this video that you might have already seen on Kenzo Parfums’ Facebook page or on my Instagram account.

Anyway, I hope you will like the result, and I would like to thank everyone who already sent me a very enthusiastic message. It’s always very encouraging for me and I am really grateful!


Flower by Kenzo at Beaubourg

Then, a project leading to another, some time after, I was asked to cover a Flower by Kenzo event at Beaubourg in collaboration with Sephora: taking over the instagram stories, explaining about this weekend event but above all, inaugurating with a drawing/mantra the big wall at the ‘place Beaubourg’ installed for the occasion.

Here are the pictures of the wall, with my initial drawing liven up with multiple tags added by visitors gradually over the weekend: a nice symbol of a much more beautiful world created together. .


I took this chance to take a few more pictures the day after my inauguration, when it was less crowded, and I am sharing them with you in this post.


It seems like “Cheezyland” is kind of my mood lately but thank you all for making my life even more beautiful for the past 11 years: indeed, I also celebrated the blog birthday last May 25th!

Time flies since May 2007, but the pleasure remains the same and this Flower by Kenzo mantra couldn’t describe better my feeling lately… Thank you for making my world much more beautiful. (English translation by Quiterie)


My Outfit

Jumpsuit La Redoute (2017)
Hat Brixton (already seen here)
Sandals Kanna

Earrings Soko (already seen here)
Necklace Minetta Jewellery


These days #1

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Today I am opening a new column in the style of an illustrated diary or a mood post in order tell you what had an impact on my days lately.

I love taking pictures of what I am experiencing (especially travels, and yummy discovery) but I also appreciate living things without the need of shooting them with a camera, to enjoy them fully. But dilemma! I also like keeping memories of these moments not only in my head…

This is how I came up with the idea of this column, which helps me to gather over the time everything I couldn’t photoshoot.

Thankfully drawing will help me out, and thanks to this new column I will try to go back to more simple sketches in the style of a logbook. I don’t know yet how often I will be writing but it will depend on my desire and things I do! Anyway, I hope you will enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoy creating this kind of articles.


The Kupka exhibition at the Grand Palais

You may have followed our traditional museum marathon on Instastory some time ago. My “babe” Candice and I spent a day to discover the Kupka exhibition at the Grand Palais, followed by the Margiela’s one for Hermes at the Museum of arts decoratifs and finished by the Gupta exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris. 3 exhibitions completely different but we really enjoyed them all.

Our way to visit the museums is a mix of reflexion, contemplation but also some fun, which is why I like our marathons.

The purists would say it’s a shame but I like thinking that art can be appreciate in many different ways if pleasure remains the key.

Here is the illustration of our reflexion about the graphic evolution of the Czech painter František Kupka, who started in a very symbolic and realistic style to take a major turn later for a more modern and abstract style.


The peony season

It’s such a pleasure to decorate my interior with flowers, and I am particularly happy when comes the season of peony.

Pink or white, this flower fascinates me, as much as the cherry blossom earlier in the year. Even little things can make your daily life more beautiful.


Discovery of a Korean bistro

Nothing will ever replace my most favourite Korean place, Dawa, which unfortunately closed down a few years ago!

But earlier this month, my SO and I discovered this restaurant (or more Korean bistro), another style but also qualitative.

You won’t find any barbecue on a plate like the one at Dawa, but a menu of various plates to share. This place offers yummy and generous lunch sets (starter and main course for 15€).

That day, I tried the fried oysters as starter and super hot dolsot bibimbap, it was just delicious. The quality/quantity/price ratio is excellent. I will go again once they will reopen as they started doing some refurbishment work just after we went there.

Here is the address: BISTROT MEE, 5 rue d’Argenteuil, Paris 1er


Bring my summer baskets out again

The weather has been a bit random the past few days but I brought out my summer baskets and bags from Bali with pleasure.

The are just perfect to give all outfits a holiday touch, and my favorite is really this one, in which I can carry all my essentials without hurting my shoulder.


Team Harry and Meghan

Unless you live in a parallel dimension, you must know that we are on the home stretch for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

For the past few months, I’ve really been into this couple that I’ve found very charismatic, fun and cute… it’s my romantic side! Even though I find William, Kate and their family very nice, I am really into the team Harry/Meghan, much more spicy!

So I am really looking forward to the wedding on Saturday.

If I was staying home this weekend, I would have prepared a royal brunch with British specialities but I will be on my way to Auvergne at this moment = I will watch the ceremony on my iPhone and later on with the replay!!

I am aware of my starry-eyed girl in front of celebrities events but I totally assume it. I love things that make me dream and no matter the reality, these two are doing a good job!


PS: The title of this column will be the same as one of my favorite song from my beloved Take That: I love their music video, which still keep me very happy and in a good mood! (English translation by Quiterie)

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